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I’m fleshing out the form form the new book and thought you might like to see the Chapter Headings.


Chapter Headings and Content






A little History:  How the X-System came to be.


Chapter One:  Reality Check   (Who are you, as a photographer, and what do you REALLY need?!)


Chapter Two:  The X-System  (It’s Strengths and Weaknesses, and who it will best serve.)


Chapter Three:  Which camera is best for me?  (How to sort out the system)


Chapter Four:  RAW vs JPEG, ( in the X-Trans cameras.  Advantages of each.)


Chapter Five:  Five Huge Advantages to the X-System!


Chapter Six:  The Fuji Lens System.  (Reviews of the major components in the lens system, with real world examples.)


Chapter Seven:  Missing lenses and how to compensate. (What we don’t have and how to get it!)


Chapter Eight:  Tips and Tricks  (Settings, techniques, and advice.)


Chapter Nine:  Building a System for different uses.  (this chapter also includes recommended accessories, both Fuji branded and third party.  Also includes some of my recommendations for how to carry it!)


Chapter Ten:  Great Shooters that have adopted the X-System (this includes a portfolio for each shooter, their bio and their five favorite things about the X-System)


I hope the following photographers will be included:    *Jack Graham  -  Zak Arias  - David Hobby  -  *Tony Sweet  -  *John “Snake”  Barrett  -  *Bjorn Moerman  -  Ricky Skaggs  -   *Jim Haverstock  -  *Nick Coury,  Dr. Charles Stanley, and others…..

* Confirmed

Well there you have it, at least this is the starting plan.  Have a great weekend, stay warm and be blessed!


In Him,


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I got home last night from four weeks out doing workshops and came home to a perfect situation, snow falling, fire in the fireplace, my best gal waiting on the couch!  Could it get any better???!!! Actually this morning I’m starting working on the Fuji X-System User’s Guide and I’ve been anxious to get started on this eBook!  There seems to be a lot of excitement about this book and I think I know why!  For the last year and  half I have been using the X-System’s cameras and lenses and I have to admit my love affair with the system grows every single day!!!!


When I worked for Nikon we came out with a game changing camera, the D3.  I remember being in a meeting where we were discussing how could we entice users, of other brands, to give it a try, and hopefully switch to Nikon.  I and several other of the Nikon Professional Service’s PMTRs (Professional Markets Technical Representatives), now you know why they called us PMTRs for short, that’s a mouth full, anyway, we suggested we could simply loan a camera and a few key lenses to those we felt were a good fit for the new camera, an ask them to evaluate it, and then let us know what they thought.  90% of the time we got the same reaction, “How can you help me switch??!!”  The camera was that good, at that time!  Fast forward to my Fuji experience.


After shoulder surgery, large DSLRs were simply out of the question for me.  I looked around for a while trying to find the smaller camera system I could be happy with.  I expected I would have to make sacrifices, but knew it didn’t matter, less weight was inevitable.  I tried as the Olympus OM series and really liked them, but the smaller sensor, (Micro 4/3rds), just couldn’t deliver the kind of low noise at higher ISO I desired.  Same with all the other similar size sensored brands.  Sony looked promising, but the lack of lenses, and impossible to navigate menus were the deal breakers, and I just couldn’t get used to the operational controls and form factor.  I finally got around to the Fuji X-System and my introduction camera to the system was the X-10, which I loved, and still do.  My first interchangeable lens camera was the X-E1.  There were plenty of things I didn’t love about it, but the image quality was the major trump card, exceptional image quality, the tack sharpness of the lenses, and the solid build quality added up to the winner for me!  I learned to live with the short comings, to have that image quality, and Fuji fixed many of those teething pains with firmware updates!!!  It turned out I didn’t have to make hardly any sacrifices in quality to downsize, and that made me a very happy camper!


Now to my point, a lot of people, and I mean a lot, asked me, “why the switch!!!???”m    It was completely understandable since for previous 45 years I had been a die hard Nikon guy, and had even spent 11 years employed by them!  So, when people asked if the Fuji system might work for them I said, rent one for a week and make your own decision.  90% of my friends, associates and complete strangers that took that advise are now Fuji owners, many use it as their only system!  Honestly, the system simply that good!  The most common remark I hear from new adopters is, “It’s just made photogaphy fun again!”  That is a statement worthy looking into, and we will in the new book!


So in preparation for the upcoming book, today I will release the PREFACE and hopefully I will get all the participants images and info in and will get this out by December!  This book will be $9.95!






the preface to the novel: introduction, foreword, preamble,prologue, prelude; front matter; informal prelims, intro,lead-in; formal exordium, proem, prolegomenon.verbthe chapter i 

prefaced by a poem: precede, introduce, begin, open, start.


