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If you already own the Fuji 10-24 f 4 XF lens, or the Fuji 16-55 f 2.8 XF lens why would you invest in the new Fuji 16mm f 1.4 lens??!!  I just got a new production copy of the 16mm f 1.4 XF lens and I was wondering the same thing!!! So let’s give it a try in the field!


First let me dispel what many people believe about extreme wide angle lenses, that they are designed so we, as photographers, can view, and thus, get more stuff in the image. While true, that’s not the most effective way to use a wide angle lens though!  A very effective way to use a wide angle lens is to move in close to your main subject and make it the sharpest thing in the image, and then allow the background to either be equally sharp, by  stopping down to a very small aperture setting like f 11 – 16 or 22, or to make the background “very” out of focus, or by opening the lens to it’s largest aperture setting. There in lies the value of a f 1.4 wide angle lens, the depth-of-field is extremely shallow when shot wide open ( f 1.4 ) thus making the background a very dreamy out of focus!!!  What makes this lens even more special is that it focuses down to a minimum distance of just 15cm!!!  That makes it all the more effective in showing strong, sharp, subjects with wonderful Bokeh in the background!!!


An important part of the photographer’s bag of tricks is to use shallow depth-of -field effectively, to focus the viewers eye on a  main subject, letting the rest of the image go out of focus.  I went over to my neighbor’s garden and then down to a used car lot that had a very interesting 1949 Chevy wrecker I had been wanting to photograph.  All images were shot at f 1.4 to show the effectiveness of a shallow area of sharp focus.    



So how does the news Fuji 16mm f 1.4 XF lens do?  I will let you judge but at 100% on my computer screen, the in focus areas are Razor sharp.  The color quality of the new lens is outstanding and the build quality is rock solid.  The 16mm also has a clutch
focusing mechanism that allows smoother and deadly accurate manual focusing, however, the  autofocus is among the fastest and most accurate yet!



O.K. I already own the 10-24 and the 16-55, but this one is staying in my camera locker, for very special assignments that requires it’s lovely abilities!!! Besides the 24mm focal length has always been one of my favorite, going back to my photojournalism days!


Well done, Fuji another Five Star Winner!




Here are a few examples of what I described above, all images shot at f 1.4.







There is a serious problem with the newest Fuji lenses!  They just keep getting better and better! The problem?????  It’s impossible not to acquire each and everyone!!!!  But I love it, thanks Fuji for making such great glass1




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When we did the Americana Workshop in Roanoke, we did a one day trip up to Lynchburg, another great Americana town.  A must stop for any antique hunter or photographer is Rick’s Antiques and General Store.  This two story building is a treasure trove of great items to by or phbotograph.  I met Rick and we had a nice conversation she welcomed my group with good old southern charm!  Rick’s will be a definite stop in future workshops in the area!  Let me share some of the killer shots I was able to get in his store, and outside as well!  But first here is Rick!



Not only does Rick have a great collection of wonderful subjects, but his warmth was much appreciated!!!








So if you happen to put 1090 Lindsay Road in your GPS in Forest, VA and roll up on Rick’s great store, know he will welcome you with open arms (on Saturday’s and Sundays) – he’s closed during the week!), but be a good photographer and find something to buy, let’s keep this guy in business, really neat guy, and place!!!




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During the Roanoke workshop I saw a lot of color for color sake subjects, please allow me to share a few!










There is great joy in color, but the subtlety of monochrome has it’s own charms!!!!







Go out and have some fun!!




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When I visited Liberty University last week I had the opportunity to review the portfolio of the           photography students for Tim Isaacson’s classes.  It was  pleasant experience, until I met Joel Isimeme!  It then went from pleasant, to astounding.  The minute I met this young man, I knew there was something going on behind those sparkling eyes and warm smile!  When I got half way through his portfolio I hit a run of images that blew me away.  Lots of Tim’s student had very good technical skills, a few excellent ones, but this young man has work with real heart and soul.  Joel was able to reach into his subjects and pull out the hidden side that few photographers can reach.


About Joel:  Joel is originally from Nigeria, Africa. Joel’s father, a newspaper journalist and publisher, and his mother, an employee of the state-run oil company, sent all three of their sons to America to get a college education. Joel’s older brother lives in Southern California and is studying to be a surgeon, and his younger brother just joined Joel at Liberty University and is studying computer engineering. Joel himself, a junior at Liberty is a graphic design major and is pursuing a double minor in photography and fashion. Joel is going to spend this summer at a Christian camp in Georgia being the camp photographer. After that he plans to return to Liberty for his senior year.


I was honored to view his work, to take it in and meet this remarkable young man, it is now my privilege to share them with you!







Joel ask me to share something meaningful about his work.  It was easy, I told him that talent like his was God given, and that he needed to get on his knees and ask God to show him how to use his talent for something more valuable than fame and fortune.  He agreed that that was his desire.


Now it’s our turn, this is Joel, take good long look at him, because I hope you will join me in praying for him, his future and his service to our Heavenly Father.  I am sure that big things lie in his future.


I enjoy my trips to Liberty, but this one was the most special of all.    It is not everyday that God introduces you to someone he has so blessed and will use so powerfully.  I feel honored to  have had the time I spent with him!  Please join me in prayer for Joel and his future!




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