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Today we really started to get it in gear, with great early morning locations that yielded great shooting opportunities.  The fellowship has been even better than the photography and that is a saying a lot.  This group is made up of some of my dearest previous workshop friends, and some great new friendships that are being formed each day.  For me photography is and always has been about the people.  I’ve been blessed to work with great shooters and people, teach alongside gifted photographers and educators, and work with and share with talented and wonderful folks.  As much as I enjoy sharing photography with others, I equally am blessed with seeing what they are learning from each other and what they are teaching me.  You’re never finished learning, and that’s a good thing.  I would have no interest in doing anything at which I could master completely.  What would you do if you couldn’t learn anymore?  I don’t ever want to find that out, and trust me, there is little chance of that happening.


The greatest joy of teaching is seeing the excitement and enthusiasm rise up in those you share with.  It’s an amazing thing to see someone else’s life enriched from something you’re gotten to be a part of.  These people at this workshop are of all skill levels, but everyone wants to get better, and everyone is working to those ends!


Father, thank you for the joy of learning, the desire to make ourselves better, and the happiness it brings when we see even a little progress.  I ask that even more than photography, you help each of us to grow in our knowledge, love, and devotion to you.  Amen


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After a rocky start on Sunday with killer traffic and record warm temps in New England today the conditions made a dramatic turn for the better!  The day started out with wonderful fog and then the light was perfect for early morning fall foliage.  We got to shoot everything from the grand landscape to close-ups all illustrated here, the day was topped off with a trip to a beautiful farm with many photo-opps.


The group had a great time and are now pumped for the next opportunity to capture this wonderful region.   Thanks Father for another great day with great people making great images of your incredible world……












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O.K. I wasn’t patient but good things did come.  Our first day was challenging to say the least, very beautiful day mid- 80′s record high for this date, and very sunny!  it brought out half the population of the upper east coast.  The traffic made it impossible for our group to stay together, but thankfully, we alway caught up.  I can’t brag enough on this group, they kept smiling through it all.  As the leader I always feel worried when any of my sheep are lost, they alway came back smiling, what a great attitude they had.


Late in the afternoon the sun dropped lower in the sky and we were able to capture some really nice color, I just looked out the motel door and we have heavy fog this morning, Praise the Lord, it’s going to be a good day…….


This is the Day that the Lord hath made, let us be glad in it………………………


Below, fellow workshop leader, Matt Kloskowski capture a stream shot.






For Elijah!!!!


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You may remember, if you’ve been with me from the beginning that the Pilgrim’s Chronicles was first published during the Reno Air Race Pylon School two years ago (June 2009).  It really started with a trip I took with my wife to Louisville, the previous December.  It was late afternoon as we drove North to Louisville and the light streaming through my driver’s side window show my hands in graphic detail, every wrinkle, crease, and scar.  I looked down at my hands and spoke even before thinking, “Whose hands are at the end of my arms!”  It was the most stark realizations of of age I’d ever had.  I was starring at the hands of my father.  Age and time slips up on us.  I can remember in the last years of my fathers life, just how much older he seemed, now I was looking at the hands of a man that was the same age.  My father died at age 66, I’m 65 and 5 months away from my 66th birthday.  When I look in the mirror I don’t see my father at 66, then again I’m not sure how much of what we want to see is, what we actually see?!


I’ve never been a person that worried about getting older, I’ve always known it was inevitable and have a peace with it.  I never looked like Clark Gable, or Cary Grant, (that sure shows my age!), so it’s not like  I went from being a hunk to hulk.  It sure would be good to have a few days feeling as good as I did at 30, but then I wouldn’t give up the wisdom that comes with age for that.  No, life is good, it really is!  I still enjoy the things tht matter most to me, I’m still mobile, alert, and on this side of the grass, what more could you ask for!  Just please keep me from being “Old and in the Way!”


Father, as I prepare to though my gear in the FJ to head to the airport, bless my team, bless my friends that are joining us in bangor tomorrow afternoon.  Watch over our travel, our vision, the weather , the leaves, guide out every step!  Please allow us to enjoy the joy that comes from fellowship with old and new friends.  Father please part the clouds some for Sherelene, Catherine, Cassidy and Cade as they travel in the opposite direction to Florida for Fall break.  I pray they will have a great and safe trip as well.  Thank you that you’ve given me almost 66 great years, I will stay here as long as you have need of me!   Amen