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Forgive my spotty posting!  I just finished a four day tour and we went night and day until it was over and I collapsed!  I will rest up and catch up, I promise.  I saw something during the tour that really brought back a great memory. When I was shooting at the Law Railroad Museum they had a bottle room with all kinds of great antique bottles.  In the corner of one display they had a group of 6 0z. Coca Cola bottles with the name of the bottling plant in the bottom of the bottle.  When I was a young boy my father was the manager of a Coca Cola plant and I grew up on the lore of Coke.  Me and my friends would by Cokes out of the machine at the corner store (5 cents!!!),  and the person who had the bottle furthest away from Harlan had to pay!  If there were five of us it cost that person a whole quarter!  Fond memories.


The workshop that just ended provided another set of very fond memories!  It was wonderful fellowshiping with the great people that came to this event.  I’ve known Bill Pekala for a long time, but I can’t remember having more fun just hanging out with him.  I’ve known R.C. for a relatively short period of time, but he turned out to be a great companion in the field!  I enjoyed my team, Jim, Snake, Richard, and Jim Haverstock immensely!  I could go on and end up naming every single person there, but trust me it was truly special.


I finally got rested up today as we set up and opened the facility at Reno.  I was struck at just how blessed I am to have such great friends, then the blessing just increased as I got to spend time ith Mark Kettenhofen and Moose Peterson and his family.  God has richly blessed me and I am so thankful!


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Well this morning we shot our last location as a group, Mono Lake above.  It was a fitting end to a wonderful workshop with a terrific group, old friends and new ones and special friends like Bill Pekala and R.C. Concepcion.  My team, Jim Begley, “Snake” Barrett, and Richard Small were in high form as usual!  The fellowship might have been even better than the shooting and the locations were fantastic!


I hope you enjoy seeing some of my take, and I promise to share the wonderful images made by our friends and the tour participants!



A blessed pilgrim!!!



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The workshop in Bodie has been spectacular, great weather, great light and even greater people!  It has also been exhausting, thus constant motion equals missed blog posts!!!!  Starting on Thursday morning we have gone non-stop!  Tonight I should catch up on sleep and get back on track.  I promised images and so I will share a few favorites so far.  Above the Fire Station in Bodie under a star filled sky. (D800 ISO 3200 30 second exposure at f4 – light on church, car fog lights!)



Stay tuned for more!




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Happy Anniversary to my my daughter Catherine and her husband Clint.  Fifteen years ago they were married in the Primitive Baptist Church in Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  It was a beautiful ceremony for two great kids, and I’m so proud of them and the family they have become!  I’m praying for them to have a great day!


Arrived in Bridgeport, California the jumping off point for our Bodie Ghost Town adventure late yesterday.  The group is a great bunch and they immediatley started bonding and having a great time.  I got a good night sleep, (a must for a leader), and went out at sunrise to capture a classic!  O.K. I just walked out into the parking lot to see how cold it was, 30 degrees!  Shot my version of the classic Ansel Adams Moon over Hernandez with my iPhone,  I call mine Moon Over Ruby’s Inn!  I will post images from our morning shoot later today!


O.K. maybe not a classic!!


God bless,


the pilgrim