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This morning I found myself back in the vintage area wondering what on earth I was going to photograph after two straight days in the same spot.  I decided to go for details and more specific, gradation, the transition of tones.  One of the outstanding qualities of the D800 and, I imagine it will also be true of, the D600 as well  The smoothness is simply lovely!  I have to say that the D800 has made this kind of work a real pleasure, and I am pretty sure that I’m going to feel the same about the 24 mega pixel D600!!  Enjoy and God Bless!



After the great time I’ve had shooting with Bill Pekala, I felt this had to be the final shot for today!  Thank you Father for such a great life and such a wonderful group of friends!  Miss you Sherelene!!!!  And as always, check out Bill’s work from today, link above right!



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The much rumored Nikon D600 is finally a reality and a good reality at that.  Keep in mind that only a few years ago a 24 mega pixel DSLR was $8,000.!!!  If the developments that have allowed the D3200, D800 and D4 are incorporated here, and I’m sure they will be, this is going to be a groundbreaking DSLR!   I expect to have mine next week and I will do a thorough test and share my thoughts with you. For now I am very impressed with the decisions we made on this camera!  It is not a stripped down model and includes most of the major feature that I love the most about the D800.  I see it as a great camera for anyone that does not need the 36 mega pixels of a D800 or the speed and ruggedness of a D4.  With a magnesium frame (top, and back), it should hold up to good steady use.  The shutter is a Kevlar blade model that has proven to have great performance as well in previous camera.


I can’t really say more now until I shoot it, but dont be shocked if I don’t have glowing comments then!!


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You get up every morning, as a photographer, with the hope and prayer that today will be that day!  The day when everything works in your favor to get the shots you want to make. This morning was that day for me as an airplane photographer!  It was the perfect storm of circumstances, Great light, wonderful clouds, perfect conditions, and fantastic subjects! I might add to that list great company!   It was a chilly 42 degrees and most of the antique planes had arrived.  We got on the tarmac just in time to see the sun light up the clouds and then rise casting more special light in our subjects.  Bill Pekala, Mark Kettenhofen, Moose Peterson and his sons Jake and Brent were among those of us that enjoyed this wonderful morning.  I got the chance to work color, shape, line, form, and light with some really beautiful antique aircraft.  I did HDR on some, used a single frame out of the HDR series for others, and then converted some to Black and White.  I hope you enjoy them!


And of course I promised color for color sake?  How about this Rainbow Ford Tri-Motor below??!!


So in summation; wonderful morning, I’m pleased with the results, may have been my best morning of static shooting at Reno in 6 years of coming here!


Now a moment of praise;  God has so richly blessed be with great friends and memorable events.  I truly love the folks here at Reno and since I asked you to pray for us in response to emotional recovery form last years tragic evens, I just wanted you to know your prayers are being answered!!  Everyone seems to be doing well, and we have been blessed, so far, with a safe event.  I know God has a plan and He is working that plan out in our lives.  For my buddies of the His Light workshops both team and friends, I’m getting very excited about November, I truly feel some epic things are going to happen, I just sense a real move of the spirit on our time out west together!!!  If I sound giddy, it’s just how things get when God’s perfect will for my life, is coming together!


A very excited,




P.S.  Bill Pekala has done it again, check out his stunning work at his link which is above, right!!

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One of the most satisfying things for me, as a photographer, is getting out early, when the light is right!  What a difference a day makes, or maybe 15 hours!  I want to talk about joy, because this is what this is!  I’ve often thought that of all the sensations as a shooter, it’s that point of capture, looking through that viewfinder, that I enjoy the most!!  It seems that most of the truly incredible moments of my life have been seen through a camera’s eyepiece!  My daughter’s birth, shuttle launches, glorious sunrises and sunsets, graphic landscapes from 500 feet in the air, many, many magical moments.  This morning Bill Pekala and I wandered off from the crowd and shot the Heritage Aircraft area, where some wonderful historic airplanes reside.  It was both superlative company and great light and I think we struck gold a few times!  But then I’ll let you be the judge of that!!  *Be sure to click on Bill Pekala on the lower right in my links to see his blog and website!


Before I show you the morning’s best takes, I want to praise God again for this incredible life as a photographer, and the wonderful friends this profession has brought into my life.  I’m really enjoying this time with Bill and Mark, and I can’t wait to join Jim and our team in the Southwest in November!!  Life just keeps serving up one great moment after another!


Thank you Father for loving me so much that you’ve blessed me so mightily.  I know I don’t deserve it, but I’m truly thankful.  Amen!



I hope you’re having a great day, filled with as much fun as we are having here!