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One of the things I’ve loved about the Fuji X system is the incredible performance at high ISOs! Because you can shoot at 1600, 3200 or even 6400 without excessive noise (none up to 1600), you can, in a pinch, shoot hand held!!  Today driving around the island, on the wrong side of the road, well at least by the way we drive back in the lower 48 states, getting shots was often only possible if you pulled of the side of the road and rolled down the window for a grab shot!  The image above and he next few where all hand held at higher ISOs!




I was really concerned to come on this trip without an L bracket from RRS, but one is not available yet, however I put a little plate from Kirk made for point an shoots which has allowed me to use a Arca-Swiss ball head (RRS) for some shooting.  Truthfully I’ve been very pleased with the sharpness of all he hand held shots with the X-T1, and most of these are with the 55-200 which also has a great Optical Image Stabilization system!


One more note, struck up a conversation  with a gentleman at the pool today, a man named Norm Pike, from Rochester, New York, and a  former Kodak guy from years back, and we had a great conversation, and turned out he is a brother in the  Lord, and I got to meet his family!  Thank you Lord for the wonderful people you bring into our lives, God is truly good!   Was nice to meet you Norm!


Tomorrow it’s down to the docks to try and find some interesting boats!




the pilgrim

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First full day on the island and we made a quick trip to pick up groceries, and then got Sherelene to the pool!  Beautiful day here today, 84 degrees, and nice breeze!  I always find myself captivated by the colors, since I’ve spent grey winter in Kentucky!  I didn’t work to hard today, but I did try to capture some things that would help me get used to the X-T1.  Above some flowering bushes outside our building, with one green leave poking in, had to shoot it. The fold out LCD was a life save for this shot, I couldn’t get my head through the branches but with the LCD folded out,  I could compose, and check results without moving the camera.  Shot in Astia, starting to love that color simulation!


Below a grab shot on the side of the road, sure love their choice of paint down here!  ISO 400, hand-held from the car window, car was stopped off the road.



On the drive to the grocery store I saw this tree, thought it was a nice set of angles.



Also loved the Fuji Monochrome processed version!  This is in camera!!!!



Later today the light turned harsh, so if you get lemons, make lemonade!  I tried to find things that harsh light work for.



Finally, I did spend some time sleeping in the shade at the pool while Sherelene soaked in the sun, shot below made on the chase lounge after a nap!!!




Using color control points in Capture NX 2.0 I was able to darken the water, the pool edges and slightly  brighten the sky. Ala, Carl’s suggestion, I think he is right, it is better……


X-T1 notes so far:  


1.  Metering is just like the X-E2, spot on, I rarely have to do much right out of the camera.  All the images are jpeg fine images.


2.  I think Fuji has tweaked the colors a little in the film simulation modes, the Velvia is not as over the top, which is a good thing, I’m really falling in love with Astia, it was the setting for all these images today.


3.  Now that I’m getting used to the new settings for the custom function buttons, it really speeds up operation and is lot more convenient that going back into the menus.


4.  I continue to be amazed at the viewfinder, it is such  joy to use!


More tomorrow!




the pilgrim



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Well, after an entire day in airports, and driving across the Island, we got in, just in time to see the last light, as we were checking in!  Not to worry, tomorrow is another day!  Tonight I simply enjoyed the view from my seat at the table!  I’m not a beach person, but I love nothing more than getting my beach loving wife to a resort in the Caribbean!!  I’ll rest up tonight and start shooting and exploring tomorrow!




the pilgrim

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Testing the X-T1 for image quality reveals no surprises.  It is the same sensor as in the X-E2 which is superlative, and so is the X-T1.  the image above of bird eggs in a nest (not real), bellow the same shot at a different ISO.  Above 6400, below 1600!



Below is a shot of my house key, and then at 100% magnification booth at ISO  6400!  The noise is there, but it is very tight and no color noise to speak of.  It looks more like film grain.  Hand held by the way!



The X-T1 give images that look little different from ISO 200 to 16oo!  All these below are shot at ISO 1600.



Now let’s step up to ISO 6400 for a few shots.



The X-T1 follows the pattern of the other new Fuji X System cameras with the new X-Trans Sensor II, extremely low noise even at super high ISOs, and very vivid color reproduction.  After a few hours working these subjects at the local curiosity shop, I am liking the camera more and more.  It is not as machine gun camera, though it can rip off 8 frames per second, it is a wonderful tool for slow, studied work, with lots of great features to make that kind of shooting even more rewarding.  I really enjoyed the fold out LCD when shooting in the tight quarters of the shop.



All these images were made with the 60mm Micro!  Got to go finish packing for St. Croix,  I will continue this test shooting, and dialogue Satuday and Sunday in the U.S. Virgin Islands!  Wish you were going with Sherelene and I!




the pilgrim