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When I was flying ultralights to do the America From 500 Feet books, I often would take off pre-sunrise in hopes of catching morning fog.  On this morning at the Boundary Canoe Waters, I was rewarded with a good thick fog, off the water, and a wonderful amber sunrise!  One morning in Wisconsin the fog moved over to the air field I had taken off from, and I could’t find it when I flew back by GPS to land!!!!  I was lucky that the fog was not everywhere and I found a good straight stretch of local highway where I could safely land!  It’s pretty scary when you are up in the air and not sure where you are going to land safely!  It’s comforting to know God has your back!


This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the Photo Pro Expo in Covin- gton, Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati.  My group that drug out of bed for an early morning  {7:30 a.m.} program was great.  I really enjoyed sharing with them.  A few friends and associates knew I was having oral surgery tomorrow and everyone, knew it was my birthday, I’ve never had 180 people sing happy birthday to me before, but it was really cool!!!


I‘ve gotten a ton of emails, and face book posts reminding me that friends would be in prayer for me tomorrow.  I want to thank all those very kind people that have let me know they would be lifting me up.  I know that where two are more are gathered together before God, the results can be fantastic!  I’m still a little apprehensive about the procedure, but I feel confident God will be right there, thanks to your prayers!


I will likely be off the grid for a couple of days, but I hope to be telling all of you that it went well in a few days.  Thanks for standing with me, and giving me a safe place to land!  I’ll have your back next time!!




the pilgrim



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Photo Pro Expo in Covington is off to a great start.  My trip up from Corbin with my brother Homer was great morning, and we seldom get much time to visit, it was a great way to start the trip!  Sadly Sherelene is stuck back in Corbin with the Flu, occupational hazard of being a Nurse Practitioner! I miss her!  I’ve had a great time seeing Matt Kloskowski and hanging with my good friends, Jim Haverstock and Kendall Reeves!  Later tonight, hopefully, Nick Coury will join us for dinner!


Last year Nick got s great shot of the skyline and I’m pretty sure his was still better than mine, but I sure had fun making an attempt at it, (above).  It is in the single digits out there tonight so my efforts didn’t last that long!  I will try to update you tomorrow.  Thanks for the notes of encouragement about Sunday and Tuesday, you guys are the best!


Blessings from frozen Northern Kentucky,


the pilgrim


Photo Note:  Fuji X-E2 and 18-55 lens.  ISO 100 – 10 seconds at F11

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Sometimes I’m too clever for my own good!  I will be traveling tomorrow and may or may not get a final weeks blog in.  I might over the weekend.  I will blog Monday, but Im having extensive oral surgery Tuesday and may be off the grid for a couple of days.  Please come back and visit me Thursday!!!


I’m speaking Sunday a.m. at the Photo Pro Expo and my subject is Composition  “Learning to see differently”  I’m very excited to show this all new program that I’ve worked on for some time.  The key point is that we are the product of our experiences, and that is true of our photogprahy too!  I hope to share some of the thoughts from the program in future blog entries.


I would appreciate your prayers for Sunday and Tuesday, it’s good to know I have friends, brothers, and sisters standing in the gap for me!




the pilgrim


Photo Note:  Fuji X100s

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The 2014 Old Car City Workshop is March 12-16  and the price from this workshop has been reduced to $599. from the original fee of $799.  This has been one of our most well attended workshops in the past and it a great place to work on you fine art composition work.  Old Car City is the largest old car junkyard in America, 36 acres, over 4,000 rusting cars and trucks.   We work on full cars, sections of cars, tail fins, hood ornaments, and rusting glorious colors of peeling paint, and weathered finishes!!


This workshop will be led by Jim Begley and myself and we are staying this year at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn,  in next door Cartersville, GA.  We still have space so please contact me by email if you would like information or might want to attend!  billfortney  You’ll never again see a His Light Workshop at this kind of bargain price!


Here are some of the kinds of images we will be working on, plus HDR workshop and digital filters with NIK and Topaz covered in the classroom, lots of critique sessions and great fellowship!  Hope you can join us!





the pilgrim