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Just arrived in Memphis to learn my flight (Delta) to Knoxville is delayed by 2 hours, but this time I’m fine.  I had such a great trip to Tampa, enjoyed RC’s, Matt’s, David’s, Brad’s, and Adam’s company so much I feel just fine.  I’m thrilled with the new website/blog and I’m learning more and more as I post and work on it.  That’s not the main reason I’m feeling so great.  I’m going home to  my bride and that’s fantastic but that’s not it either, no on the plane ride up form Tampa I listened to some music on my iPad and one song really hit me hard, it inspired me.  I’m going to sahare the lyrics below, but please go find this song on iTunes and be as blessed as I was.  The song is perfomed by Phil Driscol and Debbie Boone and it’s really a great song, the title is , Keep the Fire Burning.




Here are the lyrics:


Lord, i find myself needing you like i have never before,
in all of the darkness around me,
everyday my hunger’s growing more.
Iit’s clear to me now, You are my only refuge,
my port in a troubled sea, help me to give my life
completely to You and make me only
what you want me to be,


Lord just keep the flame burning in my heart,
light my way with the fire of Your Spirit,
keep the flame burning in my heart and let it
spread to whoever comes near it
Lord, just keep the flame burning in my heart


Children, He knows what you are going through,
He suffered more than you’ll ever know,
He is drawing us closer and closer to him,
He’ll be back soon, woh, woh, you got to get ready to go


well, there is no time for complacency,
there is no room for compromise,
just walk straight and strong cause it won’t be
long till we see Him split the eastern skies


Lord just keep the flame burning in our hearts,
light our way with the fire of Your spirit,
keep the flame burning in our hearts and let it
spread to whoever comes near it
Lord, just keep the flame burning in our hearts


This is a great song, and it begs the question is there anything more important than keeping the flame burning.  Just as they keep the flame burning for Elvis in Memphis I’m keeping my heart on fire for my Lord.


Have a wonderful day, I think I’ll go get some Memphis Bar-B-Q!






the pilgrim


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Today was the first day of posting to the new home of the Pilgrim’s Chronicles.  Above my dear friend

and great guide in the new world of WordPress, R.C. Concepcion.  I had a great trip down to Kelbt Media and

I’m thrilled with the results of the first work on the new website, more to come!!!!!







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When I look at the image above I feel great joy. It takes me back eleven years to when my son Wesley and I were working on the original America From 500 Feet. We were in the Palouse Region of Southeastern Washington State. One late afternoon the winds were very calm and we flew out over this gorgeous rolling hill, farm country in our little ultra light and captured some beautiful light. Just before the sun went down I looked down and saw this wonderful pattern and one click later it was preserved forever in my memory bank of fantastic moments.

Life is like that, at a moments notice we find ourselves bathed in a great instant of joyful feelings. Yesterday was like that for me. Starting with late Thursday afternoon when Matt Kloskowski was kind enough to ask me to be his guest on The Grid, and ending with the taping of my new class for Kelby Training, and some quality time with R.C. Concepcion. What a day and a half.

I took some vacation time from Nikon to come down and do my latest class, Learning to See Photographically, and to work on the new website where this blog will reside soon. Today I will work with R.C. , (What a great guy – warm and inviting as the sun), on the new site.