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It seems odd, but certain things are attractive to me, and one of them is old bottles.  When I got an email the other day from Raymond Jabola, he shared some images he shot at the Law Railroad Museum in Bishop, California, a spot we will take our group next month.  I loved the shots and found my self really anticipating getting to shoot them!  These bottle were on as shelf in an old restaurant we stopped in for lunch in New England, once again I was jazzed to see them and shoot them.  As I think about someday leaving my day job, and chasing old things like these bottles, I know they will become one of my favorite subjects.  You saw last week when in St Augustine, I found an old pharmacy and shot guess what, old bottles!


I’m glad we do not all gravitate to the same things, it sure makes photography a lot more fun, seeing how other people see the world!  Wednesday I fly out to Norfolk for the International Symposium on Aviation Photography.  Yet another subject I really enjoy.  I’m thankful that God has given me so many varied interests.


Tonight my heart is heavy, I want to ask for your prayers, I am visiting an old friend soon, he is just about the same age as myself, sadly he is battling cancer and it’s pretty serious.  I want to comfort him and I want to share the  most important information I posses, I want to do it in the right way, please pray that I do.  I’m never worried about what people will think of me, I’m only concerned that they get God’s message of love.  I know it is in God’s hands just as my friend is, but I just want him to hear what my Heavenly Father has for him!  I’m honored to serve Him and thankful to have such Good News to share. I always feel so much better knowing you guys are praying for His will to be done!


Be blessed,


the pilgrim



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That describes Ian Anderson and the D800!  I was in St. Augustine today to do a pro call with Ian Anderson, and later in the day at the Florida Times Union.  I met Ian in Old St. Augustine a location that will be a future His Light Americana Workshop. Ian does wedding photography and high end video work,nd just happens to be a Bishop in the Episcopal Church.  We had a great meeting, discussing the D800 and then went out and shot a few images.  I shot the image above of some bottles in a old pharmacy that was a great test for the resolution of the D800.  Below is a tight cropping of the image above.



Pretty amazing, don’t you think!?


Now Ian is amazing too!  Really nice guy, fine brother, and very knowledgeable photographer.  I look forward to working with him into the future! His knowledge of the video area is especially refreshing!  We had a great visit and I’m very excited to see how much there is to shoot in the Old City of St. Augustine!  Having Ian to work with and fellowship with will make future trips to St. Augustine all the better.  Thanks for being such a great host, Ian!


Another blessed day!   Thank you Father….


the pilgrim




Proof that if you want to severely crop an image,with the D800 you can!  This is a part of an image enlarged to 66%!!!!!



DP Review just posted it’s exhaustive review of the D800, shockingly it revealed what i said several weeks ago after my first tests!


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On my way from Amelia Island to Jacksonville today Sherelene and I stopped for lunch at place she has been wanting me to try! T-Ray’s Burger Station.  It was named in an article in U.S.A. Today as the best burger in Florida, so you know I had to check it out, I’ll save you the suspense!  I have a new Number One Burger in America!   Why has it jumped over all the other great burgers?  First you don’t get in the top ten if you don’t meet every criteria I’ve laid down!  This burger had it all, juicy meat, toasted bun, American cheese, cooked just right, medium, but what it had that few others have, is the way the meat was spiced, this burger was just wonderful, and the spices made it!  T-Rays was a service station and then they installed a grill, am I ever glad they did!  Terrell Ray the 1st started it off, then he was then joined by his son Terrell Ray the 2nd and this summer Terrell Ray II’s son Terrell Ray the 3rd is home from school and and has joined the family.  What a delight to eat a burger from a three generations place!  By the way the sign hanging in the place from the gas stations days below is a riot!   And true!

The family are big Georgia Bulldog fans and the place is replete with great Georgia memorabilia.  Lots of signed pictures from famous customers!  If you’re ever in Amelia Island and don’t stop and T-Rays, shame on you. One thing is for sure, your not going to get a better burger anywhere near here!


Enjoy the images from this great, friendly, place with outrageously good burgers!  Thanks guys, you made my day!

Left to right T Ray II, T Ray III, T Ray I and the pilgrim.

Even a Georgia Bulldog couldn’t wrestle this burger out of my hands!  Way to go T-Rays, the new Champions!  Oh and the great fries, I call them cross tie fries were extra special!

I may not eat again, for a couple of days!


the pilgrim

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The photo above is of spurs, if you don’t know what they are, cowboys and cowgirls, and I guess anyone who rides horses, use them to get the horses attention, and to get the horse focused on the mission at hand.  When these sharp wheels jab a horse, he is reminded that someone else is in charge of the show.  It appears that a horse can get it’s mind focused in the wrong place!


God can use his spiritual spurs to give us a little wake up call too!  But, actually I want to do the prodding today.  I had a wonderful morning and it led me to these thoughts!  I stopped in Atlanta this morning on a several day swing down through Georgia and North East, Florida doing pro calls.  My first stop was at the offices of In Touch, Dr. Charles Stanley’s worldwide ministry.  I’m very proud to say that I was there to see the layouts for Charles new book of his photography, called,  ”I love To Tell The Story….”  I’m extremely honored that Charles has asked me to write the foreword for his book.  Driving down to Macon, my next stop, I thought a lot about just how much God has blessed my life and career.


If we commit our lives to Him and ask Him to guide us the blessings that follow are nothing short of amazing!  He wants so very much to bless us, and if we place ourselves in the right place, He certainly will.  Now the prodding, if you are not experiencing the glorious blessings of a walk with Him, brother it’s time to get with the program.  God does not want you to be perfect, you can’t earn His love, or blessings!  He wants you to be yielded.  He wants you to want to do His will, and seek His will.  If you seek Him, He will not hide from you!  He will reveal Himself and His will for your life to you!  So I hope that was a gentle prodding, but a prodding none the less!


In Him,


the pilgrim

*Photo Notes:  Both images with iPhone 4s and Simply HDR app.  Shot in a Longhorn Steakhouse during a lunch stop, does the fun never cease!!!???