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The tree is trimmed, the presents are wrapped, the lights are strung, the garland is up!  The cookies are in the oven, Christmas music is filtering through the house, we are almost ready for family to arrive!  Everything possible has been arranged to make them feel welcome and loved. Gifts were carefully selected, food, in abundance, is prepared.  All is well, but how about my soul?  Am I ready to receive the new born Savior?  Do I really want Him to come into my life, to guide my life, and instruct me.  Do I really need a Savior?  Do I know I need to be forgiven?   Yes!!!, I have accepted who I am, what I’ve done and how much I needed Jesus to be born and die for me!


I had a friend once that said, “I might consider being a Christian accept for all those hypocrites in the church!”  Yes the church is filled with hypocrites and sinners, and people that have done awful things.  Christians have hurt people, done terrible things, that’s why we are called sinners. Just in case you are wondering why I would say such a thing. it’s because it’s true.  Scripture teaches us that we “all” are sinners, we have all fallen short of the glory of God.  Don’t let the fact that others have hurt you, and they were Christians, hold you back from knowing God.  God didn’t hurt you, He has only loved you.  There is a big catch in all of this, we all have sinned, we all are forgiven, that makes no one worse than you, you no worse than others, we are all sinners, we are all able to be forgiven, if we can accept it.  Christmas is the celebration of being set free!


Accept the gift of His forgivness, love, and grace, and enjoy the first Christmas of your life………


the pilgrim


* Special note:  If you have to go out for any last minute shopping, and i hope you don’t, but if so, drop by any Target and pickup a CD by Jim Brickman call All Is Calm.  It’s some traditional Christmas Carols and a couple of new beautiful songs that will bring calm and peace to your home this Christmas Season.  Sit down with some hot chocolate and listen to “I Pray” with your eyes closed, what a devotional…….



Note Two:  My dear friend R.C. Concepcion jumped on the blog and fixed our posting, all you have to do now is go to the end of any blog entry and see how man posts or make a post yourself by simply clicking on the link at the bottom!  Thanks so much R.C. !!!! 





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It’s getting close now, that magical time of celebration!   This is a terrible time to be alone.  As families gather and friends come together, I bet you know someone that will be spending Christmas alone.  Consider setting another place at your Christmas table, or taking a warm meal to a shut in.  You could also find out if the local food bank is delivering baskets and contribute, or better yet, go along and find out the real joy of Christmas!  The baby that was born on Christmas Day spent His life ministering to the poor, the elderly, those in prisons, and those that were lame and  blind.  If you’ve ever wondered how you could please God, it might be to love the same people He loved, and bring comfort to those in dispair.


The greatest way you can share His love is to reach out to the lost.  To share His love and compassion with them, to invite them to the Lord’s table, to help them find the ultimate Peace On Earth!


God has set a wonderful feast table before us, and you are invited to join in the dinner.  This is your invitation.


In Christ,


the pilgrim

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I’m sitting in my office on Wednesday afternoon, feeling the incredible glow of Christmas time!  It’s joy!  How is joy different from happiness?  Happiness is a wonderful feeling we feel when our circumstances are great.  Webster’s says a “ feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. ”    The definition for joy is the same but it contains a lot more nouns that express the depth of joy;

“ delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, triumph, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, gladness, exhilaration, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy!”


Delight – to have such a Savior born into this world, and loving me, before I loved Him.


Great Pleasure in knowing I no longer face death, but eternal life!


Joyfulness to experience Christmas with family and friends, and relish the memories of a wonderful year!


Jubilation is celebrating the birth of the King!


Triumph over the world and evil when He died for me!


Exultation of His Holy Name;  the King of kings, Lord of lords, the Great I Am, Jehovah, The Prince of Peace, The Lamb of God, The Messiah, my friend and Savior!


Rejoicing at His birth and all His countless blessing to me and all those I love!


Happiness to be His child!


Gladness that He saved me from my sins!


Exhilaration that He can love someone like me!


Exuberance  to be filled with the energy of the Holy Spirit to serve Him faithfully.


Elated to be a member of the family of God!


Euphoric to know the Truth and the Light.


In Bliss to know Him as the Savior, the King, and my Lord.


Ecstatic to be here now, celebrating Christmas with those I love (and that includes all of  you!  After all, you are in my family of God!)


