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I can well remember when I was a high school football player and my biggest fear was messing up and being benched!  taken out of the game, not allowed to play, rep-leaced by someone else.,  Seems like a pretty silly fear now, but it sure was a real concern back then.  Thankfully serving God is not the same,He knows we will fail, and he lets us play on.  Most of the toughest memories we have are about things that seemed like tremendous failures in our past, but a closer examination will almost always reveal that it was a “teaching moment”!  None of us wants to be uncomfortable, but sometimes being uncomfortable is part of the lesson.


I truly want to serve Him, and I know sometimes I don’t do it very well, but I know He loves me, forgives me , and gives me another chance.  What more could we ask!?




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Yesterday in church my pastier gave a history of Memorial Day.  It started shortly after the Civil War as Decoration Day when families remembered those lost in the Civil War.  He then went on to talk about calling the roll of believers and Paul’s remembering those close to Him.  The last thing that happened was a service where family members were allowed to come to the alter and light a candle for those that have passed on.  As we went down to light a candle a beautiful song played and pictures of church members that have gone to be with the Lord showed on our screens above the pulpit.  It was bitter sweet for me, as I’ve known many of those kind faces for over three decades, and a few died while I was traveling, and I didn’t even know they were gone!


That was upsetting for me, not for them, they are the lucky ones, at eternal rest with our Heavenly Father.  But their earthly lives are over and all that goes with it here on earth.  It made me think a lot about those that are passed from my life, and how much I owe them for the love and wisdom they bestowed on me.  It also made me realize that while I have no fear of death, I want to make the most of the time I have left here!  So, how to do that?


1.  Start every day asking Him how I can serve Him,, Honor Him, and share His love.


2.  Reminding myself,  everyday, that it is not what I take that matters on this earth, it’s what I leave.


3.  Conduct my self  with my family and friends so that they will know how much I love them, and how much He loves them.


4.  Enjoy the riches God has provided in this life!  (Family, friends, this wonderful earth to explore and photograph!)


To those ends, I love to run workshops, and be in-the-field with you guys, so here are the last two listings for 2013!




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I’ve been planning, for some time, the changes to the blog after July 1st, my first day in retirement!  I’m excited about some of the things I plan on doing and thought I might share some of the “coming attractions….?”


1.  An Equipment Review Blog.  Once I am not an official representative of any single photo industry company, I hope to do product reviews for my readers.  I will make them practical, and useful for all of us that want to know just how well a certain product, camera, lens or accessory actually works in the field.  Instead of deep, probing, pixel peeping kinds of reviews, plenty of those already exist, I want them to give real insight as to the value of a product and it’s usefulness in making better images!


2.  E Books.  I’ve long had a big list of subjects I would like to write about and publish affordable E Books on all kinds of subjects in photography, but not limited to photography alone!  I love to write and I think some good basic starter books on the principles of photography and more specialized books may be in order, as well.


3.  More class offerings!  In addition to the His Light Workshops, I hope to run some very small group workshops in locations that will best be approached in groups as small as 6 including myself! Should be fun to work in a small group setting.


4.  I am also planning to offer a critique service for those that would like portfolio reviews over the web.  I think the critique sessions are among the most valuable things we do at His Light and I would love to make that available to those that can’t make it to a workshop, and at a very affordable price!


5.  I hope to offer scouting information for certain locations.  I’ve long been a huge fan of Photograph America Newsletter, and would never try to take on such a massive  undertaking as Bob Hitchman has, but I do enjoy sharing some inside information with my readers about great places to go and shoot, and some insight about where some great locations, in these spots!  I hope to make this a free service for my readers.  After 25 years and trips to all the major National Parks over 25 times, I want to share what I’ve learned.


6.  More posts related to my walk, and your walk, with Him.  I want to really dive into the Word and share those thoughts with you!  He is really speaking to my heart about deepening that walk with Him.


Please pray for guidance for me as I turn my efforts to serving Him, and trying to better serve you, to His glory!!


So, a little gift for Memorial Day Weekend!  Please take time this weekend to pray for, and honor those that have given so much for America!  I’m excited about the future, please come along for the great adventures to come!!!




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In the process of buttoning down the Nikon years and traveling to see and me with important customers, and friends, I got to drop by Old Car City and do a little shooting.  This is one of my favorite places to shoot in the world.  It really tests your ability to see and capture graphics, and I always come back from there with a renewed excitement about photography!  Today I had a little while to really just concentrate on the things I love the most about Old Car City, color, and graphic design!  Today I really felt it, and I was in the zone, I hope you agree!  Here is some of the captures from this morning.


As I walked around finding one thing after another that got me excited, the best excitement of all was the memory of all the great times with my buddies at this great place.  I took a few minutes at the SFT grave site and remembered how so many people buried their lies!!!  What a powerful thing to happen in a workshop!  What an honor to run with such a great crowd and have so much fun!!!  Thanks, Jim, Snake, Chuck, RC, Raymond, Jim H., John W., and all the rest of our merry gang!!!


Can’t wait to get back here again!!!




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