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I am a very big proponent of using a cable release!  If you want really sharp images a good solid tripod and head and a remote release are crucial.  A wireless remote is even better because their is no chance of shaking the camera even from the cord on the remote.  Many Nikon camera going back to the D70 and D70s and all the way forward to the just released D600 use the wonderful little ML-L3 remote which sales for around $29., but can often be found on Amazon from some dealers for as little as $15.  While in Walmart the other night, I saw a similar remote form Targas for $9.95.  It stated on  the package that it worked with all the same Nikon cameras as the ML-L3.  I bought several to test, and sure enough they worked just the same with my D7000 and D600.  From ten feet away they both work fine and of course closer, but beyond ten feet the Targus will not fire the camera, but the ML-L3 continues to work all the way out to 30 feet, or at least that was as far as I could get away form the camera in my hotel room!!  I like the Targus because of it’s size, not as hard to loose! and price, but both work great, but give the edge on range to the official Nikon ML-L3!


My favorite wired remote is a lot harder to find but worth the effort.  is the Nikon MC-25 ten pin remote short cord, with a MR-3 remote release button attached.  MC-25 Cords can still be purchased through most Nikon dealers, the MR-3 is long discontinued, but can sometimes be found in a lonely drawer at a big camera dealer!  This arrangement is sturdy and not so very long that you tangle over you own cords!!!  I use it all the time on the D800, D700, D3s and D4.  I sure wish those cameras had included and receiver port for the little ML-L3!!



Lots of third party remotes exist out there, but just test first before attaching anything to your Nikon that does not say Nikon on it!!!  It’s always safer, and best to use your manufacturers official accessories!


Happy remote shooting,


the pilgrim


Late Breaking News:  Nikon announced a few days ago a great new lens for landscape and travel shooters.  The new 70-200 AF-S VR f 4 IF-ED lens is smaller and lighter than the f 2.8 II version. The big news is that it focuses a full foot closer, so with diopters this lens could be a great field lens. I hope to have one up in November, and will give you guys a full update.  This is a top notch pro lens that includes fast focusing, Nano Crystal Coatings, and a new version of VR that is supposed to give 5 stops of range!  See it below:





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Romans 12:5-7   New Living Translation (NLT)

so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.


In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you. If your gift is serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, teach well.



The world’s definition of success differs greatly from God’s. Take the role of a pastor, for example–it would be easy to accept accolades for church growth, as many people equate high attendance numbers with a minister’s effectiveness. But the Lord desires that we obey Him with humility. Whether we draw a crowd or not, success is measured by obedience.



This looks different for each believer. Some Christians have very visible jobs, so their efforts are public and obvious. Others serve Christ in quiet, less noticeable ways.


God bestows upon His followers gifts tailored to each one’s ordained assignments. The Holy Spirit reveals our calling, and we’re to give our best effort. Of course, no matter what the task may be, the result will be worthless unless the Father breathes life into it. In other words, we are entrusted with God-appointed work. He assigns the duty, provides the skills, and causes growth. The Lord deserves all of the glory. We are blessed simply to be a part of His plan.


As mere vessels that God uses, we should be thankful for anything He accomplishes through us. And by giving Him all the credit, we need never feel defeated with disappointment. Rather, in spite of how things may appear, we trust Him to achieve His good purpose.


Honor is misplaced unless it goes directly to the One who creates, sanctifies, and sustains. God created you for specific tasks to further His kingdom. He wants to use your life–and will allow you to watch His powerful hand at work. Listen for His leading, and praise Him for all He accomplishes.


I’ve spent much of this week not only resting, but getting “spiritually” prepared for the upcoming November workshop.  It is a constant goal of Jim’s and mine to direct all praise back to the One who deserves all the praise!  We have been so tremendously blessed with wonderful new friends, brothers and sisters in Christ.  We’ve has fantastic experiences and this is only the beginning.  Several times a day I reach down and hold the little cross I wear around my neck and thank Him for how much He loves us, and how much He sacrificed for you and I!!!




the pilgrim


Copyright:  In Touch Devotional for Thursday, October 25th, 2012

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One of my favorite photographers is a co-worker at Nikon, Sam Garcia.  Sam is a wonderful shooter and he has very unique eye for details and design.  He sends out his “snap of the day” to friends, and 99% of time, my only comment is, I sure wish I had made that shot!   When heading to the elevator this morning in the hotel I was stopped dead in my tracks at the scene above.  As soon as I saw it I imagined it as a black and white and thought of Sam.  It set off a series of attempts to capture some scenes the way I think Sam would have.  People that inspire us to see better are of great value!  While I value Sam’s friendship through the years, I truly appreciate his ability to make me think about my work.


Sam is very close friends with Jay Maisel and I can see the affect that friendship has had on the way Sam shoots.  Below is another pattern inspired by Sam’s direct approach to composition.



One of Sam’s frequent themes is the patterns of water standing in pools in his kitchen sink.  I was soaking in the hot tub today and saw the shadow of palm frowns on a rock, I had to jump up and grab a camera to capture the moment.



So, Sam, thanks for the inspiration!




the pilgrim


I’m posting for Wednesday, today, plan to crash all day tomorrow, ended up having to work some today!

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Over the last two days I’ve noticed an emerging trend in my vision.  As I’ve started to really get relaxed, I’ve found my way of seeing has gone back tot he basics, which is not a bad thing!!!!  As I was starting to awake this morning, Sherelene called my attention to the patio off our room and the beautiful morning light.  I grabbed my tripod, D600 and 70-300 AFS-VR and started to try to extract some examples of pleasing or interesting light.  Above I saw a large number of birds along the shore and a couple walking right towards them, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know what would happen when they got close!!  The birds flushed and as they circle around wanting to return to where they started the couple calking under them made for a pleasing composition with the added interest of a sky full of birds against the blue gulf water.


Next I noticed that the thatched roof huts on the beach, if isolated, was an interesting composition with the shadow of hotels streaking cross the frame.



Lastly those same building shadows created a V of light on the beach, once the composition was set up, it was simply a matter of waiting for someone to walk into it for scale.



Of all the things I enjoy about being a photographer, I think seeing and working with light is my favorite, it is no small coincidence that in my life the Light of the World, Jesus, is my foundational point of reference for everything else, thus His Light Ministries and His Light Workshops!!


Be Blessed today!!!!!


the pilgrim


Can’t stop!!  Couple of late entries.  Remember the man on the bench for late evening?  Always go back to the same subject in different light!





Have a wonderful day!  I plan too!