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SIMPLE, if you want to come to the greatest NATURE PHOTO EVENT in America, act now.  Registration is limited to 200, last year 100 were on the waiting list!   REGI”STER “ON LINE @


We have over half our registrations right now!  Trust me you don’t want to to miss this team and this event.  Hope to see you in the Great Smoky Mountains in late October 2016!    More details coming soon on the website above!




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I’m hanging out with Jim Haverstock at the Photo Pro Expo in Covington Kentucky!  We went out looking for a good burger today and we struck it rich!  Mad Mike’s Burgers & Fries is a first class burger joint.  they follow the pilgrim’s formula for a great burger an the result is a 5 Pickle stunner!  This is another must try burger!


Israel Rosas fried up perfect medium burger and it was truly wonderful!  It had the works, great beef, buttered toasted bun, American cheese and just the right about of spices!





Manager and owner George Hiropoulos was a delight, and had a great and infectious personality, that aded to the over all experience.  Below, left Israel, and left George.






So if you are in the Covington, Kentucky area, (right across the rover from Cincinnati, Ohio) you may want to check out Mad Mike’s Burgers and Fries!





So if you decide to give them a try, and I sure would if I were you, here is their contact info:



Mad Mike’s Burgers & Fries
342 Monmouth St, Newport, KY 41071 · < 1 mile
(859) 360-6453
Open 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM



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The Nashville Workshop will be limited to ONLY 14 attendees.  With a large teaching Team; Joe McNally, Ricky Skaggs, Nick Coury, Jim Haverstock and myself, that will be a great student to teacher ratio!  So here is the deal, we only have 6 spots left, so if you want to be a part of t his amazing workshop you need to contact me ASAP!!!
The fee is $1,095. and that includes a ticket to the Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder concert at the Historic Ryman Theatre on the last night of the workshop, Thursday night.  We have some incredible shooting locations and wonderful lighting workshops with Joe, this one not to miss, remember only 6 spots!!!!
Spots will be filled on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS !
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O.K. in the last few years I have been doing more and more one day seminars for camera clubs,  photo groups and photography dealers.  To be honest I really enjoy them and I’ve been getting great reviews from my hosts.  So as I said this is an advertisement,  I would love to do more and I can tell you how to set one up if you your club, organization or store would like to particpate.


It’s really a win/win proposition as most of my clients have made a nice profit running these seminars and I’ve really enjoyed doing them with the folks that attended.  We usually do them on a Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  I can structure the days workshop units based on the skill level of the group or do a program that covers all the bases, I’ve done both. So how does the money work?  It’s easy, I will come in for a one day seminar and sometimes add an evening before or a day after, as part of the package for the club or store.  I charge $4,000. plus travel and lodging.  Let’s say the Acme Camera Club in St Louis, MO brings me in and sells tickets for the day for $75. If they get 100 people they clear more than twenty five hundred dollars, if they get 15o, they make over six thousand.  If they charge a fee for an evening program before or a field session the day after the seminar, that is all profit for them too.


Why am I doing more seminars?  I truly enjoy working with an audience, meeting a lot of great folks and not only helping out a club or dealer, and it’s a pay check for me too!  I do about a dozen, 4 day workshops year and the Summit and a couple of other events, but the seminars are some my favorite.  So, here is the sales pitch!!!  If your club or dealer is interested in doing a seminar, please contact me, all my contact info is in the CONTACT window at the top of the page.  Maybe I’ll see you in your hometown someday soon!




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