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O.K. Fuji gushing warning!  I’m about to really hit a high note for Fuji, so fair warning!!!!  I just got my new Fuji 56mm f 1.2 lens today brought to me from Dury’s by my buddy, Nick Coury, the handsome guy above!  I really wanted a 85mm equivalent for the X System with some good speed, what I got was exactly that, and much more!!!  Fuji has been banging out one great lens after another and they have done it again……  My first lens was the 18-55, (some call a kit lens), NOT!!  it as truly spectacular!  Then the 60mm Micro, a great lens, focuses too slow, but when it locks…… oh my, how crisp!  I did not have a lot of faith in the 55-200, but other than the slower aperture, it is very, very sharp, and well made lens!  Then the 14mm f 2.8, turned out to be the one of the best wide angle lenses I’ve ever shot, same for the 23mm f 1.4 a truly incredible lens, how could the 56mm f 1.2 stand up to all this great, truly great, glass???!!!  Well it tops them all!  Oh, I forgot the darling of every X-Pro-1 shooter, the 35m f1.4 which deserve all the accolades it has been given as well.  I don’t have the 18mm f2 or 27mm f 2.8, too much overlap with other lenses!


I was perfectly happy with the X-Pro-1 & the  X-E1, then was even happier with the X-E2, I love the X100s, it’s a steal, and now the X-T1 is the best yet, in fact, one of the best cameras I’ve ever shot!  So talk is cheap, here are some images from Old Car City today with the 56mm f 1.2!!



Way to go Fuji, thanks for providing such great toys and tools!




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Well tomorrow morning when Sherelene leaves for work, I’m headed to White, Georgia and  Old Car City, and I couldn’t be any more excited if it was going to be Christmas morning!  Do I love shooting old rusty cars and trucks that much?  All most, but the real excitement is the great time I know we are going to have!  Anytime Jim Begley and I get to run a workshop together it is a reason for me to celebrate, I love my brother to death, and it is a joy working with him, and one of my best friends in the world will be there, Nick Coury!   If that were not enough, one night Carl Turner will grace us with his presence for dinner, and several other dear friends have promised to pop in to fellowship.  Now we have a wonderful group of students from around the country and three students from Liberty University coming down from Lynchburg with our great friend and photography buddy Tim Isaacson and his son Silas!  The fellowship is going to be epic!


Adding to the personal excitement is that I just took Tony’s seminar and picked up so many great ideas, to try and share with the group.  One last thing, my Fuji 56mm f 1.2 lens arrived and Nick is bringing it to me there!  Wow, can’t wait to shoot that lens and share the images this coming week.


Please stay tuned and I will share the things happening in Old Car City!


Thank you Lord, I’m so blessed!




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Over the weekend I went up to Erlanger, Kentucky for Tony Sweet’s Creative Photography Seminar, and wow what a great shooter he is!  I’ve known Tony for many years, actually when we first met he was a drummer, a really good one too, in a jazz band. He worked with us in the Great American Photography Weekends and then he really blossomed into the great artist he is today.  In my estimation Tony residers in the rarefied atmosphere of the Art Wolfe’s and Freeman Patterson’s of our craft.  One part great shooter and two parts real artist!  Tony’s work is a magical combination of tight, wonderful technique, and an open ended and embracing art!


I really enjoyed what Tony shared and it was a good review, and I picked up some novel new ways to look at common photographic problems, all in all, a day very well spent.  Tony had assembled a nice group of photographers and I knew several so it was a kind of a homecoming for me as well, it was great to see some old friend again.  Tony and I had time to visit and catch-up on a very old friendship, which I enjoyed very much!  I can highly recommend Tony‘s classes, seminars, and his excellent books!  You can learn more at:


Thanks Tony, for a very nice day with you, and your followers!


Well it’s just one more day until Jim and I head to Old Car City, I will keep you posted from there, can’t wait, love that place!!!




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Thanks to Tom Fielder for making the image above of Tony and I together!

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One of the most pleasing attributes of the new equipment I’m shooting is the quality of the monochrome images that come straight out of the camera!  I started my career as a newspaper photojournalist and of course shot black and white film and made prints for the paper.  I came to really enjoyed seeing and imaging in monochrome!  Tones, and the graphic qualities of the image are much more important in monochrome.   Color can become the main point of photograph that has great color, but monochrome must rely on other qualities of the image, and it is a good teacher!


Let me share a few black and white/monochrome images that I hope will prove the point!



In each image the central points design, lines, shapes, and tones, some of these may have been successful as color shots, but the design made each a strong monochrome composition.  Below is one more monochrome conversion, and then the original color shot below it, yes sometimes color screams look at me!!!


………and now, ready for it?



Teach yourself to see more effectively by playing with the medium!




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