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Today is my last day at 66!  Well 66 years of age, tomorrow I turn 67!  It is a milestone of sorts forme as my father died at the age of 66 and for many years, I’ve felt I wouldn’t last any longer than that myself, so if I make it until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning I’ve made it!  Tonight at 9:00 p[.m. my dear friend Jim Sugar will turn the page to 67!  I love calling him and telling him I’m sure glad I’m not as old as him!


I hope I’ve grown older with grace, I hope I’ve grown wiser with age, more gentle in how I treat others, and I hope others understand that while I’m whiter around the beard, the fire for life still burns intensely  in my heart and spirit.  None of us knows how long we will be here, but I know however I am I’ll give it all I have for Him…..




the pilgrim


Just so happened that 66 was my football number in High School!

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I’m starting to love anything that reminds me of the past, my past, a country from years past…  Why? Who knows??!!  I’ve got a theory and I know, you know, I will share it.  First, I think the older you get the more you reminisce about the glorious past, it  might not have been that glorious, but it sure feels that way when you recall, “the good old days”.    I also have a great appreciation for what men and women used to with their hands, what they created!  I also have always been somewhat of history buff, and this gives me a chance to learn about things I did not know a great deal about.



So how has this changed me as a photographer?  Actually I’m drawn to and enjoy a lot more diverse set of subjects than in the past.  I love Old Car City, and Shaker Village, and the Train museum, and old airplanes, all kinds of things that are steeped in history and built with character, even when they are rusting or falling down!


I an also liking the simple pleasure of taking a compact camera and just exploring, cutting back on the weight of my system and going back to looking of images and trying to get the best I can with less in the way of gear.  I think I’m making another fundamental swing in my work, I’m excited and can’t wait to follow this path!


Change is good.  Change can help you see more clearly, and enjoy life with a renewed sense of excitement, it’s a good place to be, and it’s where I am right now.  Thank you Jesus!  Life truly is good!




the pilgrim


Old brick wall painting in Norfolk, Virginia, Compact camera.


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Weaving is a method of fabric production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth.


The purpose of weaving is to produce a cloth with added strength and utility.  Another major result is often beautiful cloth for clothing, upholstery, and other uses.  The best properties of the various threads when woven together produce something so much more  than just the individual threads.


God does much the same with us.  He takes individuals, all different, all unique and then combines them to do His work.  And what is His work?  To bring us to Him.  To reach out to the lost and, with open loving arms, welcome them in.  How amazing it is that God loves us so much, in spite of what we are, what we’ve done, He still invested everything in us.


So what are we to do?  What do you do when someone asks you to come to their home for dinner, or to come to their party.  We accept,  How much more honored should we feel  of course, and we appreciate that someone cared enough to ask us to come to their home!  How much more honored should we be that the God of the Universe wants, you so much that He gave the most valuable thing He ever had, His Son, to be able to make that offer to you and I.


Accept the offer and let Him weave you into His Master Plan!


the pilgrim

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My brother Homer sent this to me this morning.  It’s cute, and funny , and I’m afraid, in some instances, true!!  It brings me to contemplate a very important question, am I letting Him carry me, or is He having to drag me!!??  Does Jesus want us to let Him carry us?  He said cast your burdens on me, I think that means He wants us to relieve ourselves of those things we can’t carry ourselves, so He does in fact not only want to lift our burdens, He is more than willing, and ABLE, to carry us. The kicking and screaming comes when we are unwilling to go where He wants us to go.


Let me give a practical example;  Several years ago when it became apparent to me, in my spirit, that He was calling me to a higher purpose, I resisted.  I had, what I thought at the time, were some good reasons to “drag my feet”!  I knew He was asking me to go all in, and be completely sold out for Him, and it scared me.   (1) I knew that some in the world would think of me as a “religious fanatic”   (2) I wondered if I could live up to the standard He was calling me to. and finally  (3) the enemy was constantly whispering in my ear that He would not want someone like me serving Him, that it was not His voice that I heard.  Please let me share His response to those fears.


(1)  The fear of being judged a fanatic was not unfounded. I’m sure that more than a few people have had a good laugh about my stance for Him, I know a few have read this blog never to return.  I cannot do anything about that. I am more than willing to be rejected by some if I’m accepted by Him!! Belonging to Him changes everything, it makes your  life so much richer, and more complete, it makes you weep for those that have rejected Him. It leads you to pray for those that don’t know this joy.


(2)  Another well founded fear, I have learned, many times, that “I” cannot live up to His standard!  Only by leaning on Him and accepting His power can I even hope to stay close to the path He has chosen for my life.  When I’m successful it is all because of Him.  When I say all glory to Him, I’m admitting that without Him none of this would ever be possible!!!


(3)  The more we mature in our walk with Him the more we can clearly see the enemies efforts to defeat us. The enemy is dedicated to our destruction. He is the king of liars and deceivers.  He may be right in that I am not worthy of Him whom I serve, but the enemy is denying that when Christ died for me, He made me worthy through His act of forgiveness and resurrection!  While the clock is still ticking on earth, in eternity all is settled, and the enemy has been defeated and vanquished!


My job everyday is to recognize His hand on my life, and ask Him for the strength, courage, and wisdom  to serve Him in all I do.  At that point He picks me up, and carries me to victory!




the pilgrim