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Sent to me Christmas day from my dear friend Richard Small, enjoy!

Want to really get excited on Christmas day?   Watch this:



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As you gather with family and friends to celebrate Christmas please know how very much I appreciate you spending a little of each day with me!  So much has happened, so fast, I know God is at work and wonderful things lie ahead for all of us!  I’m constantly moved by your emails and calls telling me how God is richly blessing your lives, and how he is reaching out to you.  I am so honored that God allows me to be His servant and share what He inspires me to write.  This has been a great year and the coming year will be even more exciting!  My prayer is that you will know your families love,  and God’s presence!


Merry Christmas,


the pilgrim

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I get lots of emails both from Nikon customers and folks that read my blog!  I’m always quick to answer them, but I often think a lot of people might like to know the answer, or at least my attempt to feebly answer the questions.  I think I will make this something I do every once in a while, after I have enough interesting questions to answer, hope you enjoy it!  f you don’t let me know and I won’t do it again!  I know some smart folks visit the blog, so if you have an opposing view or another take one any of these, please post a comment!


Question:  When do you think digital images will exceed the quality of film?


Answer:  In my opinion that has already happened.  Digital holds several distinct advantages over film.  1. It’s less expensive over the long haul.  It is true that digital brings with it it’s own costs, like computers, hard drives, software, but over a period of several years a person that shot a lot of film will spend less shooting digital.  2.  Shooting in very low light with high ISO films was not anywhere near as good as doing the same at high ISO settings on current digital cameras.  I remember when pushing Tri-X to 1200 was about the limit and it still had very large, very apparent grain.  Today many camera in the digital area can shoot up to 1600 and even 3200 with very little noise, (the digital equivalent of grain).  3.  Instant knowledge of what you got in terms of color quality and exposure.  This one reason alone would be priceless.  4.  The tremendous opportunities for artistic post processing.   Programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Capture NX2 have made processing a very powerful.  Add to that such great filtration programs as the NIK programs and Topaz and you can take your work even further.  5.  Because of all the processing avenue and lower cost it has encouraged photographers to experiment and that experimentation has produced some ground breaking work!   I know what the person was really asking was is the quality of digital up to the best films.  In my opinion film is very far behind in the rear view  .



Question:  If you could only choose one camera for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Answer:  That would be depressing, that’s what that would be!   I use different cameras for different purposes.  I think cameras are so good today that you could probably do most everything with a Nikon P7100 or similar point and shoot!  I think if I was pressed I would say if only one, it would have to be the top pro camera from Nikon which is currently a D3s.



Question:  How much do you post process on your images?


Answer:  With the exception of HDR and filtered for effect shots, I adjust levels to get proper contrast, add a little saturation, rarely more than 12 points.  I then sharpen with unsharp mask and that’s it.   I may crop an occasional shot, but I try to shoot very tight so I have the final cropping in the camera.



Question:  Do you use Capture NX2, and how much?


Answer:  Actually quiet a lot.  I love the U point technology and have found it a much quicker way to do localized adjustments.  It’s also the best software for Nikon NEF files!



Question:  Do you use a tripod all the time?


Answer:  No, but I do use a tripod as often as I can, and that works out to about 75% of the time.  Sometimes a tripod is just not feasible, but I always hate not using one.  It is the only way to get tack sharp images all the time!



Question:  I’m just starting a system and not sure how to allocate my funds, should I spend more on the body, the lenses, or accessories?


Answer:  I think the glass is the most important thing.  Buy the best lenses you can afford, and start with a good solid mid-range body.  I would rather have a D700 and two pro grade lenses, than a D3s and several lower end lenses.  The glass makes the image!  A tripod of course is a high priority item with a good ball head.   If you can get started around there you will have room to grow and still use what you started with.  I think a mid range zoom that gets you back to 24mm and a telephoto zoom in the 70-200 ranges or 70-300 range will serve you very well indeed……



Question:  I know this is personal, but do you ever feel unworthy before God?


Answer:  I sure do, I am unworthy, but God elevated my worth when He gave His Son to die for me.   I am not a Saint, but in God’s eyes I am because He washed away all my sins, past, present, and future!  I’ve always believed that two things are vital to keep on this walk; (1) know you are unworthy, but (2) know that He has made you worthy through His sacrifice for you!



Question:  Do you ever wish you had gone into another field, other than photography?


Answer:  Many years ago I felt led into the ministry.  I didn’t act on it and I often wondered what would have happened if I had.  Now, many years later, I realize, in many ways I did go into the ministry, just a different, rather unconventional one.  I love what I do and I enjoy photography, and I’m so thankful He can use me in some small way while I do what I love!  I would rather be a photographer than anything else as long as it is His will for me!


Well I hope there was something there of value!


the pilgrim





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The tree is trimmed, the presents are wrapped, the lights are strung, the garland is up!  The cookies are in the oven, Christmas music is filtering through the house, we are almost ready for family to arrive!  Everything possible has been arranged to make them feel welcome and loved. Gifts were carefully selected, food, in abundance, is prepared.  All is well, but how about my soul?  Am I ready to receive the new born Savior?  Do I really want Him to come into my life, to guide my life, and instruct me.  Do I really need a Savior?  Do I know I need to be forgiven?   Yes!!!, I have accepted who I am, what I’ve done and how much I needed Jesus to be born and die for me!


I had a friend once that said, “I might consider being a Christian accept for all those hypocrites in the church!”  Yes the church is filled with hypocrites and sinners, and people that have done awful things.  Christians have hurt people, done terrible things, that’s why we are called sinners. Just in case you are wondering why I would say such a thing. it’s because it’s true.  Scripture teaches us that we “all” are sinners, we have all fallen short of the glory of God.  Don’t let the fact that others have hurt you, and they were Christians, hold you back from knowing God.  God didn’t hurt you, He has only loved you.  There is a big catch in all of this, we all have sinned, we all are forgiven, that makes no one worse than you, you no worse than others, we are all sinners, we are all able to be forgiven, if we can accept it.  Christmas is the celebration of being set free!


Accept the gift of His forgivness, love, and grace, and enjoy the first Christmas of your life………


the pilgrim


* Special note:  If you have to go out for any last minute shopping, and i hope you don’t, but if so, drop by any Target and pickup a CD by Jim Brickman call All Is Calm.  It’s some traditional Christmas Carols and a couple of new beautiful songs that will bring calm and peace to your home this Christmas Season.  Sit down with some hot chocolate and listen to “I Pray” with your eyes closed, what a devotional…….



Note Two:  My dear friend R.C. Concepcion jumped on the blog and fixed our posting, all you have to do now is go to the end of any blog entry and see how man posts or make a post yourself by simply clicking on the link at the bottom!  Thanks so much R.C. !!!!