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The group above is some of our great friends with us in 2011 in New England, turned into a painting with NIK and Topaz software!  On Wednesday night Ricky Skaggs, Jim Begley, Snake Barrett, Chuck Barnes, Stephen Hart, and Nick Coury will join me and  a great group for the Nashville Americana Workshop!  I usually do a post a few days before an event to talk about how to prepare for a workshops, it’s been said before but since many of you attend various workshops it’s always a good thing to review so you will get  the most out of your experience!


(1)  Come prepared to learn.  The first step to learning is admitting to yourself that you still have things you need to master, and you are going to find those areas that need improvement, and work on them!   Know that you can and will learn from everyone, not jus the leaders, be open to pick up knowledge wherever it appears!


(2) Relax and have fun!  Learning comes much easier if you take a deep breath and see the entire process of an workshop as a grand adventure.  Trust that your leaders have done this before and will guide you into great learning experiences!  Expect to laugh a lot!


(3) Monitor your energy level and take breaks, and get rest!  Workshops can be non-stop activities, but you will learn best if you get some rest and take breaks.


(4) *At His Light Events – Expect spiritual growth and embrace it!  Our goal is to not only grow the photographer, but also the person.  We plan time for spiritual growth, take advantage of it, it may be the most important thing you will take away from your workshop!


(5)  Expect to make life long friends.  Some great friendships have started at workshops.  It is natural a bunch of people that love photography having fun and getting to know one another, it leads to great long term relationships!


Whenever you take a workshop, look at it as a great chance to enjoy the learning process!




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Am I excited about the Nashville event?  You have to be kidding, right??!!  Just imagine getting to hang out with the great group we have joining us, some old friends, some brand new ones! Teaching with Ricky and Jim, being joined by Snake, and Chuck!  I would drive to Nashville just to hang out with Nick Coury, and he will be a part of our event, that makes it extra special!  I think his sons Aaron will be coming, a double plus!   Then there is the shooting locations, The Ryman, with Ricky on stage!  Marathon Motorworks, Antique Archaeology, the Pickin’ Parlor, the Studio set up with priceless stringed instruments at Dury’s. Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesbsoro, Broadway at night,and  the great cityscapes! Wow!


Then the food,  you knew I would have to have great food!  I love Rotiers and Ellington Place Soda Shop, great burgers in great down home environments, I can taste them now!  Needless to say this will be a great event, and I can’t wait to get it started,  5 days and counting……..  By-the-way, we do have a very few openings, but call fast!




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Photo Note:  Sign outside Ellington Place!

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Yesterday I started an entry about forgiveness and today, Charles Stanley’s In Touch devotional was a key second point, I am republishing it here for you to read, pray about it, and consider it’s application to your life.


Matthew 6:9-15

New Living Translation (NLT)

Pray like this: 

Our Father in heaven,

    may your name be kept holy.
10 May your Kingdom come soon.
May your will be done on earth,
    as it is in heaven.
11 Give us today the food we need,
12 and forgive us our sins,
    as we have forgiven those who sin against us.
13 And don’t let us yield to temptation,
    but rescue us from the evil one.


14 “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. 15 But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.


Do you constantly struggle to forgive people who have wronged you? If so, you may be of the opinion that forgiveness is simply a feeling one can have in the face of conflict—and that you are incapable of experiencing it. If that’s your mindset, you are operating with a faulty understanding. Genuine forgiveness is not a feeling, but an action.


If you find it hard to forgive others, the following four guidelines can help:


1. Acknowledge and confess an unforgiving spirit. No, it is not always easy to forgive. We are sometimes the target of tremendously hurtful offenses. However, we are not accountable for other people’s behavior; we are responsible only for our own. God commanded us to be loving, forgiving people. If we hold a grudge, that is our problem and no one else’s—we must repent of this sin and ask God to help our unforgiveness.


2. Release the other person. Make a decision to release the offender in your mind. If you find yourself reliving details of the upsetting behavior, force yourself to stop.


3. Forgive the offender forgetfully. By keeping details fresh in your mind, you trap yourself in a cycle of pain. Choose instead to separate the individual from the painful memory.


4. Forgive with finality. Genuine forgiveness is complete. This means that you cannot “forgive” someone and then continually bring the subject up. Forgive him or her, and then move on.


If you’ve been holding onto bitterness, pray for the strength to forgive. Then do it—without delay.


In Him,


the pilgrim

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Like many Americans I’ve been inundated with political talk about the Zimmerman trial all this week.  I have a solution!  First let me tell you about something we do at His Light Workshops. I search continuously for great Christian films that I can use to set up a little devotional time at our workshops.   It usually goes something like this, as the last thing one evening, in the classroom,we tell about a film and bring people up to the pivotal moment in the film by telling the back story.  We then play the film clip.  It has become a very powerful way for all of us to concentrate on what is most important in our lives.


We’ve featured such films at Seven Day in Utopia, What If, and Joshua, all great Christian films.  Some year back I found a film called The Grace Card, a very powerful film about forgiveness and Grace.  I won’t spoil it for the folks reading the blog that may attend Nashville, but the short story is, it is about a white policeman that tragically looses his son, by a young black man fleeing a robbery attempt.  His police partner, a black man, and part time pastor tries to witness to him and comfort him, but he is having none of it.  He has become very racist and bitter, destroying his life and marriage.  Through a series of events he finds himself on  his knees before God.  The bottom line is he must learn to forgive and offer God’s Grace.


Anger and hatred are a poison we concoct to kill someone else, but drink ourselves. Bitterness, hate, and un-forgiveness does far worse to the person doing the hating than the person they hate.  The emotions that have been stirred up in this tragic event are tearing our nation apart along racial lines.  It’s time to forgive the past, love one another,  and pledge to pray for one another, and agree that the hatred has to end.  Getting even does not bring justice, and justice is not as good as forgiveness and peace!  God will take care of justice, He wants us to take care of the forgiveness!


Pray for our country, that we might take a higher road to a place where we can lay all our cares and concern, pain, and hurt at the foot of the cross.




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