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Why such a switch?


Boredom, challenge, interest, a desire to capture a sense of history…….etc


Boredom.  How many streams, waterfalls, mountains, valleys, grand landscapes, forests, trees can you photograph before you get the feeling, “Been there, done that!”  I’m certainly not saying I no longer have any appreciation for those subjects, but just I have been there (a lot), and I’ve done that (a lot) !!!!  We all need change in our lives and out artist pursuits!


Challenge.   I’ve done the nature “thing” enough to feel comfortable with the approach and technique.  I’m not saying I’ve mastered it, but I am in familiar territory with nature work.   Branching out is expanding my use of the tools and techniques.


Interest.   I have always had an interest in history, it was one of my five minors in college.  I also like that the “things” I photograph, are attached, in special ways to people.   Several comments were made about the Auburn car in yesterdays post, the back story is the man that built it with his father, lost his father a year ago, I think he really wanted to share his car with others, we happened to be the lucky recipients of that kind gesture and we walked through t he cathartic journey for a little while with him, that makes the image a lot more meaningful!


Capturing a part of history.   I really enjoy photographing things that have an “attachment” to real people.


1.  Things as Art.  The panel at the top are my attempt to find inanimate objects and play them visually for color, design and my artistic statement.


2. Tools.  My youth was filled with people that used tools, I find comfort in picking up and holding the solid metal objects of my youth and the men that used them, these rusting tools used as a decoration really registered with me on several levels!


3.  Memories.  Sleigh riding as a boy, and parts of cars that have a great place in my recollections of youth, all are irresistible to me as subject matter.


4.  Airplanes and transportation.  These images represent three of my all time favorite airplanes, and the invention that made it possible to explore America!!!!


5.  Things that evoke memories.  My Dad’s Buick, (not actually  his, but one just like it at Old Car City, a vintage Coca Cola sign, once again my father’s profession when i was a young (manager of  Coca Cola Bottling plant), and rural fire departments, almost every boys dream in the fifties was to be a fireman or policeman…..




The images we make should be about more than something we find interesting or pretty.  Capturing and sharing what we find visually arresting is best mated with something that has meaning for us.  Photography is my occupation, and my passion, and my zest for life is inseperable from my visual pursuits!




the pilgrim


Photo Notes:  Nikon D3s, Nikon D800, Nikon D700, Nikon D7000 and  Fuji X-E1.

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The workshop in Northern Ohio was a blast, I really enjoyed having that much time with my really great friend Jack Graham!  Jack is a terrific shooter and runs a great workshop. I was honored to be invited to co-teach with him!  He had some wonderful attendees and it all was a lot of fun. Because of the childish behavior of our elected, but not serving, (personally would love to keep this bunch out of Washington permanently!!  but that’s another story….) representatives in Washington, the national park was closed but we found plenty of neat things to shoot.  We found an antique shop with  lots of great things to shoot and a wonderful old Pure Oil station.  A classic car show happened to be be going on and one of the owners of a 1947 Auburn pulled in the station and kindly let us enjoy his car for a about twenty minutes!


I thought I might share some of the take from the weekend!  Enjoy!







And, of course, another face for my friend Bill Pekala!!





the pilgrim


Photo Note”  Fuji X-E1 and Fuji X100s cameras




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I’ve been enormously blessed, I run the His Light Workshops with one of my best friends, Jim Begley, and I get invited to work with such great, long time friends, as Jack Graham!  I know I don’t deserve such honors, but God has surely smiled on me.  I’m going to do something that you will rarely see done by someone that runs a workshop company of their own, recommend another company and leader!!!  Jack Graham has been  dear friend for a very long time, but that is not why I think you should consider joining him some day for a workshop, it’s because he has integrity!  Jack is a very gifted shooter, and even more gifted teacher, and I don’t know of anyone that does more preparation for a workshop that he does.  He won’t take people somewhere that he does not know incredibly well, and when he gets his students there he takes great care of them.


I have really enjoyed doing this workshop with Jack and I’m happy to say we are doing two more, one in Death Valley in November and another next June in the Columbia Gorge of Oregon.  I’m thrilled to be with him in both.  I love seeing people get really excited about their work, and our image review session tonight was that kind of great experience.  The work was really good and we really enjoyed teaching.


I’m thrilled to be rejoining Jim, Snake, and Dave Black in less than two weeks at Shaker Village too!  It is a real blessing to get to work with such great people!


Check out Jack’s workshops and his wonderful work at:     or click the Jack Graham link to the right!

Be sure to look on the His Light Workshops Blog right here for our schedule as well!


Father, thank you for enriching my life with these great people and wonderful experiences!


A few images from this week!



Thanks Jack, for inviting me along!




the pilgrim


Photo Note:  all images Fuji X-E1 and X100s.

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In a twenty-five year career of running workshops in the national parks, I’ve never had this problem!  We’ve had snow, pouring rain, high winds, fires, but never kindergarden acting politicians……  Thankfully the Cleveland Metro Parks are wonderful and open for business!  We are heading down to the Amish region today and I hope to have some good stuff to share with you tomorrow.  We have a good group and everyone is excited including the leaders.  Here are a couple of stream shots they will get to make Friday or Saturday.



This is a great area and I know we will have a lot of fun and make some memorable images.  Please pray that I will be an effective teacher and help them in every way I can!




the pilgrim


Photo Note:  Funi X-E1, 18-55.