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Every journey starts with a few things, book a flight, or study the map.   Pack your bags, and leave the house.  Steps one and two done, now just the flight to New York!   There is a more important preparation for a journey,  ask why are you going?   As you know,  I bared my soul yesterday about all the reason I would love to spend this week somewhere well south of New York City.  Let take another moment to tell you why I’m glad to be going there.  A lot of people will be coming to the Nikon booth, they will be coming to get answers, to seek advice, and learn something they really want to know.   My job, what I’m paid to do, is answer that call.  I’m armed with great training, and years of study, and I love being one of the people that gets to help those people.  Is everyone pleasant, nope, is everyone appreciative, sorry no again, but that doesn’t matter, everyone that steps to my spot at the counter is going to get my best!


That brings me to the point of tonight’s entry, giving your best.  I’ve had the immense pleasure and honor of learning from one of the very best people at doing that, I’ve ever known.  My bride, Sherelene is the consummate professional, she doesn’t know how to give anything less than 110%, as a wife, mother, grandmother, nurse practitioner and servant of God.  I think I have an incredible motor for a man my age, but my ability to keep driving with full intensity, pales in comparison to Sherelene.  Effort alone is not enough, heart and commitment are the finishers.  It’s not what you do, but why you do it.  I give my all because I’m doing it as unto Christ, and I’ve had a great teacher in her!  Thanks Sherelene, I’m learning, but will never catch up with you, but then being number two behind you, is not bad at all!


Goodnight sweetheart,



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I have written often about how handy the compact cameras are when you simply don’t want to be burdened with a big DSLR.  For the trip to New York this week, I hope to shoot some great images, so I thought, what a great place for a test of two great compacts; the P7100 (the new updated version of the killer P7000), and the new nifty and stylish Nikon 1.  On the Nikon 1 I will use the beautiful and compact 10mm (equivalent to 27mm) f 2.8 lens, its super sharp and the speed will allow some great available light situations.   The P7000 proved itself out west in 2010 and the new model has many great improvements so I’m anxious to try it out in a urban environment.  With the P7100′s 28-200 zoom it contains a complete lens system right in the camera!  Since both cameras shoot High Definition video (P7100 720P and the Nikon 1 1080P) I hope to also record some video segments.  To further make the test interesting I will forgo any kind of tripod and shoot everything hand-held, which should be greatly aided by the Vibration Reduction system built into both cameras.


I will post images from the show and “the city” each evening in the Pilgrim’s Chronicles blog.  If I have technical things to share I may post some work and info here in the Learning Center as well.


the pilgrim


End of trip, and test thoughts:


This is a very tough decision and I can’ actually declare an overall winner, both cameras excel at certain things.  For me I would lean to the P7100 simply because it’s included, built in, 28-200 covers so much range!  The Nikon 1 has lenses that will allow you to have even more range, but with them attached the camera is no longer compact.  For video and high speed shooting the Nikon 1 is the hands down winner.  For low light it also edges out the P7100 with the virtue of a larger sensor.   If you attach just the 10mm pancake type lens it is a joy to carry and use, until you need something longer than 27mms, then you long for one of the longer zooms or the P7100.   The cool white Nikon 1 makes a lot more of a fashion statement for sure.  Since I’ve spent very little time on the fashion show runway, that is not as important to me, but to some it is!!!


The bottom line is that these are both very capable cameras for travel and use when carrying a full size DSLR is just not  convenient.  For travelers that is lots of times.  Just to muddy the water even more, the P300 should have been included as it is a great camera when small is the key thing, and it’s 24mm wide end of it’s zoom is very nice when space gets tight.  If I am very, very concerned about getting killer images, I will have at least a small DSLR (D7000) and a couple of lenses.  I could travel with just the 12-24 and the 24-120 for the D7000 and do just about anything!!  Add a 77mm diopter for the 24-120 and a 70-300 VR and  I’m ready for anything, but then that won’t fit in your jacket pocket!!!!!!!!


So it’s time to go home, and maybe it’s a good thing!!      *See below





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I’m posting my Monday blog today so I can travel tomorrow to New York for Photo Plus.  I don’t like New York, let me rephrase that, I hate New York.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are lots of reasons to be a New York lover, but I’m a mountain boy and my idea of crowd is waiting in a line of six to buy a movie ticket in Corbin!  One of the assignments that a tech rep can’t get out of is working the big Photo Show in New York each late October.  So I’ll be there, even if I would rather be anywhere else.


