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I ask myself that question all the time!!!!  I got an email today from a person I know was well meaning.  They suggested that my sharing my political thoughts was not consistent with the faith aspect of this blog, that I should start another blog for that kind of information.  I thanked them but responded that I didn’t think anything I had shared, was not in keeping with my faith.  Well, after some thought they were probably right on at least one level.  I am not perfect, never claimed I was, I’m human and I know I  am!   I know sometimes I share my frustrations before I give it enough thought.  If I offended anyone I’m truly sorry.  Now I’ve stepped up to the plate, and said I was sorry, and I really am.  I didn’t say that I don’t really feel the way I feel,  just that I mean no harm to anyone.


Let me try to make an example.  I’m a conservative, (big surprise), and I most often take that position on issues.  I was listening to the radio today as I was I coming back from Knoxville.  A person made a really good point, one that I think often escapes  people.  When a pizza place in Indiana said they would rather not serve pizza at a wedding of a gay couple, (to a hypothetical questions)  they were immediately taken to task by the gay community.  They simply were, in nice way, saying we would rather not do that. The people that were offended, made death threats, said they would burn down the business, and the owners had to close down until things settled down.  You tell me what is worse, asking to not take part in a wedding on religious grounds, or threatening death and destruction of property.  Surely you don’t believe those rise to the same level???


As a Christian,  I’m often treated very harshly if I might not agree to go along with a closely help belief of the left agenda.  I have no hatred or dislike for the gay community, I have some friends that are gay, I don’t want to take part in that life style, but I do not treat them in an ugly manner.  I do not judge them, that is, according to my faith, God’s job, not mine.  If you ran a print shop and you were gay, and someone came in and asked you to print up signs for a rally that contained hate speech about gays, would you print them?   Well, neither would I.    I am Pro Life, I have friends that are Pro Choice,  they think they are right, I think I’m right, but I wish them no harm, each of us will have to answer for our stances to a higher power than anyone here.


What is my point?  If my conservative views are painful for you,  this may not be the best blog to read.  I don’t watch MSNBC or listen to NPR, or for that matter watch any news on the major networks, it just reminds me of how radically different my views are from theirs, and theirs from mine.  Why torture myself.  I listen carefully to all sides, but I’ve finally decided exactly where I stand, and so, I don’t expose myself to stuff that will be agonizing for me!


For me as a Christian, I have s simple test, when faced with a controversy, I ask, based on my knowledge of scripture, where would Jesus stand on this issue?   If you study the word, that settles most issues pretty quickly.  I know that if you are not person of faith, that position would not hold much weight for you.


I love you, because Christ loves you, I pray for all of you, and I trust you and He will work things out.  In the meantime, I want to be at peace with you!  I hope you can live with that!  I won’t change, but I won’t judge you either!




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Almost, there is no one alive today has not heard the story of Jesus, the crucifixion and burial, and of course, His resurrection!  Many believe it, many do not.  Jesus was a historical figure, that, no one will deny. What many deny is that His life made any real difference.  I believe the only way you can know the answer to that question is if Jesus has become “real” in your heart, then, and only then, does this incredible story make sense.


For just as minute let me speak to those that do not believe, assuming any of those folks ever come here.  How can I “know” He is real, that He truly is the Son of God, and that His ministry, life and death and resurrection here has made a difference in my life?  If we don’t know anything else we know who we are.  We know what we have done, how we feel, and who we’ve hurt.  We know all the secrets!  I know that I was undeserving of forgiveness, I know I was too ashamed to ask for it.  I knew coming face to face with a man that knew everything about me was terrifyting!  I also know that at the spiritual moment that I met Him,I was overcome with the power of His love, His grace, and His foregiveness.  The moment I fell on my knees before Him, I knew He had wiped the slate clean, and had given me a new chance.


I now know what it is like to walk with Him, to take my fresh mistakes, sins, and stumbles to Him and receive forgiveness yet again.  I know I can’t live without Him, that I don’t want to live without Him.  I now know the cost of my freedom and forgiveness.


When you watch the specials this Easter weekend and when He is nailed to the cross, remember He did that for you,  He would have suffered that if you were the only human alive, He did for all of us, and for you as an individual!!!


How do I know He is real?  Because He forever changed my life!!!


Accept His sacrifce for you,  and be blessed,


the pilgrim

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It all started this morning, no that’s wrong!  It all started when I first realized what our federal government is all about, not what they taught us in Civics class, or what I saw in movies about our founding fathers, but this pile of garbage we have now!!!!!




Former Senator, Majority Leader, Harry Reid admitted in an interview that he lied about Romney’s taxes before the election.  How does he feel about that now?, “He didn’t win did he?”  and this with a smirk on his face, that man was born with a smirk on his face.  Yet the main stream media will slobber all over him when he officially retires, give me a break!  Lying, stealing, double crossing, back biting, thieves!!!   All of them, both parties, and they are stealing from you and I!!!!


I go to the post office today to get my passport renewed, I had to make a reservation a month ago to get “worked” in!  I show up and was informed that I am to fill out the form, I was handed month ago, and send it in with passport pictures and a check for $110.   First I had to make an appointment to be told what the form said I “could” do.  The lady was nice, but she still didn’t do anything but tell me both sets, yes two sets of passport images were “slightly” and I do  mean “slightly” the wrong size!!!  One a hair large, one a hair small.  So for $15. she made another set that was just right!, and made me look like I just got paroled?!^%$#^@@%!#   Now the $110. fee for a passport renewal.  I fill out a two page form that they already have on file, submit pictures that I paid for, and they will reprint the first page of the passport from the computer file they already have, put in the image I supplied, and charge me $110.  …..and it will take as long as they need to, “get around to it!!!!”  This is what we pay taxes for?????


