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It all started with a  conversation.  Jack Graham and I were riding around Northern Ohio a couple of weeks ago and the talk worked it’s around to committment.  Not everyone is as committed to anything as anyone else.  Level of commitment vary and it’s not fair to judge all students by the same standard.  It’s really not fair, but I confess, I’m guilty of it, sometimes.  So here is the deal.


When people get into photography, some get interested, some get excited, some get fully committed! I love that last group because that is what I am.  When I’m working with folks that really want to get great at this, it lights me up!  I understand that some folks have other things in their lives, a kinda admire that!  For me the best students are those that are really working hard at it.  I’ve always believed that a craft is something you live for, (aside from God), a talent you work hard at, you sand it and polish it every day!  You get as good as you can get, but the process is just as important, in fact more important, than the finished product!


In life if you are not committed to something worth more than yourself, your lost.  I am committed to my God, my family, my friends and the craft God has allowed me to practice and enjoy.




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Wake up call?  That would be your call!



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Those were the words spoken by Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire to Cuba Gooding!  Now I’m speaking them to you!  I believe in VALUE. When I spend my own hard earned money, I want my money’s worth.  I want you to get your money’s worth too!!!!


So what on earth am I talking about?  I’m an educator, I love photography and photographers, and I enjoy nothing more than learning and getting better myself, and hopefully helping other do the same!  That’s why this retired guy still teaches workshops and seminars.


Here’s where you come in.  My workshop attendees could learn so much more if they came to workshops ready to learn.  So what do I mean by that?!  Let me make some suggestions and I’m going to back them up with some action on my part!


Here are my suggestions for you:


(1.)  Whatever your workshop provider sends to you in email correspondence, READ IT!  Most workshop providers provide very important information to help the student get the very most from the workshop experience.  It is part of what we feel you’re paying for, and we diligently try to provide it.  If you don’t read it, you get less from the experience, and we never want that to happen!


(2.)  Be sure to know your camera so you can make the following setting without having to consult your camera manual!


A.   Settting your aperture (f stop).

B.   Setting your Shutter Speed.

C.   How to select Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority opr Manual Exposure.

D.   How to Set your White Balance.

E.   Be sure to prepare your batteries so they’re all charged and ready to go.


Know that the answer to all questions is: “It all depends!”  John Shaw was known for saying this all the time and it sometimes upset folks because they wanted a simple answer, but John was right, it really does depend.  Let me give you and example:


Let’s say you walk up to the railing at Sunset Point of Bryce Canyon National Park, and ask your instructor which lens should I use here?, and he says, “It all depends”, He’s right, maybe you want to shoot the overall broad scene, or maybe you want to shoot a small beautiful section of the Hoodoo!




See, it all depends!!!


Starting next season, I’m sending every attendee my full set of Foundational Guides, free, so they will be armed with all the most important basics.  I will endeavor to send my attendees everything I can think of that would make their experience better.   I take no pleasure in depositing workshop fees when I think my attendees may not have gotten everything they should!


Everyone should leave a workshop knowing they had a great time, great fellowship and are a better photographer than before they arrived.  I’m committed to make that happen for every person that decides to join me!




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Our day today was all Zion and it was as spectacular as ever!  Lots of great stuff against the fabulous Red Rock!





More later when I get a decent internet connection!?&!%@$*%@!




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Here you go, the rest of that day and today!!!









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I thought, as I stood at the railing at  Bryce Canyon and watched God’s light show take place, how thrilled I am to be in his creation and how much I love and cherish our Creator!!!!







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