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On a recent trip to Dr. Stanley’s office to review his upcoming book, “I Love To Tell the Story”, I saw a framed print on the wall that listed; Life Principles To Live By.  I asked if they had a copy and they presented me with a nice book marker listing them all.  I want to go over each one in coming posts, so this morning please allow me to start with number one.


1.  Out intimacy with God – His highest priority for our lives – determines the impact of our lives.


In layman’s terms, the closer we are to our Heavenly Father, the more we will know His will and please Him with our fellowship, and the result will be the impact our lives make on others will be the most effective it could possibly be.  God loves us with such a profound and deep love, that all He could ever desire for us, is what is best.  He loves others the same and His concern for them leads Him to desire for us to take part in His plan of redemption for others.  Everything you do and say makes a statement about what you desire the most.  The more closely you walk with Him the more your desire, will be His desire, the return of the lost to Him.  If that were not enough, this walk with Him carries an additional wonderful benefit; peace and joy.  If you were to list all the attributes you would like to have in life, I doubt, after very careful consideration, that there are two that will do more for you, personally.


Peace is the knowledge that the still small voice in your heart is God, and that He is always with you, always loving you, and always watching over you.  No enemy can touch with out His permission, and He only allows that so that we might grow stronger and pull closer to Him.


Joy is the incredible state of well being, and happiness, that is not dependent on circumstances.  When things are going well, we all feel good about our lives.  In difficult times of trial and loss, we can still feel secure and loved, through His Joy and His Peace!


I send out His love, Joy, and Peace, to you today!


the pilgrim


Photo Note:  D800, 55 mm Micro Nikkor, hand held.


Life without God is like processing without Glamour Glow or Nik Silver Efex 2.0!  See below!

Enough said!

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Day two was a lot smoother than day one, big surprise!  The light as better, well actually not as good, but brighter. Today, I made myself slow down and remember all the things I’ve been telling you guys, and it paid off!  Wow, I’m smarter than I thought or look!  So by working very diligently with live view to aid in focusing and being very careful with movement, (tripod, cable release, and mirror lock-up).  I didn’t get fearful about f 22, or even f32, and the results held up very well. The color from these lenses, is very sweet and pure.  I’m falling in love all over again with these classic Nikkors.  I knew from years of experience that the Micro Nikkors were just outrageously sharp, and that the 80-200 f 4.5  is one very sharp zoom.  The real surprise was to be reminded of just how wonderful the 24mm is.  O.K. sorry about that, I was starting to sound like a Nikon tech rep!!


The test continues tomorrow, but I’m getting really excited about shooting some more stuff and finished the scouting for the Bio Communication workshop!  I will try very hard to do some good stuff.  I know what your thinking, would I ever give up the new, autofocus glass?  Of course not, but this opens up some wonderful new windows, when the timing is right!!


the pilgrim


Below, D800, 24mm Micro Nikkor

Below, D800, 105mm Micro Nikkor

D800. 24mm Nikkor @ f22

D800, 55mm Micro Nikkor

D800, 55mm Micro Nikkor.

D800, 55mm Micro Nikkor two version of Birch shot/





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The champion is the current best Nikon glass, and the “Old School Gang”, got in several good hits, but no knock outs, so far!  In my first evening out I got mixed feelings.  I forgot how tedious it is to carefully focus and use the depth of field scales!  It certainly works, but the modern stuff sure makes it a lot easier, but then this is just, “getting warmed up” time, so hold that thought.  One thing is for sure, the old glass can still produced sterling images when you use it carefully.  I was reminded by these results just how tack sharp the old 80-200 f 4.5 really is.  Tomorrow, I will turn up the heat.  Keep in mind that tonight I had an incredible condition happen, summer fog rolling in!  It made for some good conditions, but it sure was dark for focusing, better light should help that.  I will show you some of the best from tonight and you can judge for yourself.  I discovered again just how valuable live view can be as a focusing aid.


Top image, D800 with the 80-200 f4.5, tripod mounted, of course.  Below close-up of lobster trap floats, and rope  with the same combination.


Below, the seat covers in the Route 66 restaurant, 24mm f 2.8  D800 again.


Less bleary eyed this morning found another fog shot I like a lot, 80-200, all with D800.

Lastly fun grab shots with the iPhone 4s and Simply HDR, last one is a statement of what your tax dollars are funding at most colleges!  I will say no more…… I’ve said too much already!  Asking for forgiveness where needed!




the pilgrim


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Well boys and girls, another Marriott, and another O:Dark thirty flight!  Would love to be home with my beautiful bride, but sadly Nikon has a nasty habit of expecting me to leave home to get paid, so off we go into the wild blue yonder at 6:10 a.m.  Actually,in all honesty, if I had to go off on assignment, this is a good one, Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, and the great folks of the Bio Communications Association.  This is one of my favorite  groups and we always have a great time, at the Nikon provided workshops, across America.


To make this adventure even more fun, I’ve decided to go “old school” this trip and try out some the old classic manual focus Nikkors on the brand new, and incredible, D800!  Wait a minute you say, I thought the D800 was best used with only the newest and best Nikon glass??!!  That is the recommendation, but a lot of the video guys are using the older manual focus glass, because of how smoothly they can focus them, and they are getting great results, so I figured it was my turn to find out for myself, and you, if this is a good idea or not!  I also happen to own a good number of some of the best Nikkor manual focus lenses, and I would love to put them to work with the D800 when I take a notion to do so!   This little test will give us an idea as to just how good this old glass is!  I’m sure the D800 will put them to the test!


For the test I decided to use several of the maual lenses that I think are among the best film lenses Nikon ever made; the 24mm f 2.8 wide angle, the 55 Micro Nikkor f 2.8 lens, the 105mm Micro Nikkor f 2.8 and one of the true legendary lenses from the past, the 80-200 Nikkor f 4.5 zoom.  In the film days I used these lenses, almost every day.  As digital imaging came along, and zoom lenses got much better, we all started shooting a lot more with zooms.  I’m anxious to see if manually focusing these old sweethearts can yield some spectacular results, or that it will be a major league hassle to have to turn that little ring on the front of the lens, again!!!


The next few days will tell us the answers, and I promise to faithfully report them to you!  I certainly will be in a beautiful place to inact my plan!  Stay tuned, results will be on the way soon!


the pilgrim