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I’ve had a week to review images and look closely, that further examination has led me to believe that for certain circumstances the classic manual focus glass is a great choice!  Especially for landscape and close-up work.  In both of these fields you want to control depth-of-field closely, and the great depth markings on the old manual lenses is a great help.  Also with the advent of the Live View, with magnification, precise focusing can really be achieved, like never before. I also noticed that the depth of color was also amazing.  The shot below of rocks in the surf at Little Hunter’s Beach in Acadia N.P. was a good example.


In another close-up situation I wanted to capture the delicate colors in a flower at the Acadia Garden, the 105 Micro Nikkor f 2.8 did a sterling job. The color was spot on and the sharpness was great in the area of shallow focus.  The tactile pleasure of working with old dissimilar metal racing’s in the helicoids makes the shooting process so much fun.  It really takes you back to the “old” days.  As I said before I don’t see the manual lenses so much as a replacement for current lenses, but just as a great way to vary the process.


Then there is the cost factor, many of these classic old lenses can be purchased used in very good condition for 1/4th to 1/3rd the cost of current glass.  I’ve found mint condition 24mm f 2.8′s for around $150., 105 mm Micro Nikkor f 2.8′s for around $300.  By-the-way if anyone ever finds a mint condition 25-50 f 4 AIS Nikkor zoom let me know, I’ve been looking for one, for some time and would  love to add it to my classic collection!


As of today my manual lens collection consists of:


24mm f 2.8 Nikkor

55mm Micro Nikkor f 2.8

50-135 Nikkor f 3.5 zoom

105 mm f 2.5 Nikkor telephoto  (the classic portrait lens)

105 mm Micro Nikkor f 2.8

80-200 Nikkor zooms (both the f 4.5 and f4)

300 mm IF-ED f 4.5 Nikkor telelphoto

400mm IF-ED f 3.5 Nikkor telephoto  (One of my favorite lenses of all time!)


I’m still looking for the 25-50 and the 28 mm f 2.8 lens!  I’ve got to stay out of camera stores that sell a lot of used glass!!!!!


Give one a try, I believe you will enjoy it!


the pilgrim

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Independence Day 2012 finds our nation in a world of hurt, but the story has not ended yet.  The world economy is teetering on disaster, America’s economy is in a terrible shape and our Congress, Senate and President are doing nothing to make it better.  The American people are, for the most part, asleep at the wheel, far to interested the trivial lives of celebrities.  After that rosy picture you may be wondering what the good news is, sorry, no good news.  GREAT news, God is still in control!  I take a great deal of heat from my city friends about being a hill billy, but as shown in the church sign above, a lack of sophistication can often lead to a simple truth!  The answer to all our problems still lies in Trust in God.


The foolish among us live in fear, but God has a plan, and no matter how difficult the road ahead may become, He always delivers His own.  Today celebrate our freedom and pray that we may continue to enjoy it!


Praise Him,


the pilgrim



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This morning’s In Touch Daily Devotional was just too good not to share!


Galatians 5:13

New Living Translation (NLT)

13 For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.


God has a purpose for your life. If that weren’t true, He’d have taken you home to heaven at the moment of salvation. Do you ever wonder why He left you here?


The Lord intends to influence others through you. Our purpose is to be a vessel through which Christ overflows to others–touching those who hurt and desperately need a Savior. Once we are saved, Scripture teaches, our involvement is threefold.


First, we love others. Jesus clearly stated that this was one of the two greatest commandments (Matt. 22:38-39).


Second, we share the good news of salvation (Acts 1:8). Some travel across the world to spread the gospel, while others teach neighbors across the street. The Holy Spirit will direct us to the right people if we are willing to obey.


Third, we serve in a variety of ways, like helping those in need, sharing our resources, and lifting others in prayer. Jesus is our perfect example of all three. His entire life was marked by caring for people–both those who loved Him and those who did not. In fact, the Bible teaches that He humbled Himself and became like us, willing to give up His life for our redemption. There is no greater love; there is no greater act of service.


Scripture clearly defines the believer’s purpose. Aligning ourselves with God’s intentions for His children–loving others, witnessing, and serving– bring us great satisfaction. In fact, we’re still on earth not merely to hear more teaching but to act on it and share with others what we learn.


This leaves us with a major decision; will we seek our purpose, and ask God to help us fulfill it, or just continue to coast through life?


the pilgrim


*Photo Note:   Shot with the iPhone 4s and the app Simply HDR.

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I got an email this morning from John “The Snake” Barrett with a link to his website where he has poted a very helpful list of iPad & iPhone apps for photographers.  The link is below:


One of my goals for the new website has been the distribution or sharing if you will, of helpful information about our craft, and certainly about faith.  I’ve been very frustrated with the convoluted way the Word Press site processes comments, and please know I am trying to find a work around that is much like we enjoyed in the now defunct Mobile.Me days.  Word Press is far more versatile and allows a lot more options, but it’s comment handling is the pits.  Please,  know I’m working on it!


I’mn finally home after almost one entire month on the road, I think I have been home all of 39 hours in June!  Sure is good to get back home and I will use some of my next week to not only catch up on reports and expense reports, but to also try and make some progress on the website. I have a film to recommend.  It’s not a Christian film but it does have a powerful message and is a fun movie to watch.  It is the new release with Eddie Murphy, A Thousand Words. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 0%, which usually means I would like it, so it’s up to you, but you might enjoy it.  I find it disturbing that  most films that encourage us to look at our lives and make important changes are panned by the critics!  Go figure.  One thing is for sure, the last three words spoken in his 1,000 word ordeal are the three most important words in life!  Now you will have to watch it!


I’m blessed to be home, and thank my Heavenly Father for the end of along run on the road.


the pilgrim