The Fuji X-System User’s Guide  -  Preface


Why another Fuji X-System User’s Guide?  First, because I wanted to write it!  Second because I wanted a true “User’s” Guide, filled with real life experience with the gear, and helpful suggestions own how to get the most out of the system!  This is NOT a book of features, going over all the menu settings, what all the buttons do, and repeating what is in not only the Owner’s Manual, but a number of excellent books on that aspect of the camera’s operation.  I own the books by Rico Pfirstinger and the Video Guide from The Luminous Landscape with Kevin Raber and Jarred Spicer, but this book is not a repeat of what they covered very well. In this book I will talk about what the Fuji X System cameras and lenses do best, make spectacular quality images, and how to achieve that through features, accessories, and solid technique!  In addition the book will feature not only my work,  but also the work of a number of today’s top shooters of the Fuji System, including;  Zak Arias, Jack Graham, Tony Sweet, David Hobby, Bjorn Moerman, John “Snake” Barrett, Ricky Skaggs, Nick Coury, Jim Haverstock, among others!  The book will be a guide to not only the operational aspects of the system but also advice on system building, and what parts of the system yield themselves to each task we face as photographers!


The next question should be, “Why are you the guy to write this book?”  Well let me start with what I am not.  I’m not officially affiliated with Fuji, as an advisor, X-Shooter, or in any official way.  I was offered the opportunity to be an X-Shooter and while honored I declined for two reasons, I want to remain independent so that my opinions and comments will be accepted as just that, uncolored, un-influenced opinions.  I also still have great respect for my former friends and the Nikon company, and feel I’ve been a representative of a photo industry company once, and think it is time to remain unbiased and independent.  I do not get special deals from Fuji, or have not been sent equipment to evaluate.  I have sold images to Fuji for their marketing use, but I’ve done that for a lot of other photo industry companies as well.  My relationship with Fuji is as an admirer of how they do business, respect for the products they design and build, and the customer care they exhibit!  I’m a consumer just like you.  I think this gives me a unique position to share from.


Further, I’m a full time photographer with over 45 years experience in the field and as an educator have had the chance to use and see many cameras models and brands, and I think I know my way around the industry as well as most anyone.  I am not trying to sell cameras and lenses, just enthusiastically enjoying sharing my, new found, photographic love!  The Fuji X-System is a perfect fit for some photographers, and if you’re one of them, this book is for you!





So there you have it, I’m going to get busy and hope to have this for you as soon as possible!




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In the morning I get to fly home, my favorite location, and I do get to go to some great places!  In the last four weeks I’ve shot fall leaves in Brown County Indiana, with Jim and Sue Haverstock, fall color and coastal scenes in Acadia N.P. with Jack Graham, my home park, the Great Smoky Mountains with Jim Begley and “Snake” Barrett, and now I’ve just finished a workshop at Nelson Ghost Town in Nevada with Jack Graham, again!!!!!!!  For the last two days I’ve worked with the great KelbyOne Video Team of  Brandon Ford (above left) and Juan Alfonso (above right), what a great crew and two really nice guys!    I have such a great time with these guys and all the folks on this list, not to mention wonderful attendees at the workshops!  I’m a blessed man for sure!!!  Getting to spend time with such great folks enriches my life!!!!  I can only hope I reciprocate even a little!!!


That’s all great, but I had a extra special surprise today when we finished the last taping of my upcoming KelbyOne Class on Americana Extractions at Nelson Ghost Town!  Leaving the barn where we had taped the last sessions, a lady was waiting and introduced herself as a KelbyOne member, and a fan of my classes.  She was a really nice lady and we had a good visit.  The last thing I expected was to have someone in the Nevada desert to walk up and say I know who you are, and love your classes!  It was such a nice surprise, and much appreciated!   Below we had our picture made together, she had a great husband and two other very nice friends!



I was thinking, driving back to Las Vegas, after meeting Byron and her friends how much it means to me to hear from people that they are benefiting from my teaching, and eBooks.  I love to teach and I owe it to those that mentored me to do what I can to pass it on.  You often wonder if your efforts help as much as you hope they do, Byron’s kind words re-enforce my desire to continue my efforts!!  Thanks Byron!


Tomorrow I get to go spend time with my favorite person, Sherelene!!  This has been a long four weeks and I am looking forward to throwing another log on the fire wit her!  It’s suppose to snow this weekend!!  A fire in the fireplace, cuddling Sherelene, some college football, and a getting started on my new eBooks, could life be any better!!!!!




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I just finished my workshop with Jack Graham in Nelson and on the last day Paul Janusz asked me what I thought of a shot he had made!  I told him it was the best image I’d seen that week including anything I had shot!!!!  I asked his permission to steal the shot, adding I was going to anyway!!!  I don’t like duplicating a shot found by someone else, but this image hit me so hard I had to try to make it myself.  This was a great workshop, with a nice group of people, it was really a pleasure to be with Ted Thelin again, and Joe, and Tom, Paul, shoot the whole gang!!!!!  I love to go out and teach and shoot and just be out there, but most of all it’s the people that make it such a great experience, thanks folks for a great week!  …….and Paul, sorry but your shot was so theft worthy!!!!!  Mentioned you in my new Kelby Class this morning!




the pilgrim


Can’t believe I walked right past his shot!!!!!