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Glorious window light!  No this is not a post about my photograph but it does tie into that theme!  For most photographers there is nothing much more captivating that the sweet light coming through a window.  It certainly captured my attention on our recent trip up to Bodie.  What is even more captivating in the kindness of others!  I have been blessed beyond measure to know and work with such great people.


I arrived home last night at 8:00 p.m. from the Bodie workshops and the Reno Pyliong schiool, a total of just about two weeks on the road.  I leave in about an hour for the airport, for another two weeks in Bar Harbor and the Kentucky NASCAR race week after next.  One day at home with my wife, but what a day!  First, we had a great time together and it makes me want to stay home!  Can’t do it, more miles to cover.  While I was home for 24 hours I had two wonderful surprises.  First I had a large box waiting for me, not an uncommon occurrence, but this one was from someone other than Nikon.  Upon opening the box I discovered a beautiful framed certificate naming me a Kentucky Colonel, quite and honor!  It has been arranged for by my dear brother Howie George.  As much as I an delighted to have this honor bestowed on me, his letter meant so much more.  His words of encouragement will last long past the honor!  Howie, thanks for your act of kindness and your very gracious words, I will strive to live up to them!


Just as I was finishing packing my camera bag for the next trip, more on that in a minute, the door bell rang and I went to the front door to receive a package.  It was a tube from the Mountain Light Gallery which I visited just a week or so ago with out students at the workshop.  Inside was my very favorite photograph from the late Galen Rowell!  I has shown the priont in his gallery top Jim, and Snake when we visited an related to them how I could remember Galen telling me about the morning he made the shot.  Once again the note in with the print meant so much to me!  I am honored to work wiht Jim Begley, John “the Snake” Barrett and Chuck Barnes, they have brought a lot of joy into my life!  I will think of t hem and Galen every time I look at the beautiful poster, which will soon be framed and grace my walls!


I thank God for the great people He has placed in my life!  Thank you Jim, Snake, Chuck, and Howie for your kindness, it is deeply appreciated!!!!


Now later tonight I will post a new entry in the Learning Center, about my photography plans for the trip to Acadia this week.  I hope to have it posted before 11:00 p.m. tonight, please tune in for a neat experiment I want to share with you!


Till the, God bless,


the pilgrim


This is the Galen Rowell image my guys got for me!



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I can imagine that on a very cold winter night in Bodie, the family that lived in the house huddled around this stove to soak in what little warmth there was.  In life we seek warmth where we can find it, a family, children and grandchildren, friends, brothers and sisters.  I guess we fear nothing more than being out in the cold, alone.


The good news is that even if we were completely alone, we have all the warmth we could ever contain in a life, through Christ!  He fills every void and warms even the coldest of hearts.  You strike the match by saying, come in.


the pilgrim

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In the cold war, the Russians had a plane that was the backbone of the Soviet Block nations, it was very fast, and very deadly, and it was a dangerous enemy.  It was the Mig 21, above. Pilots that had to face it, showed it a lot of respect, but it could be defeated, and often was, but the pilots that flew against it never underestimated it!


We have a formidable enemy as well and he is dedicated to separating us from God, he is a capable enemy, far more powerful than you may think, but he doesn’t stand a chance against our Heavenly Father!  As capable as he is, his powers pale in comparison to your Fathers!


threat |θret|noun1 a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or otherhostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done: 

members of her family have received death threats.• Law a menace of bodily harm, such as may restrain a person’s freedomof action.


2 a person or thing likely to cause damage or danger : hurricane damage poses a major threat to many coastal communities.• [in sing. ] the possibility of trouble, danger, or ruin : the company faces the threat of bankruptcy | thousands of railroad jobs came under threat.


A threat is to be taken seriously, but not feared, if you have God on your side!  He provides a shelter from the vagaries of life, by simply stepping under his out stretched arms of protection!  His protection is given freely to all those that trust in Him!


Live in peace and joy, under His protection!


the pilgrim

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My friend “Snake” Barrett sent me this, it needs little else.  This is a profound message!  I ask myself everyday if I’m living up to that code, it’s God’s code, it’s the only way to live, anything else is a waste of our time!


the pilgrim