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It’s such a pleasure to be back on Grandfather and with such a great group!!  I have so many wonderful memories o this place and having  such a wonderful workshop group here just adds to the feelings!   We’ve had great conditions and expect to continue to work the area good tomorrow!




I even saw the old billboard I’m having great memories back, it made me feel great!!  I shot the photo of the river otter and the rest was the great folks of Grandfather!!!




Well as the Otter said, you otter be here!




the pilgrim

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I arrived at the a Best Western Mountain Lodge in Banner Elk, NC at the same time as Mike Roberts.  It was great opportunity to hang out, do a little scouting for the workshop, and catchup. Some of you may remember that Mike’s wife had a long battle with cancer and went to be with the Lord a few months ago.  During these tough times, all of us, his friends, were there for him and Zoe.  You may think that this is an entry about how much we helped him, and I think we did, but it is actually the other way around.  When we get the honor of reaching out and praying for, and loving on a friend that is going though a difficult part of life, we are blessed just as much as the recipient is of the prayers!  The great commission is about loving others with Christ’s love, bringing some of them to Him, and supporting those that are already brothers and sisters.


In the process of reaching out to Mike, I got to know him a lot better and I learned what a great guys he was.  I made a great new friend!  I also learn a great deal from him watching how steadfast he and Zoe were in their faith and how it carried them through the experience. Now I see how strongly Mike is holding on to his faith, and what an example he is to me about dealing with such a great loss.  God gives us brothers and sisters to be there for us, and our reward is serving Him, and getting so much more back in the relationship!


I’m looking forward to several days with Mike and the rest of our group, today has been a foretaste of what He can teach us, through a friend…..




the pilgrim

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I hope you’ve had a great Memorial Day weekend, surrounded with family and friends. Many years ago I started a Memorial Day tradition.  I go off alone and watch the last couple of scenes of Saving Private Ryan, as a reminder of what this day is truly about.  Please take a moment and watch this clip from Vimeo.  Links provided.


May you be blessed this Memorial Day and receive the rich blessings of these great sacrifices, and most of all the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,


the pilgrim




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October 21, 1970  –  Alone in a dark hospital waiting room I was on my knees, my eyes were filled with tears, my hands were shaking, I was about to become a father.  I cried out to God that my unborn child would be healthy, that Sherelene would be o.k., but most of all, that He would make me what I knew I would have to be to be, a father to this new life.  If you judge the answer of that prayer by my son, William Scott Fortney, He certainly did much more than answer my prayer!


This is the first of three blog entries I will be doing, one for each of my children, in honor of Father’s Day.  What makes a father’s worth is how his children turn out, if for no other reason, I have been a very successful man.  The occasion of this entry is an award given to Scott.  Awards are nice, they make a statement, but what matters more is why we are singled out to be honored.  Earlier this week Scott was presented with a wonderful award that signifies who he is.  The award is called the Legendary Caregiver Award presented annually to only three members of the over 3,500 staff of the Baptist Hospital professional caregivers.  What makes the award all the more special is that those considered must have been nominated by their patients and co-workers, those that truly know them best.  I just read in a wonderful  book just a few days ago, and in it a famous pastor said it was his desire that, “Those who respect me most are those that know me best.”  Those that know my son best are those that respect him the most.  To know Scott, is to know; integrity, honor, compassion, grace, dedication, honesty, sacrifice, and love.  My son embodies all the qualities I prayed he would not only have, but exhibit to others, ever day of his life.  Apparently the people he serves, and that work alongside of him, know the man I prayed he would be.


I could not be more proud of Scott, and his wonderful family, Diane, and my grandchildren, Hannah and Ben.   I’ve watched Scott raise his children along with Diane and I’ve seen what wonderful parents they are, and what that love has brought forth.


A father hopes and prays that his children will be not only be what God wants them to be, but to know Him.   I’m so proud of Scott’s faith as a father and a man.  He has brought up his children to know what is the most important things in life and he is a loving brother to Wes and Catherine.


Saturday night I will be with him to celebrate Hannah’s high school graduation and  I know I will be so proud of Hannah and the young woman she has become.  A father’s work is never done, even when our children go off an start  their own lives, we lift them in prayer and serve as a counselor and partner through out their lives. I don’t think any man is truly ready to be what we have to be as a father, but I know God has placed his  hand on my life and lifted me into the position I must hold, He has done the same for Scott.



So, Scott, I am so very proud of you, I never had a moment of fear that you wouldn’t become the man you are today.  Thank you for teaching me so many lessons along the way and helping me be the father I needed to be to you, Wes, and Catherine.  You’ve made being your father a pleasure, an honor and a privilege.  I love you son.


You’ve blessed my life,