I enjoy seeing my team, some of whom I seldom see accept at these big shows.   I’ve had more than few good meals there, and I do enjoy taking in a Broadway play one evening.  So o.k. maybe I just don’t love New York, maybe hate is a strong word.  So what are my plans for this required trip.  Well, (1) I hope to make a few interesting images to share in posts this week with you. (By-the-way), I will likely post in the evenings each day, just so you know I haven’t skipped a post.  (2)  I also look forward to visiting with many friends that work for other companies in the photo industry, always a great pleasure.  (3)  I’m looking forward to another  RAK Attack!!!!   RAK is Random Acts of Kindness.  I try to do something really fun every time I am in “the City”,  I am nice to people, strike up conversations, make compliments, simply try to share God’s love with everyone I meet, even if it is only a nod and a smile!  It amazes me how many people respond very positively to just a small act of kindness.  It doesn’t happen near often enough there!


Here is the deal, life is not about me.  It’s not about my comfort, my satisfaction, or my being where I would prefer to be.  It’s about knowing that God has a plan and His plan sometimes includes Him placing me somewhere I’m not comfortable, or some place I can’t leave fast enough.  I once said that one of  the most beautiful things I ever saw was New York in my rear view mirror, that’s not completely true.  No, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen is the twinkle in someone’s eyes,  that knows you care, and didn’t expect it……….


the pilgrim

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I’m working today, (Saturday),  and so is Sherelene,  so I’m blogging!  Thought I might share a few random thoughts from the week with you.  Most of these are things that came out of a question I was asked or a situation I found myself in, so here goes:


Dealing with other people’s view of the world.  In my profession I deal with, and attempt to assist, a great number of people, and many are miles apart from my philosophy of life.  I don’t let that affect how I try to deal with them professionally!  However, I over heard a conversation recently between two photographers discussing news agencies.  One of the photographers was complaining bitterly about how dishonest a particular news network was.  They had a very strong opinion about how terrible this news provider was.  What shocked me was when they started naming TV anchors and program hosts that they felt were the most egregious, everyone of the ones they despised, are the few I really trust.  Now I’m sure they believe they are right, and I’m even more sure they are dead wrong.  As a Christian how do I deal with people that believe things that are diametrically opposed to my strongly held beliefs?  If someone says I’m Pro Choice am I to say that’s cool, I certainly wouldn’t want to offend you!!??  To me, if you are Pro Life it is a very strong stand that has a very narrow set of paramiters.  How can you slide around something like that and look yourself in the mirror. Let’s go back to “What did Jesus do?”   Jesus was loving and kind, but he set down standards and did not waver on them.  I think it is critical today to know what you believe in and stand firm on it.  I’m not suggesting you should offend others or make judgements about them, but I think if you believe something strongly, you must stand firmly, otherwise, you don’t really believe in anything…….


Is honesty always the best policy?  Absolutely!  I work as a tech rep and I am often asked to help photographers make buying decisions.  If I was ever dishonest just to affect a sale, I would never be trusted again and would be of little use to my company.  I sometimes have to give advise that may not make my company the most money, but  then in the long run it probably will make them even more, because the customer feels confident that I won’t mislead them, leading them to be much more prone to buy and use my companies products.  My dear friend, Scott Kelby has a great tag line, “You never make a mistake by doing the right thing….”


Does everyone need a small pocket camera?  I sure do!  I find myself very often in a photographic situation that does not allow getting out a big DSLR to capture the moment, in those times I love my Nikon 1, or P7100, or P300, yes I use them all for different things.  The quality of point and shoot cameras have improved greatly in the last few years and these little cameras can make images that favorably compare to your expensive DSLR.


How did my shoulder bag experiment work out in New England?  Not so hot.  Mostly because of my previous shoulder surgery and second shoulder that is not doing as well as it did in my thirties!  The bag is well made and it held everything I need but my rounding shoulders just couldn’t keep the weight in place.  I will probably go back to the backpack and the real trick will be not to overload it.  When you find a little empty space, you naturally think of one more thing you would like to have with you, the penalty is weight!


Dates and details on 2012 workshops?  Hopefully soon!!!!  I need to see what my Nikon schedule looks like and some  other things, but I hope to have dates and details before the Hoilidays.


Comments section!#%$%#@$#^?  I’ve gotten a lot of emails from friends saying how much they are enjoying the new website, but how frustrated they are with comments not appearing like they did on the old Pilgrim’s Chronicles site.  Trust me, we are working on that and hope top have it working very soon.  Word Press which is the program used to produce the website is a lot more difficult to navigate than iWeb (which is going away) that’s why among other reasons we moved to here.  I promise you will be right back where we were on comments soon!!!


Have a blessed weekend,


the pilgrim