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Sorry about that, couldn’t help myself!  I get questions very often, via email, and phone calls and I thought it might be fun to share them with all of you!  You never know, others may have the same questions.


Question:  I thought you retired, you don’t seem to have slowed down your schedule very much!?


Answer:   When I was a much younger man I knew a postal letter carrier that walked about 10 miles a day with a heavy leather bag of letters to deliver.  When he got to retirement age he was still very fit, and active.  He retired, sat down on his front porch and watched the traffic go by, within a year he had died.  His body just stopped, I’d rather be in the traffic than watch it go by!   I am home more, but I want to remain active, and do the things I love, like teach workshops, speak to photo groups, play with the grandchildren, and enjoy more time with Sherelene, I’m still busy, but I’m also taking more time to catch my breath!!




Question: After part of a year of shooting the Fuji X System what do you miss about your Nikons?

Answer:   I spent the better part of my life holding a Nikon camera, and shooting Nikkor glass, and at first it just seemed strange to be using anything else.  I didn’t have a choice though on carrying heavy full frame bodies, and lenses, so I had to get use to the new gear.  I guess the biggest thing is the psychological change.  I don'[t miss the weight, and I love the image quality and retro design of the Fuji X System.  It seems odd, but having to slow down and work like I did in the early days I think has improved my photography.  I’m sure that’s why Nikon came out with the new Df retro camera body!  If it was lighter, and the lenses were lighter it would be very attractive to me, but this new way of shooting is working out very well.  It’s not the camera, but the photographer that makes the difference, I’m just trying to be a better photographer!!



Question: I notice you are offering a trip to Ireland this coming year, are more international locations coming?


Answer:   Yes, I’m looking at some other locations for the future, Tuscany is one, and maybe some other European locations too,  like Switzerland, still working on the ideas!  A Holy Land tour is also something I want to do for sure.

Question: Do you mind reviewing what is in your biggest camera bag and why?
Answer:   Happy to, I do now have one large bag for travel to keep it all in.  I am currently, (I say currently, because as you guys know, I’m a life long member of the bag of the month club!)  This one though is a keeper, the Guru Gear 18L  I have my full Fuji system in it;
Fuji X-Pro 1
Fuji X-E2
Fuji X100s
8mm fisheye  f 2.8
14mm f 2.8
18-55 zoom f 2.8-f4
23mm f 1.4
35mm f 1.4
60mm Micro f 2.4
55-200 f 3.5-f4.6
Lots of extra batteries and chargers
Electronic cable release
polarizers for every lens (except the Fisheye)
Close Up diopters
Extra SD Cards
cleaning supplies
Now all that comes to about 17 pounds, so I transport my gear in that, then move what I need either into a Domke vest, or a Think Tank belt system, or sometimes a Think Tank Retrospective 5 or 7 bag.  My in the field carry gear is seldom over 7 or 8 pounds, usually much less.  I also have several lighter, but still very sturdy tripods too.
Question: You mentioned some time ago about doing some eBooks, when can we expect to see them?
Very soon!  I am devoting December and January to producing ebooks!  I hope to have a number done in the next couple of months I have a list over 20 titles I want to do so far!!!!!  This was one of my big goals for retirement!!



Question:  This may seem like a silly question but what are your five favorite things to do?
Answer:  Wow that is a tough one,  I’d have to say (1) spend time with Sherelene and the family,
(2) share Christian fellowship with dear brothers and sisters,  (3) be in a beautiful locations, with great light, and conditions, photographing a wonderful subject, in the company of good friends!  (4) Enjoy a killer cheeseburger, once again with, good company!   (5)  …….and get in a nice afternoon nap!
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Sure hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving Weekend, mine was fantastic.  My son Scott, his wife Diane, and their children, (well young adults), Ben and Hannah came up from Saint Augustine to join all the rest of our family for 4 days of great fellowship together!  We had a great time, we don’t get to do that more than a couple of times a year, so it was really special for Sherelene and I!  I pray you had a wonderful time with your families as well!!




Come on guys let’s get real!!!!!!!


I was listening to Mike & Mike this morning while running some errands and couldn’t believe a story they ran.  It seems that when Auburn upset Alabama in the big game Saturday and the Alabama kicker missed three critical field goals, that fans sent ugly, nasty, demeaning tweets to him.  I agree with Mike & Mike that this is disgusting, shameful behavior by people that are supposed to be adults!  Hey i’m a Bama fan and I was disappointed but, “Knock, knock” it’s a game!!!!!!  When is our society going to learn to take things that aren’t that serious, less seriously, and start taking things that are really serious, seriously!!!  Come on guys, get a life…….




Winter Clearance!


It’s that time of year when I keep a promise to myself.  Photography gear is to be used not placed on the shelf.  So I have several things that are not being used anymore, so for the bargain hunters out there, first emails accepting any of these offers will get stuff shopped out, I can take credit cards over the phone, if interested.  I’ve tried to price mine as good values based on used prices on ebay and at B&H.



I have a 16-35 f4 AF-S VR  in Mint condition with caps and hood for $850.



My 24-120 AF-S VR f4 lens is Mint minus and I’m asking $800.  complete will all caps and hood.



I also have a 60mm Micro Nikkor f 2.8 AF, the older, sharper version in Excellent Condition.     Asking $300.




I just recently purchased the new Fuji XE-2 and have  my X-E1 Black body in mint condition, up for sale, box, and all, mint condition,   $400.  

Paid $1,000. just 9 months ago!  Has very latest firmware.



Well guys, first come first serve, via email.


Probably more clearance items to come!




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I pray that this Thanksgiving weekend finds you surrounded by family and friends, basking in the warmth of your family, and richly blessed by our Good and Gracious God!


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On sale, right now, on ebay, is a Nikkor 13mm f 5.6 lens!  Asking price?  $45,810. U.S.  Seriously? Was the 13mm a great lens, well sure, is it the widest lens ever commercially made for a DSLR, that is not a fisheye?  Yep.  If you are an Arab Oil Barron can you afford it, well sure……


Before you make a bid or write a check consider this, with the same money you could buy:

1 D4

1 D800

1 Df

14-24  Nikkor zoom

24-70  Nikkor zoom

70-200 f 2.8 VR II Nikkor zoom

200-400  f4 VR II Nikkor zoom

600 f4 AF-S VR Nikkor zoom

4 SB-910 Speed lights, a full compliment of Think Tank rolling cases and bags for the above,

and have enough money left over to spend a month traveling to every major National Park!


Just in case you were wondering, my entire FujiX system which consists of three bodies and seven lenses only came to $8,500.!!!!
Want to know where to spend your money wisely?  Early this week we will announce the newly revised workshop list for His Light, myself, and Jack Graham for 2014!!  We have 14 exciting events!!!   By-the-way skip the 13mm lens and you could attend every one!!




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