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Fuji Rumors just posted that the Fuji 120mm Macro f 2.8 is being re-thought, and may only come in a 60mm to 90mm range lens now!!!???  First of all Fuji Rumors is not always correct in their “rumors”!  Secondly a 100mm Macro would be a 150mm equiv. and that would work well, BUT, the answer may already be here now!!!!!



When I tested the new 100-400 Fuji zoom I shot t his image, (above), of the penny “hand-held at 1/60th of a second, set to 400mm (600mm equiv. )  All I did was simply added the Canon 500D close-up diopter.  That is essentially 1:1 or life size!  The new real star however is the 90mm f 2! With that lens you can use the Fuji Automatic Extension tubes, add a diopter (62mm) and if you are already using the extension tubes, you can put the 1.4 converter behind that.  The results are superb!!!!



Both the 100-400 and 50-140 can be used with he Canon 500D and the Extension tubes to build a zoom Macro lens with the added benefit of determining subject size by zooming, and both give added working distance.  The image below was made with the 50-140! To use the Canon 500 D on the 50-140 you need a 72mm to 77mm step up ring, but it works very well!  The Canon fit perfectly on the 100-400!



And keep in mind the Fuji 60mm Macro f 2.4 (90mm equiv.) is no slouch, I’ve used it extensively and found it to b tack, tack sharp and 90mm is about like our old 100mm ore 105m Macro lens sizes.  The belt buckle below is with the 60mm Macro.



The bottom lines that we have some formidable tools in our Fuji X System arsenal already, so let’s keep hoping of a long, true Macro lens, but know we are still in pretty good shape with what we have right now!!!!




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On Monday’s I need a fresh start, a way to face the coming week and get my head on straight to serve Him. This morning I was looking something up on You Tube and came across an interview at Rock Church with one of my favorite Actors, Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in the Passsion of the Christ.  It is 39 minutes long and worth every minute.  If you dare, watch it and get your week, month, year and life off to an rousing start.




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If you shoot the Fuji X System you better have lots of batteries and chargers, because they eat them!!!!  A mirror less camera is useless without a steady supply of batteries, or POWER!


Your ministry for Him is useless without POWER too!  If you want to be effective in sharing you faith with others it must come from a spiritual life that is powered by the Holy Spirit!  We can not be what God wants us to be without His power, His love, and His wisdom and we can only get that in the Word, and on our knees.


Standing for Christ means you want more than anything else, to make a difference in other’s lives and the only way we can truly do that is introduce them to our best friend, Jesus!




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This is a very difficult subject for me to write about, it is a deep concern for many, but as a Christian I must wade into these waters!  I have been in prayer for some time and I wanted to share what God is encouraging me to share, with you.


I am afraid we are headed for difficult times.  Our country has strayed further and further from God.
We fight constantly about prayer in schools, pre game prayers, faith based Christmas displays,  the meaning of marriage, and the right to abortions.  Several states are fighting over bills about who can use public restrooms!!!!!  According to recent studies, we have fewer people attending churches, and fewer people taking part in prayer or many that do not pray at all.  Young people in massive numbers are rejecting a belief in God.  For most of the history of America, God has blessed our nation, but with so many of our fellow citizens rejecting or ignoring God, if you were God what would you do??!!  Thankfully we are not God, and His love is far above ours, but I have to believe we are trying His patience!  After all He has done for us, we are not showing much love and respect back to Him!


The elected leaders that we have been sending to Washington, for the most part, have not been making decisions in our best interest!  It has become a good old boys club with the inside members benefiting while we have been robbed, cheated and lied to.  Debt has climbed to the highest amount in history, the last eight years have seen debt far greater than all the years of our nation’s history combined!  The world economy is in shambles and something has to give!  Economic reckoning is coming.


Now why am I concerned about this?  I’m a husband, father and grandfather and a servant of God, and if times get very difficult, and I’m afraid they will, I have the responsibility to not only take care of my family, but to also reach out and help others!  What is person of good conscious to do?


This is what I believe God is saying to me.  Prepare for the worst, that is prudent advise for any of us, storms, tornados, severe weather,  even civil unrest, we need to be able to survive for a while until things get under control, that just makes sense!  The spiritual side is more important!  Here is my to do list:


1.  Trust in God and know He is aware of my circumstances .  Have faith in His love, protection and power to watch over me and my family.


2.  Know that great trials are the greatest opportunity to lead others to Him.  I must be prepared to try to help others, assist them and show compassion in difficult times.


3.  I must be prepared myself to face hard times.  My personal faith philosophy has come down to a wonderful quote I have given here in the past.  A character in a wonderful Christian film, said this; “Life comes down to just two things, God Loves you , so love others and God sacrificed everything to be with you, so sacrifice everything.”


Artists Standing For Christ is having t-shirts made with that simple phrase, “sacrifice everything.” It is the essence of living for Him, let nothing be more important than your devotion to Him and your service for Him to the lost, all else is rubbish!




the pilgrim