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How does it work?  As the sign says, Faith is not believing God can, but knowing He will. Some things, I believe, somethings I hope are true, this is one thing of which I’m certain!   This walk is something extraordinary, living a life that is firmly rooted in the knowledge that God not only can but will keep His word to us.  Over the years I’ve gone through many great times, and desperate lows.  One thing I’ve never doubted is that He is in control and always brings what is in my best interest.  Now it has taken years of trusting in my Heavenly Father to realize that what I want to happen is not always what He brings about.  Never, in retrospect, have I thought my idea or desire was better than His!!


If God had only one incredible ability, the ability to do anything He desired, but it was not measured by love, it would be dangerous, not an act of  God!  The pivotal truth is that God is love, I did not say God loves, I said God is LOVE.  God is the very embodiment of Love, He loves us so much that when we were dead to sin, with no hope, He sacrificed His only Son so that we might be forgiven.  Imagine a God that owns it all, controls it all, but gave His most precious possession for us!!


This journey has led me to the truth that having Faith in Him is the only thing that really matters!


the pilgrim


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I got an interesting email when I got homelast night from Florida, it said:


I read your blog and find it  fantastic.  I would love to go on one of your workshops.  However, I  have a serious question.  I am Jewish but really a very unreligious  person.  I think I live my life following the basic principles of all  religions. Would  you have a problem  with me in the workshops  and/or would I have a problem  with you?
I look forward to your  reply.


I answered;


I cannot answer the question of if you would  have a problem, I can only describe what we do.  We pray each morning  before shoots,  we play Christian music during classroom and editing time,  and show film clips from faith based movies sometimes in late evening,  It  is a very evangelical experience, and you would certainly be welcome to join  us!



The final response was;


I guess based on that, that I will take a pass.



Now I do not know this person, and I wish they had decided to give us a try, and this entry is not aimed at them, at all,  but to anyone to which these words apply.  It does however bring me to a much larger issue, that of why do some people lock up their hearts to God?  Why do some people turn their backs on the greatest gift they could ever receive?  I believe it is for one of the following reasons:


1.  Pride.  Some could never admit that they need His love and help.  They would rather fail alone than acknowledge they need Him!


2.  Fear.  Some believe becoming His would strip their lives of the enjoyment they get doing things they know they shouldn’t be doing!  They also fear that others who are not believers would reject them if they got “religious”.


3.  Unbelief.  Some people believe that no one , not even God, could ever forgive them for their sins and wrong doings.


4.  Other gods.  Many have already accepted another god for their lives, materialism, fame, fortune, solutions to all man’s problems through science. They believe we can defeat, death, heal our earth, and solve all our own problems in our own strength.


Sadly, they’re all wrong.  PRIDE goes before a fall.   FEAR is not from God.  UNBELIEF blocks our path to God. And we are to have no other gods before us,.  Some simply don’t get it!  Acceptiong Christ brings the following incredible results;


1.  Total Forgiveness.


2.  Complete Peace and Joy.


3.  Real Hope in a world with little hope.


4.  Faith to face anything life can hand out.


I am challanging anyone reading these words to ask yourself four important questions:


1.  Are  you perfect?  Do you want forgiveness?


2.  Do you want to have the hope of eternal life?


3.  Do you want the greatest Hope,  joy and,  love in this life?


4.  Do you have the kind of Faith that can get you through any of life’s worst circumstances?


The answer is simple, come in out of the cold.


the pilgrim







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I went up to Lakeland today to call on the folks at Sun n’ Fun, and while in the area tried out a new burger place that Wayne Bennett had recommended, in fact Wayne and Ron Caimano rode shotgun on the trip!  This was one big bad burger, and I mean bad in a good way. in short it was wonderfully season, perfectly grilled and delicious, say Hi to the new number one cheeseburger in America!   S&L Burgers is one stoop you must make if you are near Lakeland, Florida.  The atmosphere was perfect for the great American dive, diners and drive ins!  The company was great, but this burger didn’t disappoint!  It gets a 4.92 the highest score yet!!




It says WARNING Our burgers may be habit forming!!  You bet!  This was a great lunch and a place I’ll bring the gang when we come back for Sun n’ Fun next year!



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I arrived in Orlando today to call on a few clients and speak to the Orlando Camera Club on Friday night for their big annual awards banquet, I’m honored to be asked!  I was thinking when I checked in the Courtyard tonight, that this is an awesome job, working with people I really like and being paid to do it!  God blesses us in many ways, but one of the best is a day to day life filled with blessings.


Please let me count some blessings;


Today, when Sherelene went to work and I knew I would be away until the weekend, I felt like a little child again watching my mother and father drive away on a trip, I wanted to run and catch them, I didn’t want them to leave, I didn’t want to leave this morning either.  I love my wife and I love the time we have together, but work is work, and I can endure the separation, but it is often hard to drive away to the airport!  God gives me the strength to go on the road, work hard, and enjoy returning home!


I met with Jim Begley before i left town, what a blessing he has been in my life, what a wonderful friend and a great partner is His Light Workshops.  God has placed some powerful people in my life, who make my life a lot better!  He is a joy to work with, running the workshops, and serving the Lord.


One of the clients I get to visit this week is Scott Kelby and R.C. Concepcion, I love these guys so much, and I always enjoy working with them.


Finally, I’m really looking forward tro addressing the group Friday night, I helped judge their annual competition and man are there some great shooters in this club , I’m tempted to not show any of my pictures!!!  It will be a blast!


So I’m a happy camper, and not ashamed to proclaim it, because when I count my blessings, and share it, I’m really witnessing as to how good God is, and how much He has blessed me.


I want you to feel the same!  If you know Him, you already do, and if you don’t, it’s never to late to get to meet Him!


A blessed, happy camper,


the pilgrim