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Well, I’m in Sparta, Kentucky for the NASCAR races this week, Yypee!  O.K. it’s not that bad, I just am not a huge fan of cars going in a circle for 3 hours!!  But hey, I’m here, might as well enjoy it!  As is the case at most events of this length, the first stop is Target or Walmart to stock up on the supplies needed to set up a mobile media office.  Standing in a pretty long line at the check out I happened to glance down at the magazine rack and was struck by the theme of most of the magazines, self.  With titles like; Allure, Self, Fitness and more what would you expect.   I was even more intrigued by the names of some of the articles; “Look Hot – Feel Cool!”   –   “Summer Heats Up – What to Wear Now!”   “276 Hot Summer Looks!”  -   “Tone Every Inch!”  -  ”Wow Hair!”   O.k. maybe I’m a little put off because I’ve never been “In” – “Hot” or had “Every Inch Toned!”   Actually that’s not it, I’m concerned about our societies over abundance of thought about all things, “self”.


I know that God loves us whether we are wearing the most fashionable, in, summer clothes, and I think He doesn’t want us to be so dependent on the opinions  others have of us.  In the wonderful book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren starts the whole discussion off by stating, “It’s Not About You!”   This is the first step in serving our Heavenly Father, letting go of ourselves, our desires, our needs, our desire for approval, and placing it all in His hands.  It’s hard to do because our world says your value and worth are all about what others think of you.  Not true, it’s about what He thinks of you, and He already loved you so much He sacrificed His Only Son for you.  How’s that for value?


In Him,


the pilgrim

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Sitting in the terminal, and finding nothing better to do, came upon an idea, sum up my thoughts for today,  with oxymorons!


oxymoron |ˌäksəˈmôrˌän|nouna figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true).


Here are a few of my new favorites!


Stable canoes


Delta Service Excellence


Nw England Hospitality


TSA sense of humor


Good English food  (why I’m thrilled to not be going to the Olympics!


New York city coridality


Agreeable Mexican food


Gas-less Pizza


Enough rest


Too much time at home!



Laugh a little, it’s good for the soul!


the pilgrim

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It’s almost 4:00 a.m. and I’ve slept for 7 hours.  I feel better, but not just because of the sleep. I woke up and looked quickly at my images from the last 24 hours of the workshop.   When  looking at the lighthouse image above, I remembered a great song by Garth Brooks called, When You Come Back to Me Again.  It brought the experience of last night full circle.


First I want to thank Sherelene for bringing things into perspective last night when she shared Romans 8:28.  God does have a plan for our lives and even the unpleasant experiences are His way of protecting us, and doing what is in our best interest.  I needed the sleep more than I needed to get home after midnight, only to leave less than thirty hours later on the next assignment, but I couldn’t see that at the moment He was protecting me.


It reminded me of a precious tape recording we found years ago of me talking with my son, Scott.  He was just a little fellow and had stepped on a tiny piece of glass which was stuck in his toe.  As I worked with a  pair of tweezers to remove the little sliver of glass, he asked repeatedly, “What is it daddy?  Is it a piece of glass?!”  I heard my own voice, strong and confident, yet gentle and filled with love and empathy for him, telling him, “it’s o.k. it’s just a little piece of glass, I’ve got it.”  God has our little slivers of glass, He knows that the momentary times of crisis are not a crisis at all, but our frustration of not having things the way we want them.  How we want things to be, is not always what He knows is best, and we can trust that He does indeed know far more about what we need than we do.  It’s hard to remember that in times of disappointment, but it is reassuring to know that, “There’s a Lighthouse in the Harbor…….”


the pilgrim

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Well I whistled all the way to the airport excited to know that after a very long run, I will be back in my own bed around midnight!!!  Not so quick young man, Delta stepped in and once again shot a hole in my boat!  I will not go into just how much I detest Delta here and now, I was reminded by Sherelene at the apex of my anger, that Romans 8:28 has not been repealed!


Romans 8:28    New Living Translation (NLT)

28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.


O.K. sufficiently spanked, and or, reminded!!  So I’m going to let it go, (but will never book a flight with Delta again  &^%^&%$@#^*&).  Now I feel better!  Here are some fun shots I made today!  Enjoy!


I love shooting with my D800 and Nikkor glass, but every once in a while shooting with the iPhone is good training to make you go back to the basics and think more about composition and less about all the technical issues!  I don’t agree with people that say the iPhone and other camera phones are a threat to the point and shoot market.  I think anything that creates interest in photography, creates interest in all kinds of cameras.  I can only judge from my own experience, but for me I  still rely on a DSLR for my serious work, a high end, point and shoot type camera, for serious travel work when I don’t want to deal with a bag of lenses, and I always have my iPhone with me, and feel it can be used to  make “real” photographs!  It makes no sense to think that photographers are going to abandon any of the categories we enjoy  now!


I find it liberating to think that I can be a photographers no matter which imaging  device I use!  All of these images are with the iPhone and the HDRs with Simply HDR app, $2.99!!!!  Except for the last.


Try looking at the images as photographs instead of thinking about how they were captured!




Then again shooting with great DSLR with incredible resolution sure is fun!!!!   D800, 105 Micro Nikkor!


Good night,


the pilgrim