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When you’re out of the office for a week and come back, it all hits, dozens of phone messages on the home machine, emails that slipped through the cracks, a huge stack of mail, but hey, you’re home!!! My next assignment is speaking Saturday and Sunday at the Wilderness Wildlife Week in Pigeon Forge TN, hope to see some of you there!   The following weekend I will be at Imaging USA in Atlanta, once again if you’re at the show drop by the Nikon boot and say Hi!


If I may, let me share some random things about the next few months.


IMPORTANT  Class Info:  Jim and I have two workshops coming up in the next few weeks  and one in June:


February 20-24   Slide Show Production Workshop.   Learn how to produce your own dynamic music and image shows on the MAC or PC!  Learn all the nuts and bolts, and you will each produce your own show while we are together!  In addition the group will be my guest at the Fortney home for my famous home made Bar B Q  !Limited to 12.  $499.   5 spots available.  In Corbin, KY.


March 6-10  Old Car City & the Southeast Railroad Museum.  Two killer locations for HDR work, and extensive HDR training from Jim and Bill.  $499   Limited to 20, 6 spots available.


June 8-16  Palouse / Olympic National Park with Matt Kloskowski, Jim, and I.  Wonderful tour and workshop of the beautiful Palouse region, and one of the most spectacular National Parks, Olympic  $1,295.  SOLD OUT but we are taking waiting list applicants, expect a few spots to open up!


Classes are filling fast so if you might want to join us, please contact me ASAP!


Suggestions for Winter Education while waiting for another shooting season to begin:


Check out the following:


The Nikon School  The Nikon School is one of the oldest and best on site training programs for a good weekend of learning.  It is now broken down into several possible sessions;


Nikon School :  Session One.  Which covers such subjects as Composition, People photography, Travel photography, Life events like birthdays, celebrations, parties etc,  and a better understanding of the basic camera conttrols!


Nikon School: Session Two:  Color, Light & Technology.  Int his class you will learn How to recognize and use great light, get up to speed on your flash photography, Shooting RAW, how and why, and finally image editing and Post processing


Nikon School:  HD-SLR Video 3 Day Workshops.  Taught buy some of my best friends at Nikon, learn how to plan, storyboard, and produce wonderful videos with the advanced features in the new DSLRs!  Learn camera movement techniques, audio recording, selecting the right accessories, and capturing great interviews, and lastly how to edit your videos!  A great two day class.


Photo Editing with Capture NX2.  A great class on this terrific program with Nikon NPS field manager Scott Diussa,  A must class for those wanting to get the most out this great post processing program.


Underwater Photography.  Want to go diving in a spetacular location and learn form the best, how to shoot underwater, this is the ticket!  Held in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles!


Kelby Training  -    Simply the best place to do on line courses, on photography, post processing, video,  nature, widlife, close-up, commercial, fine art, travel, every imaginable subject!  The best bargain in online training in the world!  The best photographers and teachers offering the classes you want and need!!!


So use these cold winter months to get ready for Spring shooting!!!




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I will be in airports all day today, getting in home around 10:00 p.m. this evening. Days in airports could be the biggest waste of time in your life, but it doesn’t have to be.  One bad thing about our lives today, is they are jam packed with have-to-do lists!  When you’re stuck in an airport you have to find things to do until your plane leaves.  It offers up time for thinking about more important things than the to do list!  A few years ago, actually a decade or more ago, I read a great book called The Second Half.  It dealt with what a man does with the first half of his life and what he should do with the second half.  The books premise was that many of us, maybe most of us, spend the first half of our lives trying to get ahead, establish ourselves professionally, make money, buy things, and have fun!  Somewhere around middle age you realize that while none of those things are intrinsically bad, they are not what is the best we can do.


