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I think God has a really cool since of humor, look at most of us….. Really, I do believe that God wants us to smile, laugh, and enjoy the life He has given us. I am in Birmingham tonight getting
ready to teach a class at the Birmingham News, newspaper tomorrow, (which should be when you’re seeing this…). Just recently I’ve found myself smiling more, feeling more joy, and I think I know why, I’ve been praising Him more. I’ve come to a better understanding of just how blessed I am and how much I have to be thankful for. The more I count my blessings, the more I realize just how much He has done for me, and my family, and my friends. My dear brother Carl Turner,
shared a great story with me the other day, and it related to this very subject, His visit blessed me in a profound way. Thank you Father, for wonderful brothers and sisters in You.

I started the ministry, His Light a couple of years ago and everything has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I think that God wants us to be happy, joyful and experience His peace. Sometimes we have to endure some hardships as we learn valuable lessons that make us more suited to serve Him. Though I’ve experienced hard times, non have been beyond His ability to lift me back up.

I would imagine that some people may come to the blog and think, “this guys is crazy”, and they may be right, but it’s a good kind of crazy………..

Be blessed,

the pilgrim

Stopped for lunch today, and saw this poster in Steak n’ Shake, just had to shoot it…..

Photo Note: Both images with the Nikon Coolpix P300…….

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On my resent trip out west, Sherelene and I rented a jeep and did some back country exploring in Arches N.P. I had forgotten just how jarring it could be to four wheel in the sand and over the steep rocky hills. In many cases no apparent road is visible, just what seems to be the best path. Often you get out of the jeep and walk up to an incline where you can’t see what is beyond from behind the wheel. After you are sure, well at least pretty sure, that you can make it, only then do you proceed. Life’s road is full of twists, turns and unexpected detours, often over rough terrain.

Let’s apply some “four wheelin’ logic” to life;

1. Be sure your equipment can get you there. If you go off road, you will need a vehicle made for that kind of journey. I wouldn’t want to take a four door sedan over these roads. Is your spiritual vehicle ready for life’s journey? Do you have enough ground clearance, (does the bottom side of your vehicle stay safely above the ground?) Will your suspension keep you from striking the rocks? In life do you have the guidance of the Holy Spirit through rough terrain? Is God holding you above the rocks of destruction in life?

1. Do you know your route? Do you know which fork in the road leads to safe passage and which to deep sand or water? When you get to a turn does your map clearly guide you around danger? The Holy Spirit is your guide to make wise decision that will steer you away from danger in life. God wants you to be safe and He has provided the necessary guidance to keep you that way. It’s up to us to use His gift.

1. Do you make good judgements about your abilities to navigate through the toughest terrain. We’ve all been guilty of biting off more than we can chew, taking a path that requires more skill than we posses. God can provide both the judgement and the needed skill if we listen for His voice when faced with a decision on which route to take. I would never four wheel without an accurate map, neither would I strike out through life without the guidance of the Word, my map for daily living.

Four wheeling can be a blast, so can life, but don’t attempt either one without the proper preparation. Preparation for life, starts on your knees……

the pilgrim

Photo Note: both images with the Nikon Coolpix P300.

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Thursday my dear brother, and great photographer, Chuck Summers, invited me to lunch and a trip over to Camp Nathanael to photograph some of the new baby animals. The animals are cared for by Bob and Carol Murr. The camp is a wonderful place for kids to learn about animals, have fun, and get some great spiritual training. For me it
was also just a great chance to sit in the
grass and enjoy these sweet animals.

I’ve often thought this is one of the great joys of being raised in the sticks. There is certainly nothing bad about being brought up in an urban environment, but frolicking with these little creatures is such a joy. At this age they have no fear of, and in fact, quite a lot of curiosity about man. It has often been said if you are a stage performer, never compete against kids and baby
animals, I think you can see why, they’ll steal the show every time….. I hope you get some good
lovin’ this weekend as well…… Have a great weekend and be blessed!

the pilgrim

My new friend Fuzzy, a baby whitetail buck…..

Bob and Carol are licensed wildlife rehabilitators and retired missionaries.

Check out Chuck’s blog:

*Photo Note: D7000, 24-120 lens, ISO 1600. Hand held, VR on, Aperture Priority, most wide open f4.

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The three weeks I spent out west in June gave me an eye opening opportunity, God taught
me some very important lessons;

Get Low: In photography some of your best
compositions will come when you get low to
your subject and make it bigger in the frame.
In your spiritual life your relationship with Him
will be greatly improved when you get down
on your knees and know your proper persp-
ective to Him. You get God’s attention with
genuine worship bowed before Him.

Get Closer: Good images are sometimes in
the details. Getting closer allows you to see
clearly what is of interest and then compose
it for a more effective photograph. Getting
closer to God always pays great dividends.
Only when we draw closer to Him, can we
have the kind of fellowship that pleases Him,
and helps us grow. Closeness to God is our
safest, most peaceful, and best position.

Trust Him: In the past three weeks, I’ve
written a blog to a very large audience, and
bared my life and soul, I’ve written about
loss, not knowing to whom, and shared my
deepest concerns and hopes to people I
don’t even know, all because God said,
do it. In every case God has shown me
a magnificent result, first hand responses have
confirmed His wisdom, I know even more than
before, I can trust in Him, for He knows best.

Give to others: We never really accumulate
anything, it’s all His, given to us so that we
might share it with others. God has been
working in my life to teach me that if I have
received it, it has been given so that I might
turn around and share it with others. This
pertains to everything, money, possessions,
wisdom, insight, talents, love, and hope.
Not only is this God’s will for us, it is the
source of the greatest happiness & joy for us.

Celebrate life: With every breath, in
every step, around every corner, down the
road, across the street, from great distance,
and holding someone close, celebrate the
joy that is life, Honor and love God. Share
your best with those you love, and those you
don’t even know. Forgive those that have
hurt you, and help those that love you. Stop
and smell the roses, touch the cool water in
the stream, breath in the morning air, and
sleep in perfect peace. Celebrate…….

This is God’s will for you….

the pilgrim