Let’s see the President is, without any input from congress, who by our constitution holds the right to treaties and international agreements, is making an agreement without any input, and we, the Ameircan people, don’t even know what we are agreeing to!  With a country no less, that has vowed to destroy both Israel and us, an d their leader said, this week, the one unbending principal they will not break, is destruction of us and Isreal!!!!  Are we crazy!


I could go on, let’s just say this has been a lousy Thursday, but tomorrow is Good Friday, think things will be looking up, but not in Washington!!!!




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I received this article from Bryan Jolly a dear Christian brother and fine photographer, it was just to meaningful not to share, Enjoy,  and think about it!!!


Author, playwright, poet, and Christian apologist, Dorothy Sayers, once wrote, “What we make is more important than what we are, particularly if ‘making’ is our profession.”


By professional “making,” Sayers was referring particularly to artists. But in reality, all of us are makers, whatever our profession. Making is not solely the realm of artists. God has bestowed on all humans the incredible privilege of being sub-creators. We all make things all the time. And our making is of great importance to God.


What’s More Important?


But is it true that what we make is more important than what we are?


In one sense, yes, it is. What we make should be measured against the objective standards of whatever is true, pure, lovely, excellent, and good, as defined by God (Philippians 4:8). Our personal failings don’t alter those things. As a Christian, Sayers was painfully aware of her own sin and faith struggles. Yet she was convinced of the truth of Christianity and contended for it in her writing and speaking. She believed that her personal failings did not invalidate that truth. And in that sense, she was right.


But in the ultimate sense, what we make is not more important than what we are. As Sayers’s friend, C.S. Lewis, explained,


If individuals live only seventy years, then a state, or a nation, or a civilisation, which may last for a thousand years, is more important than an individual. But if Christianity is true, then the individual is not only more important but incomparably more important, for he is everlasting and the life of the state or civilisation, compared with his, is only a moment.


Each of us is “incomparably more important” than a civilization. And this means each of us is incomparably more important and durable than anything we make.


The Importance of What We Make


However, what we make remains of immense importance because it actually reveals, in some measure, what we are. This is true of God (Romans 1:20) and true of us (Matthew 12:33). What we produce and our motives for producing it reveal what we believe and value.


That’s the message of the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14–30): Faithful investment of what we’re given produces fruitfulness. It’s the message of the parable of the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31–46): What we do evidences what we are. Works evidence faith.


So the question for all of us makers becomes, what should we make of and with our lives? For each of us, the answer is different. But all of us must look to the Great Maker’s life (John 1:314:6) to get our answers. For what he made with his life has great bearing on what we should make with ours. Our ultimate goals should be the same as his.






What the Great Maker Left Behind


What did God the Son pour himself into making when he became flesh and dwelt among us? What did Jesus build to last? Only two things: his word (teaching) and his church (transformed, born-again people). That’s all Jesus left in the world when he left the world. He determined no other artifacts were worth preserving.


But these two artifacts have impacted the world more than anything else in history. In fact, these two things are what world history is all about. For two millennia, Jesus’s word has sped (2 Thessalonians 3:1) and his church has spread throughout the world (Matthew 24:14). And when every human civilization and artifact, and the world as we now know it, has finally perished, these two things will remain. Jesus’s word is forever (Matthew 24:35) and his church is forever (Revelation 22:4–5).


What Jesus made is not more important than what he is. What he has made reveals what he is. Which makes what he has made of incalculable importance.


What Will You Leave Behind?


What implication does Jesus’s making have on our making? Essentially it means that we should make Jesus’s priorities our priorities. If Jesus devoted his earthly life to making his word known and his church grow, then the aim of our making should be knowing and spreading his word (Matthew 28:19) and serving the growth and health of his church (Ephesians 4:13).


Does this mean that all of us should be employed full-time by a Christian ministry? By no means! Rather, it means that all of us should see all of life as a form of full-time Christian ministry, no matter what our profession is. For the Christian, there is no abiding sacred-secular distinction. All things are God’s (Romans 11:36), and we do all things for God’s glory (1 Corinthians 10:31).


God does set a few aside to devote themselves to the ministry of the word, the care of the church, and the equipping of the saints (Acts 6:41 Peter 5:1–3Ephesians 4:12). But the vast majority of us are sent by God into all spheres of life to spread his word and gather and serve his church. He gives us many different talents to invest; he gives us varied gifts to use (1 Peter 4:10). And they all are made holy by the word and prayer (1 Timothy 4:4–5).


But nothing that we make on earth is sure to last, except for its effect on advancing Jesus’s word and his church. In this sense, it’s true that “only what’s done for Christ will last.”


So what are you pouring your life into making? When it’s over, what will you leave behind that will really last? When you report to your master how you invested the talents he gave you, what will you show as a return?


What you are is of eternal importance. And what you make reveals what you are. So make the priorities of all that you make to serve the priorities of your Maker. Make your making eternally durable (1 Corinthians 3:12–13) by making it serve the advancement of the word and the church.


Written by Jon Bloom for desiring God.




the pilgrim