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I went up to Santa Fe after work today to give Bobcat Bite another shot and number one.  I had a great memories of the last time Richard Small and I sat down in this great place and were very impressed!  I won’t ho;ld you in suspense, Bobcat Bite has taken over the number ONE spot!  This is one burger you’ve got to bite your teeth into.   Below, Ronal places another juicy burger on the bun!  The seasoning was perfect and it was packed with flavor!

The folks are friendly, but rushed, this place stays very busy, and i went in before the dinner crowd!  located on Old Las Vegas Highway which at one time was part of historic Route 66, the Bobcat Bite has been a family owned and operated restaurant since 1953!


Many people ask how they got their name.  Years ago, before I-25 was built, bobcats came down from the hills and were given treats at the back door at what was one of the few local dining spots that were friendly to bobcats at that time. One thing is for sure, for a Kentucky Wildcat this was a great treat for me, especially the bobcat images around the room!



It was a real pleasure and I’m happy to hand over the honor of America’s Best Cheeseburger to these great folks at Bobcat Bite!




One last shot, I call it my stairway to heaven from launch field for the Balloon Fiesta!


Out to the Media Center at 3:30 a.m., I’ll share the results tomorrow!!


Be blessed,


the pilgrim











…..and the result?  One killer cheeseburger!





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Well, after an entire day on airplanes, I’m here!!!  After taking care of lots of prep work, I went down to Old Town Albuquerque, and took in some of the rich colors and textures of this historic district.  Tomorrow it’s down to work on the Media Center for photographers run by Nikon.  Thanks for the prayers, I’ve already had some witnessing opportunities!  I will try to get back on a more normal schedule tomorrow!    Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me!


I sure enjoyed being immersed in this great place, I promise to bring you more!


Be blessed,


the pilgrim


Photo Note:  All images with Nikon D800 and Nikon  24-120 AFS VR f4 lens.




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This evening I’m headed to Louisville for an  early morning flight tomorrow to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta, then on to Henderson Kentucky for Western Kentucky Universities Mountain People’s Workshop and finally off to Florida with my bride to rest up from almost 5 of the previous 6 weeks on the road!  I hope to find a great number of things to photograph in the off hours of my assignments.  The Balloon Fiesta is certainly fun to shoot and the entire area around Albuquerque should provide some serious opportunities!  I will further wring out the new D600 and D800, and D7000.  I love the color contrasts in this part of New Mexico, and hope to work on that themes for the first week.  Henderson Kentucky will be a little more challenging, but I enjoy trying to find things worthy of a photograph when it is not dead obvious!


I’m also very interested also testing the hand hold-ability, (is that a word!!!) of these new very high resolution cameras. Either way it should be fun and I promise to share what I’m finding.  Now a special favor, please pray for my ministry opportinities while on the road, I’m always excited to see who God places in my path. I just want to honor Him in the way I treat others,and share His love!!!!




the pilgrim

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How does it work?  As the sign says, Faith is not believing God can, but knowing He will. Some things, I believe, somethings I hope are true, this is one thing of which I’m certain!   This walk is something extraordinary, living a life that is firmly rooted in the knowledge that God not only can but will keep His word to us.  Over the years I’ve gone through many great times, and desperate lows.  One thing I’ve never doubted is that He is in control and always brings what is in my best interest.  Now it has taken years of trusting in my Heavenly Father to realize that what I want to happen is not always what He brings about.  Never, in retrospect, have I thought my idea or desire was better than His!!


If God had only one incredible ability, the ability to do anything He desired, but it was not measured by love, it would be dangerous, not an act of  God!  The pivotal truth is that God is love, I did not say God loves, I said God is LOVE.  God is the very embodiment of Love, He loves us so much that when we were dead to sin, with no hope, He sacrificed His only Son so that we might be forgiven.  Imagine a God that owns it all, controls it all, but gave His most precious possession for us!!


This journey has led me to the truth that having Faith in Him is the only thing that really matters!


the pilgrim