Jesus is truly the Light of the World, it is His Light that lights the way for us, show us where to go, where to stay, and how to be at Peace in Him.  In these last few days before the marvelous celebration of His birth, take time to pray and contemplate  how you can go out into the world and show His love, the way He showed it when He walked among us here on earth.  Ask Him to fill your heart with His love, compassion and grace.


Merry Christmas,


the pilgrim

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It was the best of times, and the worst of times…….  It was 1991 and my dream of a life time had come true, I was the owner of a workshop company, that from day one had been dedicated to serving God and spreading His love.  In the early years we worked so very hard.  I drove up to Freeport, Maine just to meet with some management people of L.L. Bean and ask how they had built their wonderful company, and I committed to make the GAPW (Great American Photography Weekend),  just like them, very, very customer oriented.  In no time the company was the top rated nature photography workshop company in America!  It was totally a God thing!  It belonged to Him and He made it great.  We served Him by loving everyone who came and we made our stance known by holding completely optional Sunday morning devotionals.  Lives were changed, people found the Lord, marriages were healed, people turned their lives around!  It was the best of times!  Later we needed capitalization and many long time attendees, all dear friends, wanted to be part owners, so with guidance of a dear brother in Christ we became a Sub Chapter S corp and sold stock. Things went well for a while and then the workshop business started to fall off for everyone in the business, and our board started to try to find ways to “improve” the company.


It was suggested that maybe the Sunday morning devotionals might “offend” someone of a different faiths.  Unfortunately things got rather heated and  as much as I hate to admit it, I over reacted and in an effort to defend my position, I hurt some people.  Of course, I came to my senses, and made appropriate apologies, and relationships were healed.  Shortly after our little internal battle the workshop business got even worse because 9/11.  It became obvious that our little company could not survive if it had to continue to pay me.  To save the company, and in all honesty, I was getting tired of traveling, I resigned the Presidency and went off to look for a regular job.  The company went on without me.  I loved those early days when we  were not in any way under the pressure of “political correctness.”  I made many wonderful friends and saw so many people grow spiritually, it was all worth while, but sad to see it end for me, the worst of times.


Fast forward to today.  Nine years later I’ve celebrated almost a decade of  wonderful time at Nikon and in that time God has so richly blessed me with so much to be thankful for.  I decided that I missed doing workshops and wanted to get more involved in my ministry to photographers.  I love being with other shooters, and especially sharing our joint faith and belief.  So here I am again, at another starting point!  His Light Workshops is different though, I’m not trying to make a living now, I’m trying to make a difference.  I want the people that come to our workshops, tours, and events to come knowing they have a safe place, a safe place to express their faith, their love of God, and share that in a warm atmosphere of  Christian fellowship.  It’s open to anyone I just want them to know going in that these workshops will be different.  I’m not trying to exclude anyone, in fact I want to include everyone, I want everyone to know the extraordinary joy of being His, I don’t want to run anyone away, I want anyone that joins us to know they are in a place overcome with love, His love!


Now this morning at 4:15 a.m. apparently God was up, and He said up and at em’ to me.  I awoke and got my iPad and wrote out what He was giving me, and now I will share it with you.   This is living proof of God’s sense of humor, and the answer to my concern on how to let people know what we are all about, enjoy;



His Light Workshops Disclaimer

The attending of a His Light Workshop may lead to the following symptoms or reactions: elevated joy, increased faith, feelings of unrestrained laughter, compassion, and love!  In certain participants the following have occurred; desire to know and serve others with God’s love and grace!  Participants are WARNED that it is possible that the following might be experienced; spontaneous worship,  praise, and prayer.   His Light Workshops should only be attended after consulting with the Great Physician.  The ownership and management does “not” disavow any of the warnings here with contained in this statement.



On this December 20th, 2011,  I find myself in the very Best of Times.  I’m at peace with God, my family and friends, and my friends include those that disagreed so many years ago on the right way to run a workshop company.  But this is fresh start because this little company does not belong to me!   It belongs to Him and it will be used to serve Him until He brings me home.  My friends, life is strange when I was young I thought success was getting what you want, now years later I understand, success is wanting what you get!


In four days it will be Christmas Eve, my prayer for you is that you will want what you get!


In Him,


the pilgrim