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I’m posting again on the night before another busy day. Thank you so much for your prayers, today went very well indeed. That’s the way things go when you place all your faith in Him. I’m constantly reminded that when we trust Him, He will not fail us. I truly do not want credit or fame for myself, the joy of living this life is reward enough. When I was young, I wanted to be noticed,
everyone does, but with time and God’s maturing hand I’ve come to desire more than anything that He be the one that is acknowledged.

Today I had a chance to visit with Scott Kelby between taping sessions of the new class. He revealed something to me that I find almost impossible to believe. Before I share it with you, I need to tell you that I waited for Scott to call me after I finished the first program and tell me we could still be friends, but he didn’t want me to tape anymore classes. I really thought it was not going to be that great. Now, today Scott told me that since it’s release it has been in the top five courses viewed by subscribers every week since it became available.

I’m dumbfounded, but not surprised, God can do anything, even with someone like me. I’m honored to even be listed among the great group of teachers at Kelby Training, to have a top course, even for a short time, is even more stunning. Ratings are not with matters, at least not to me, what matters to me is I’ve received countless emails thanking me for being open about my faith. Wow, how could I be anything else. I know we live in a world that says people will be uncomfortable if you share your faith. I know some people feel uncomfortable, and it has never been my desire to create discomfort for anyone, but it has been my desire to encourage people to consider that they need Him……more than they need comfort. Living apart from your Heavenly Father is reason enough to be uncomfortable. I don’t want to be alone in the world, and with Him I’m not, all I want is for everyone else to feel the joy, only He can bring.

Thanks Scott for giving me a platform, and Thank You Father for giving me something worth sharing!

the pilgrim

*Photo Note: Shot from my new close-up class coming soon on Kelby Training. D7000, 85mm Micro Nikkor, f16. Kayro Syrup on a glass plate with a red flower lit below.

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Driving from the Orlando Airport to my Marriott in Oldsmar last night I was driving the route that I usually take when my GPS said exit I-4 at the next exit. I had a moment of deciding did I really trust it to know a better way. It always gets me to the address I’ve entered and sometimes shows me a better route. Well, I trusted it and turned. I did get there, eventually. It took forever, but the driving rain, flooding, plus rush hour traffic might have been part of it. What do you trust? When you walk into a dark room in your home, and you reach for the light switch, in the dark and flip it, do you believe the lights will come on? When you pick up your camera, turn it one and hold it to your eye and push down on the shutter release, do you expect to hear it fire?

Most things in our lives, that we trust, we trust because the vast majority of times they work as we expected them to. Even though my GPS has led me a stray a few times, I still trusted it. It amazes me that so many people do not trust in God. My GPS failed me, my lights have failed to come on,
my camera has not fired when I pushed the shutter release a time or two a year. God has never failed me, period. Not everything God has allowed into my life has been pleasant, but I can think of nothing that has not proven, over time, to have been in my best interest.

God is faithful. God can be trusted. God loves you more than anyone has ever loved you. He gave up His only Son to give you everlasting life. In a world where we constantly trust in things that we know can fail us. Why would we not trust in a Heavenly Father that never has or will?

Today’s Prayer; Father, give us the faith that we lack to know you are completely, and totally trust worthy. Help us to know that if we fall you will catch us. Help us to understand that your love is real and deeper than we could ever understand. Father thank for giving up the most precious thing you have, to save us. Father forgive us for putting faith in things not worthy of that faith, and so often failing to trust in you. You deserve much better from us.

the pilgrim

P.S. Today the Close-Up Class tapings for Kelby Training get started, please lift me up in prayer.

Health Update: I’ve been on the road a lot lately and my weigh ins show me hovering around 214, my low point, but I’m loosing inches like crazy. My blood pressure is down from 180/95 to 130/75 and I’ve cut back to half my diabetes meds, so it is really working. I’ve gone from XXL’s to XL’s and they are getting loose…… I’ve still never exceed my weekly points on Weight Watchers for the four months I’ve been on the program! Thanks for your prayers, my friends, you’re holding me up……

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I’m doing Monday’s post Easter evening as Monday will be another all day in airports days. This morning I was awakened right about sunrise time by a thunderous rolling sound. As soon as I was awake I realized it was thunder, but it resembled the sound of a giant stone being rolled away. I laid in bed and thought about what a sound that would have been on Easter morning over two thousand years ago. Just imagine being one of Jesus Disciples, how your whole world had come crashing down on you on Friday when you saw your Saviour die on a cross. I’m sure they thought they would rule side by side with Him forever, and then He was dead and buried.

The Easter story is the most important part of the life of Christ. Christ didn’t come to rule, but to serve. He lived so that we might have an example, and then sacrificed Himself to pay the debt for our sins. The thunder this morning was a glorious reminder of the reality of His resurrection. Jesus
didn’t have to give up His life for us, He chose to…….

Thank you Father for the greatest gift of all, Your Son, Jesus.

the pilgrim

Prayer Request: I’m taking a few vacation days this week to tape my newest Kelby Training
Classes on Close-up Photography, Parts 1 & 2. Please lift me in prayer. I am so honored to get to work with Scott, Matt an their great team, I want to do a class that will be worthy of their confidence in me. Thank you…….

*Photo Note: Nikon P300 Coolpix camera. Glamour Glow applied.

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The results of the workshop just keeps paying dividends. Driving back form Nashville this morning I was overcome with a desire to burn even brighter for Him. I was listening to one of my favorite worship songs by Phil Driscoll and Debby Boone, this song will set you on fire. Thanks to my brothers and sisters, friends and pals for this past weekend, I’m still way to high to set up for a landing…….

Keep The Flame Burning

Lord, i find myself needing you like i have never before,
in all of the darkness around me,
everyday my hunger’s growing more.
Iit’s clear to me now, You are my only refuge,
my port in a troubled sea, help me to give my life
completely to You and make me only
what you want me to be,

Lord just keep the flame burning in my heart,
light my way with the fire of Your Spirit,
keep the flame burning in my heart and let it
spread to whoever comes near it
Lord, just keep the flame burning in my heart

Children, He knows what you are going through,
He suffered more than you’ll ever know,
He is drawing us closer and closer to him,
He’ll be back soon, woh, woh, you got to get ready to go

well, there is no time for complacency,
there is no room for compromise,
just walk straight and strong cause it won’t be
long till we see Him split the eastern skies

Lord just keep the flame burning in our hearts,
light our way with the fire of Your spirit,
keep the flame burning in our hearts and let it
spread to whoever comes near it
Lord, just keep the flame burning in our hearts

Lord just keep the flame burning in my heart,
light my way with the fire of Your Spirit,
keep the flame burning in my heart and let it
spread to whoever comes near it
Lord, just keep the flame burning in my heart.

Father, please keep my heart close to you, keep my heart on fire for you, give me the special love you have for all your children, and guard my heart and life for you. Thank you Father…. Amen

the pilgrim

* Photo Note: Igniting match, D7000, 200mm Micro-Nikkor lens, ISO 800, SB-900 fired wirelessly
by the Commander Mode in the camera. F22 @ 1/650th of second FP flash synch.

* Song available on iTunes under Debby Boone.