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We are enjoying incredible conditions, and working with a fantastic group of folks as we have been exploring Arizona and Utah.  What a joy to spend time with such great folks, and shoot such wonderful scenery.  I had the distinct pleasure of riding with Carlos Phillips in Monument Valley yesterday, son of the late, great Tom Phillips, in my opinion the best Navajo guide ever.  Carlos has big shoes to fill, but I know he will work hard to fill them.  He and his team of drivers provided us a great tour of this magical land  all day yesterday.


Today we shot some early morning shots of the mittens, (famous features of the valley), and then drove back to Page to go into Lower Antelope Canyon.  I rally haven’t been shooting very much, spending most of my time helping the guests.  I’m happy to share some of the few images I’ve made today.



Thanks for joining me on this journey, if only in spirit!




the pilgrim





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How helping a participant with a white balance problem led to some interesting variations!  One of our attendees at the Red Rock tour this morning was having some white balance issues and we were working through the check list to see if we could help him get it lined out!  In the process we discovered what a dramatic different the white balance settings make!


The three images above are three different white balance settings for the same scene, no other differences! In my opinion I like them all!!!  I would tell you which is the most accurate, but what fun would that be??  You look at them carefully and pick the one you like!  The fun thing to do is pick a white balance setting you think is close and then turn on your Live View and cycle through the white balance settings making note of the ones you like as possible variations.  Then have fun!


It’s going great, wonderful group of people, and great light this morning, more to come!




the pilgrim

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All journey’s start with a first step, going to the airport is that step for me, well driving to the airport hotel to be close for an early flight is the first step!  I can’t tell you how excited I am about the week ahead!  It’s not going to theses incredible locations, I’ve been to them many, many times.  It’s not the hope of making another really nice shot, done that too!  It’s seeing how excited these folks are that will be joining us for the workshop.  You have to understand that if you’ve never been to a His Light Workshop it’s not like other workshops!  Don’t get me wrong their are many great workshops and workshop leaders out there, but very few that put Christ at the head of the table!  If you are a serious photographer, and a committed Christian, our workshops are the marriage of an unbeatable formula. What happens at our workshops goes way beyond just learning, but boy do our people learn!!


I am blessed with a great team of teachers that really know how to shoot, and love sharing their knowledge, but even better than that, they love people, and they enjoy meeting new people and renewing old friendships.  Something wonderful happens when you find your self surrounded by people that really know how to shoot and really care about you getting the shots you hoped you could make.  They’re a terrific group of men!!!


For years, I’ve run workshops and I’m not bragging, but I’m used to getting letters, calls and emails that say, “I had a great time learned more than I ever thought I could, and laughed a lot!”  Now I get those same calls, emails, and letters that now add,  “….and it changed my life!!!”  Now that is an experience worth looking forward to!


More soon from the blessed,



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Well the long wait is over, just got a call from a very excited, R.C.  I love how R.C. is always excited, this is a specials trip with some special friends.  Some time ago, I asked R.C. if he would do a workshop with Jim and I and he said, you bet!!!  I asked where he wanted to go, and he said he had never been to Monument Valley and the Golden Circle, I just smiled!  I’ve done that trip maybe 15 times and I know the area really well, I was delighted to tell him, “you bet”!  R.C. is one of those guys that you can’t help from loving!  He is a warm outgoing man who is always thinking of how he can make things better for those around him, the kind of guy that it’s so much fun just to be with!  As if that’s not enough Matt Kloskowski another great friend couldn’t stay away, and he will join us too.  Matt and I have done several trips together and he is a wonderful teacher, and people really enjoy him, he loves to tease, and cut up, and everyone really enjoys what I call the, “Kloskowski Stage Act!


Then you have my incomparable partner Jim Begley, such a great shooter and such a wonderful man, a real joy to work with, and my goodness what work!  Jim is a fabulous photographer and has never met a stranger!  Then you have Snake Barrett and Chuck Barnes and my team is complete. Great guys, terrific shooters, and they love to take good care of the groups, I really love working with them!  This trip my son Wesley will return to a place he loves dearly, and we had many great adventures doing America From 500 Feet!  We will present a rare program for the group, Wes and I together reliving the wonderful project and sharing stories and rarely seen video from  the air of us flying for the book images!


This group is a great mix of old friends and new people we can’t wait to welcome into the His Light family.  One thing is for sure, we always have the best time, laugh hard, and we all, even the team, learn a lot!


I’ll keep you posted as we travel through out Utah and photograph some of God’s most amazing vreations!




the pilgrim


If we are fortunate we will see a dusting of snow like the scene at the top in Bryce Canyon National Park!