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What a great two weeks with Jack out in the Pacific Northwest!  So my reward to him for taking me on such a great tour of his backyard is to take him to mine, next spring we will be doing the Grandfather Mountain/Blueridge Parkway!  Now I’ve been to both the Columbia Gorge and the Palouse a number of times, but doing it with Jack was a whole new experience.  I take pride in my 25 or so visits to most of the major national parks, but Jack has a whole new set of places I’ve enjoyed exploring with him.  I’ve been so blessed to have such great people to share workshop experiences with.  Jim Begley is a wonderful partner for the His Light Events and we are working on the 2015 schedule.  I plan to cut back a little next year, but will do several with Jack, and several with Jim.  I also plan a few by myself, maybe very small numbers, just something I’ve been wanting to do!


I really found myself back in the groove as a shooter, teacher, and person on this trip.  I remembered why I love to teach and it makes me hungry for more!



More information about Jack Graham Photography Events, and His Light Events very soon!




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Photo by Doug Haines


What a great two weeks!!!  I really love teaching with Jack and his two groups were great people, eager to learn, and they produced wonderful images!  Jack is a great shooter, teacher, and workshop leader, it i is always an honor to work with him.  We not only had some wonderful people to trench, I son’ think I can ever remember two weeks straight of near perfect conditions.  When we needed rain we got it, when we needed it to stoop it did, when we got to the Palouse, we need nice clouds and blue skies, got it!!!!  All of this led to great conditions for our students and ourselves!  I rarely get many good images while teaching but this was my most productive trip to these two locations.  I even got enough rest to live through the experience!!!  Here are some of my favorites with comments!  First a little technical note.  I’ve been using a number of Nikon manual focus lenses with the X-T1 and with focus peaking am finding they work great!  Currently, the longest lens from Fuji is a 200mm end of the 55-200 zoom, which is a 300 mm equivalent.  On this trip I used a Nikkor 300mm f 4.5 IF-ED manual focus model from back in the 80′s!  I’ll feature those images first, and I think you’ll agree, it works great on the X-T1!!






A couple of portraits of my buddies Doug and Rick shooting in the field!




A big part of shooting the Palouse is capturing the  many wonderful barns!  Here are a few!





More wonderful fields of wheat!  (300mm again!!!)






Even the stuff on barn sides can make great monochrome images!




Thanks Jack, and all the attendees of these two workshops, you helped me have a great time, sure hope you did too!




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A few more!







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Tonight our group went back up to Steptoe Butte for sunset.  The folds in the fields below are an endless source of wonderment!  Here is a few from tonight!








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* Note, the entire entry was accidentally erased!!!!!  Here we go again!  In my never ending search for the perfect cheeseburger a sign out front of Top Notch Cafe announced that they had the “Worlds’ Best Cheeseburger!”  You know I had to test that!!!!  I dropped by and asked Pete, (now a buddy!), to make me his best effort on a double cheeseburger!  Wow did he ever, long story short it was a 4.6 and has made the top seventeen burgers in America!  You have to check this place out!!!!


Jack, Nikki, Chris and I ran up to Sprague and enjoyed Dave Jones’ wonderful truck collection.  I twas raining t he whole time and it made the shooting all the better, this is a must stop for anyone who loves old classic trucks!  Thanks Dave for your kindness to let us enjoy your wonderful collection!  So here goes;













And thanks Jack or showing me this one……..





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*Photo Note:  All images Fuji X-T1.