The second half is best spent thinking outwardly towards others and less inwardly about self.  It’s probably pretty hard for a young man to do this, it takes a measure of maturity that doesn’t usually come along early in our lives.  At sixty six, and very soon to be sixty seven, I am definately in the last quarter of life.  I want to spend more time looking outwardly!  This is how I plan to do it;


1.  Stay in the Word of God and learn from Him.  I know nothing that is suggested for my life there will be anything less than the best.


2.  Stay on my knees in prayer and fellowship with Him.  I know that I will never get off track if I’m listening to Him in my spirit!


3.  Giving my very best to Sherelene, my adult children and my grandchildren.  Putting others first.


4.  Asking the age old questions in everything I do;  What would Jesus do, and and I doing unto others as I would have them do unto me!


5.  Finding the joy in life, and appreciating all the incredible gifts from my God!!!  


6. Develop a “Thankful Heart”!  Spend some time everyday considering just how fortunate I am and how much God has shown His love to me.


7.  Know how blessed I am with such wonderful friends, and be sure and be that kind of friend right back!


So in 10 or 11 hours I will be home, plenty enoguh time to pray about this list!




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The BCS Championship game has us in town almost a week, so there was time to run down some burgers int he off hours!   There were plenty to try, the local favorite Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill, Jack’s Hamburgers, Five Guys, Cheeburger Cheeburger, and many more of the usual suspects.  A new chain that is getting a lot of buzz was also around, Smashburger.



My first stop was the highly rated, (by locals) Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill.  This is a family owned burger place that claims they make abetter burger because of using natural gas for their grill!  It’s a flame guys and you know my stand on burgers cooked over flame.  Not a fan!  Truthfully for a burger grilled over a fire it was not too bad, seasoned well, and cooked good and medium, so it was juicy.  They are also generous thick patties, but that flame broiled taste, I just couldn’t get past it.  So Gilbert’s burger gets a 3.5 pickles score, which isn’t good enough to break into our top 25 list.   The next place I checked out was Jack’s Burgers.  This is a conventional flat top grill burger and was actually very good.  The burgers was little on the thin side but well seasoned and well prepared, Jack’s got a 4.0  which is a very good score, pushing it’s way toward the top twenty five! I didn’t check out Five Guys, I’ve had plenty and they are always a solid 4.2 or better!  I also skipped on Cheeburger, Cheeburger, one of my favorite chains years ago, but wildly inconsistent in recent visit!  The new kid ont he block is Smash burger (lead image at the top!)  I actually first heard of Smashburger a couple of weeks ago from Mike Moats the great close-up shooter.  He wanted to know if I had tried one and I told him I had not but would on the first opportunity.  Well, once again I have something to thank Mike for!!!  The burger at Smashburger was fantastic, a solid 4.5, placing it well up in the pack of great American burgers!  So it was a lot better week for Alabama fans and cheeseburger lovers than Notre Dame fans!




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I’ve even quiet trying……..  My friends think I have the most fascinating job in the world, and no matter how much I try to explain to them what it is “really” like they just refuse to believe me, so I’ve quiet trying.  Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes being a tech rep is really cool!  Shuttle launches, Air Races, and Air Shows are all a lot of fun!   Political Conventions, golf tournaments and football games, not so much.  The reason is the credentialing process.  At the good events you get to be a part of the action, but at many big national events like the Masters, or the BCS Championship, or the Super Bowl, you never get to see the field!  Don’t get me wrong, our job is to support the people that are actually working for a living, and for me, having once shot NFL a lot, I’m not all that disappointed. I’d rather be watching the big game on the big screen HD at home, but my friends just don’t believe me!



So I’ve taken the liberty of showing you what our work area is like at the BCS.  Do we get to watch the game, you bet, see below!!


Now, before you get the wrong idea, I work with great people like Jose’ Ramos and Francis Yeh at  this event, and the photographers, for the most part really appreciate our being here, and hey I can get close to the TV and see the game!!!  It’s just that my best football buddy, Sherelene, and my refrigerator are so far away!


But hey God has blessed me in so many ways, who’s complaining!  Hey was that a first down???!! Who has the ball???




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