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I was coming out of Bobcat Bite a few months ago on a trip to Santa Fe and saw this Triumph motorcycle, just had to make an image of it.  This is a classic 1960′s model that was a favorite of my youth.  I used to race dirt bikes in cross country enduros, and I still have great memories of riding my various bikes!  I was looking through a series of iPhone images today and found this one, yes it was shot with an iPhone, and I thought how it matched my mood today!


I’ve spent a lot of today answering posts on the blog from day before yesterday about Scott Kelby’s new book.  I hate to do these plays on words, but for me the last two days has been somewhat a “Triumph”!  I expected a higher percentage of negative reactions to my comments about Scott’s book, but to my very pleasantly surprise, the comments have been 99% positive.  The most positive thing to me is how many people have expressed their hope that the book will reach those that are struggling with this decision.  I’m encouraged as Jim and I press on with His Light Workshops, it seems that God is revealing more each day about how He wants us to stay the course, and reach out to others.  Sorry, but it really has been a personal “Triumph” for me!




the pilgrim

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I made this photograph of a conductor in Arkansas at a train museum, I’v always loved the image, it appears he is looking at his pocket watch and anticipating the train pulling out, looking for that last passenger, to make it before the train starts to pull away!  In many ways I think that is what I’m doing, watching for the last ones to make it on the train.


Someday the train will leave for all of us, the question is will you be onhoard?  I’ve been reading Scott’s new book, It’s a Jesus Thing, and I have to say, I’m really enjoying it!  I think it strikes just the right cord for reaching out to those that are still sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to join us on this side!   For some it may seem like a soft sell, but I would disagree with them, and remind them that when we were trying to decide ourselves, we may have needed the same gentle touch to slowely move us toward Christ.


I heard a story recently about some men that were traveling together and on the trip and one of the men lead the other two to a relationship with Jesus.  About an hour later they were forced from the road by a eighteen wheeler, and they struck a tree tree at a high rate of speed.  One of the two men that had just accepted Christ was killed, the other two were injured, but survived.  Just imagine what a difference that made in that man’s eternal life.  I was reading in Scott’s new book about how it does not often work to lure people to wanting to become a Christian by scaring them with the fear of being condemned eternally.  I agree, not many people respond to fire and brimstone conversion techniques. However, the other side of that same coin is that Jesus is the only way to the Father and we cannot hope to escape that dreadful eternity unless we ask Him into our hearts. I like to think of Jesus as that conductor, standing, waiting, checking His watch knowing that some of His children are still not on board the train, hoping to see them rush up and jump on before the train pulls away from the station. He knows that once the train starts to move, it will be too late to get on board.


The problem with life is the train, (your passage out of this life), does not run on a schedule.  Sadly we do not always get a warning.  I had a dear friend some years ago that was not a believer, and I loved him dearly.  I shared with him about Jesus on several occasions, he was always kind, but he never accepted Christ.  One day I got a call that he had suffered a heart attack and died, he was only 53 years old.  I thought I had a lot more time to love on him, and try to get him to see how important it was to give his life to Christ.  The train pulled out before I got the chance.  I promised myself after his death that I would never let another friend go without a fight for them!  I’m sure that I’ve made a few people a little uncomfortable trying to encourage them to know how much God loves them, but I can assure you it’s nothing like as uncomfortable as an eternity seperated from God!


I have a dear friend who has a great line; “If you meet me, and forget me, you’ve lost nothing, if you meet God, and forget Him, you’ve lost everything!”


Here’s hoping you make the train,


the pilgrim







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What is the value of extreme resolution.  Details!!  The modern high resolution cameras can resolve so much detail that we are now seeing things we’ve never seen before!  That means bigger, sharper, more revealing details in very large prints, it also means bigger files!  Do we need it?  That is for you to decide, but by-the-way, the image above was made with a 12 mega pixel Coolpix!!!


Sorry to trick you, but there is a place were “extreme resolution” really matters and we do need it!!!


resolution |ˌrezəˈloō sh ən|noun1 a firm decision to do or not to do something.


In our spiritual lives we need to make a firm decision to do or not do something, the to do is;  “Trust God with all our hearts, and lives!”  The not-to-do, is; ” never doubt how deep, wide, and high His love is for us!”


We worry a lot about just how much resolution we need, when it comes to our faith walk, the amount we need, is all of it!!!!


Be resolved,


the pilgrim







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I would like to encourage you to visit Scott Kelby’s blog today, right now!!!  I’m so very proud of Scott for doing what he is doing.  He has written a book, o.k. lots and lots of books, but this one is real departure for him.  He explains how it came about far better than I could so watch his 5 minute video where he talks about his new book,  then come back and let me finish the entry!


If you come to this blog, you certainly know that I have devoted my life to Jesus Christ, and you know that I have no problem, whatsoever, standing up for my faith.  I’ve know Scott for a long time and I’ve known he is a devoted Christian, and a wonderful father and husband, but he is not overt about his faith.  Don’t get me wrong if you’ve ever read any of his books, his stand is right there in black and white, but he doesn’t wear it on his shoulder, ( like some people we know! )  I’m sure Scott knows that coming out in the open like this might upset some people, and that is why I’m proud of him.  He did it anyway.  The scripture is very clear that if we are ashamed of Him He will be ashamed of us.  Scott certainly is not ashamed of his relationship with Jesus.


Have I taken a big risk by being so open about my walk with Him?  Yes and no, yes in that people can, and have, reacted to me the same as they will with Scott.  The difference is I’m not Scott Kelby.   Scott has an enormous following and has earned the respect and popularity with many, many people.  I know he knows, that this could not set well with a small portion those that follow his career.  The question is, if God calls you to do something, can you let that stop you?  We both know the answer to that, we can’t.  What Scott will learn is that when you make a stand for Him, He will bless you beyond measure!  How do I know this?  Well, if you have been here more than a few times you know that is exactly what He has done for me.


I’m very happy for Scott, because he has opened the door for even greater blessings than he has already received, and boy has he been blessed with a great family and wonderful people to work with.  Some would say that if you step out and proclaim your faith that you are taking a risk, I would say if you truly know Him, and don’t step out, that is the biggest risk of all!


I will be praying that God greatly honors Scotts releasing of this book.  That is an easy prayer to pray, because I know it is always God’s will that we make a stand for Him!


Be blessed,


the pilgrim