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Different day- same boat.


I have boycotted the NFL all season but couldn’t resist seeing the Super Bowl, mostly for the commercials!!  Anyway, glad I watched.  It was likely Tom Brady’s last game, maybe Belichick too.  It was a great game, a nail biter, but it was worth watching the whole game to hear the three principles for Philadelphia give all the glory to God.  Great to have something positive come out of the NFL!


So, I didn’t get up this morning until almost 10:00.  Just two shots this morning, will work on some more later and hopefully post a few more!



Sherelene offered to pay for my Yoga class, but I told her I couldn’t photograph them if I was in the class!!  Wheeew, close one.  …..and really can you see me in this photo?  Yeah, me too….




the pilgrim


Sherelene and I went out for lunch and then drove out to the California Lighthouse.  It was the wrong time of day, but I shot one anyway and thought the monochrome was best, will go back when lots of puffy white clouds frame it. in early morning or late afternoon, way to windy to put the drone up.





I met a guy named Bonita and he gave me some good information on other locations I hope to try to shoot, I loved his sun glasses and my reflection in them, he kindly, actually rather enthusiastically, allowed be to photograph him!



The people of Aruba are warm and friendly and eager to help, great change from some other places I’ve visited!


When we got back to our room the sun had shifted over and is heading for a sunset over the water.  I love this light for backlit boats and this was a good one too!!!



Timing is everything!!!  As I shot the image above I saw just outside the frame a speedboat roaring into my frame, I knew had this one so I got ready to get the right moment of the juxdiposition of “old and new”!



Till later, blessings,


the pilgrim


Question:  Is this cheating, would you do it, would you feel guilty?



…and then the sunset on another beautiful day in Aruba……


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A shot you could only make from a drone!


Got up this morning to lighter winds, (15-20 mph) so I got wild in my old age and flew right off my terrace!!!  Good news is I got out and right back on the terrace fine.  Coming back in in the winds was a little hard, but my piloting experience sure helped!  Let me share a few of my early am mission!


Man walking does on the beach.


Lounges on the beach before the folks arrive.


This is our 3rd floor balcony, where I was flying the drone from!!!!


The wind picked up and I kept getting a High Wind Warning on my controller so I called it a morning and picked back top with my Fujifilm X-T2 and 55-300.  At the last minute, I decided not to bring the 100-400, and I sure wish I had, as these bay shot would have been even easier.




What is becoming my favorite boat, from yet another angle!!!


Surfboard pano!


Surfboard school, pano.


Under sail 1.


Under sail 2!


All this and I still haven’t left my room!!!  Breakfast will be here at 10:30.  This is a vacation!




the warm pilgrim


One monochrome bonus shot.



2:30 pm  still on the back balcony, was reading Michael Creighton’s Dragon Teeth fell asleep, awoke to this scenes below, I’ve got to leave the room eventually!!!





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Got here late, will take sherelene to dinner, and get to work tomorrow!!!!




the pilgrim

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Winter is tough for aerial photography, (ok drone photography), it’ just so bare, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to shoot!  I want to share three images I made this morning and why I shot them, and how I feel about if it worked or not!  I drove down to Cumberland Falls State Park this morning hoping to photograph the falls from above, but the river was muddy and the watrer going over the falls was brown, ugh, not today!


Drivng back to my home I saw a river canoe company and noticed they had all their canoes stacked up for the winter, yeah baby!  I was pretty sure that if I flew directly overhead, the pattern and color might really work!  I’m thrilled, your milage may vary!


The next find was a red tractor in a field near some trees.  I first shot it at a 45 degree angle, much the way it appeared as I drove passed, (it was way down in a field well below the road), then I flew directly above, (bird’s eye view), and tried again!  I like both and still I’m not sure which one I like the most!




Finally I saw a dirt road crossing a farm bottom with long shadows of the trees, it was an easy flight,  up and over and a little altitude change and compose and shoot!! I’m not sure it works,  you can chime in, if you feel differently! I do like the composition though!



Saturday morning of this week I’m going to solve my winter problem,  Shererlene and I are flying down to Aruba and I hope to post some spectacular stuff next week!!!  If not, I will rest a lot and get sun burned!




the pilgrim



All images with the DJI Mavic Pro drone