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Incredible photo by Richard Siggins, one of my favorite shooters!


I hope that all of you are gathering with family and friends for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend!  I’m with Sherelene in Florida and my work should be done later this afternoon, and we can enjoy some time together before we fly home on Sunday.  I’ve gotten to see some great clients, and old friends, and now I’m feeling ready to rest a little over the weekend, after that it really gets rolling.  I’m so excited about the Bodie workshop and then the Pylon School in Reno.  We have a stellar group coming to Bodie, many very dear old friends and some new people, I can’t wait to get to know.


After the wonderful news last night about my friends spiritual condition, I’m feeling a lot better!  Thank you for your prayers and emails of concern!  You guys are a great family!  I pray you have a wonderful holiday weekend, filled with peace and joy! If they have some good Bar-B-Q where you celebrate, have some for me, I’m in seafood country…….


the pilgrim

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There is nothing I consider more important than answering His call.  I have been suffering some today because of a call I didn’t answer.  You may remember a couple of weeks ago I asked you to be in prayer about my visiting with a friend that was dying of cancer.  That visit never happened.  I called his wife to let her know that I would love to have a few minutes with my friend, but she never returned my call.  Of course a lot was going on, and there are a million reasons why my request fell through the cracks, but I still felt responsible and have worried about my friend.  I found out today, that he had passed away this morning, and the anxiety about the missed visit  started anew.


My wife is attending a medical meeting on the West Coast of Florida and I came along and have been doing pro and newspaper calls during the days while she has been in meetings.  Late this afternoon when she got out of her meeting and I returned from a pro call, we slipped into out bathing suits and went down to the pool to relax.  I got into the hot tub and was staring at the image above, water cascading over a wall.  I was thinking how much that constantly moving water is like our lives, we rush through this life and are gone in a instant.  I was still so worried about my missed visit with my friend, I bowed my head and began to pray for him.  I told God I knew it was too late to pray for his salvation, but that I prayed he had made his peace with Him before the end.  I still worried about that situation.  I prayed for a while and when I raised my head I was looking right at a dove that had landed next to the hot tub, just a few feet a way from me.  It walked slowly down the edge of the tub and when it got very close to where I set motionless, he turned and look right into my eyes.  At that moment I knew God was sending me the peace I so needed, and the answer to my question.


Later tonight I talked with another very close friend from Harlan where I grew up, he shared with me that he saw our friend about a week and a half ago and that our friend assured him that he was right with the Lord, a flood of thankfulness washed over me!  God is so good to give us peace when only he can.  I’m so thankful that my friend made that trip and talked to our friend before he left us.  That assurance was the most important thing to me and vital to my friend.  Tonight he is reunited with family and friends and with the Lord!!!


All of our lives are passing by fast, please don’t fail to make the most important contract of all, giving Him your heart and your life.


the pilgrim

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Tonight I flew into Fort Myers Florida right at sunset, the clouds lit up and the storm clouds glowed with God’s glory.  I had been watching scenes from What If for the four thousandth time and feeling His presence in such a powerful way, I shot a quick image of the glorious sky and thought about one of my favorite worship songs below!  I want nothing more than for everyone to know the incredible blessing of belonging to Him!!!!  Enjoy the lyrics from this powerful song!


Breakthrough, breakthrough all my doubts,

Breakthrough, breakthrough all my fears,

Breakthrough, so that I may worship you,

Oh, Breakthrough all my pain, my guilt and my shame,

Breakthrough like only you can do….


You are brighter than my darkest night,

Stronger than my toughest fight,

Jut one touch from You my King my Friend,

and I’ll never be the same again, Breakthrough…


May God help you breakthrough, as He did for me tonight,


the pilgrim






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I’m rushing around this morning preparing to fly to Florida this afternoon to do pro calls for the next fews days, then fly home Sunday.  Also preparing for a bunch of events in June, (I’m only home three days in June), so it’s crazy around my office, but I saw something yesterday that I just had to share and let us all get a well needed laugh!  The photo above is from my home town of Harlan, Kentucky.  I love Harlan and miss it all the time but when  saw the apartment building they built there, and saw the tittle on the building, it cracked me up.  Don’t get me wrong it’s an accurate description, I’ve just never seen a high rise apartment building, named,  The High Rise Apartment Building.  One things for sure, no one will mistake it for something else!  I took Richard Small and his wife up to Harlan. where I’m from, to test the D800 and show them around this famous Appalachian community.    We shot a few images and got a good test in, Richard was using his new D800 as well.


I’ve included a few images,the first three are iPhone images with Simply HDR., the rest are the D800 test images!  Enjoy and I hope this week to post some things from the West Coast of Florida as a call on customers!


And now some D800 HDR images:




God bless,


the pilgrim