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It is appropriate that the first image in this bog be from Larry Williams. Larry told me this weekend that he loved the story my wife tells about how much I love looking at other peoples pictures, so much so, that if I were a burglar I would be be caught and arrested on my first job sitting in someone’s bedroom floor pouring over their shoe box full of pictures. I do love looking at the work of other photographers, because it gives me a window into the way they see the world, which helps me refine my vision as well. One of the real joys of teaching photography workshops is the opportunity to see the work of other talented shooters. At the Shaker workshop, this past weekend, I had the chance to see a lot of stunning work from the attendees. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of it, as well, so what will follow is a gallery of some of my favorites from the weekend.

The Best of
the Shaker Village Workshop

Through a technical mistake, I’ve not been able to find the images from John Randall, I’ve requested them and will publish one in a future column. So there you have it, some wonderful work, from wonderful shooters. It’s amazing how much you can learn from the vision of others!


the pilgrim

*Note: I have not published my images, as they have appeared the last few days, and Tim Isaacson’s who was a faculty member as well.

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Last night after returning from the incredible workshop at Shaker Village, Sherelene and I had dinner with our children and grandchildren, our Easter dinner, since everyone will be on the run Easter weekend. After dinner we stopped by the funeral home for the visitation for the mother of
one our dear friends. The crowd at the funeral home was one of the largest I’ve ever seen, and as Sherelene and I stood in line for a half hour to make our way up to the family I heard a lot of wonderful things about the lady who had just gone on to the Lord. I knew her only as one of the elderly members of our church, I knew she was a sweet lady, always with a smile and kind word, I also knew she seldom ever missed the chance to help prepare a meal at the church, and her dishes were always worth seeking out, she was a wonderful cook. As I listened to people talk about her I learned a great deal more. She was a very deeply loved, mother, grandmother, and friend. She has lived to 92 and was healthy almost her entire life until the very end. She had obviously made a real impact on many peoples lives. They stood in line to show it.

It reminded me of the poem called the dash,
This poem, which has become very popular, drives home a very good lesson about the value of our lives. Jesus said to love one another, and treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

The photo above is not of the lady that has gone on, this is a person I met on Sunday at Shaker Village as the workshop was drawing to a close. Vivian Yeast is 82 years young. She was kind enough to open up a building for us to have our morning devotion and then walked a long way to open another building so Carl Turner and I could photograph some yarn she spins as part of her reenactment at the village. I only spent a few moments with Vivian but I know a few things about her. She is still active and wants to contribute even at 82. Her husband has passed on and she is anxious to join him again in heaven. For now she has family that has moved back to be close to her and she loves people, her work and being of service. I suspect, that some day, there will be a long line of people that want to pay their respect to her.

What will the response be when you leave this earth? Will people come to the funeral home to tell your family how much you will be missed, and how much you were loved? What use have you made of the dash between the beginning and ending dates of your physical life? In a song I love of Ricky Skaggs’ their is aline that says;

As long as you have air to breath
Then you have all the time you need
To give your love for all its worth
And make amends to those you’ve hurt
This is your life for Heaven’s sake
Redeem yourself and thank God for grace

Thank God today that you still have time to define your dash……..

the pilgrim

Photo Notes: All images shot with D7000 and 24-120 AFS VR and 12-24 AFS lenses. Vivian’s portrait and the last two images filtered with Nik Color Efex 3.0 Glamour Glow filter. Very last image, Capture NX2, bottle color intensity, Glamour Glow, and then Topaz Adjust Spicey added as well.

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Well, I guess you can tell that we have been wall to wall busy at the workshop, from pre-daylight
to late evening we have been a busy bunch of photographers. This is a wonderful group of shooters and more importantly people. To a person they have been a real blessing to me. The workshop, as I’ve shared in the past was the first, “true” His Light event and it has far exceeded my expectations, which of course, is so like God. Several of our participants have told me that not only have they learned more than they thought was possible in such a short time, but that it has been a life changing experience as well! My goal for these events has always been that people would leave, better shooters and at the workflow part of our craft, but more importantly spiritually blessed.

The comments and shared thoughts from this group would lead me to believe that this is just the start of a great series of these workshops. I look forward to more in the future. The people at
Fort Harrod State Park, the wonderful Great American Dollhouse Museum, and Shaker Village have all made the workshop all the better. I promise we will be doing these in this area again.

A word about the fellowship. Nothing is much more fun than spending time with people that have the same interest that you do, and then to share the joy of serving the same Lord makes it so much better. I do truly believe that we have elevated everyones commitment to walking in step with Him.
I must thank all of you again for being with us in spirit and prayer, your support has made this possible.

For that I will be eternally grateful. Now as promised, some of my take from the last three days!


the pilgrim

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Time and again you guys have proven yourselves to be mighty prayer warriors, well, you’ve done it again. The workshop is only a day old and it has been an even greater experience than I had imagined it might be. This is a group of very special friends and the fellowship has already been magnificent. The photography teaching by Jim Begley and the added benefit of having Ricky and my brother Homer with us has made it all the better.

The group has really enjoyed each others company and some wonderful moments have already happened where our friends have shared about the great blessings they have received from this and past workshops. Jim and I have both been blessed many times by the warmth and affection of this group. Thank you so much for your prayerful support. I’ve long dreamed of this kind of a ministry and now God is answering that long held prayer request. I will try to get off some more posts, as our days have been non stop. Thank you again for your prayers, please continue, some great things are still in the offering.


the pilgrim

Ricky shooting at the Great American Dollhouse Museum above, top,the group at Fort Harrod,
Above that the gate at the entrance to Fort Harrod, the only Lincoln Church where Abraham Lincoln’s parents were married. The gate shot above was stolen from Sue Haverstock, she saw it
first and I just had to make the image too….

*Photo Notes: Top, Nikon D7000, 24-120 lens, Next below, D7000, 12-24 lens, bottom shot the new Nikon P300 Coolpix camera.