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I had to run down to our courthouse this morning and on my way crossing the street to the office I was visiting.  A Sheriff’s car was parked on the curb, I noticed this sign at the bottom of the cage in the back seat.  I was going to make an image with my iPhone, but when I came out, it was gone.  So I broke my own rule, walked past a shot, assuming it would still be there, when I returned!  But that is not the point of this entry.  I recreated the sign as close as I can remember it, above.


The point is, who ends up sitting in the back seat of a Sheriff’s car? I think we can agree that the occupants of that space are, more often than not, in trouble!  Maybe drunk driving or breaking and entering, maybe something worse. The officer who drove that squad car, obviously wanted his arrested individuals to focus on something that might make a difference!


If you think about it, we’ve all been in that back seat, at least symbolically.  Romans says, “We have all fallen short of the Glory of God”  That means that we are “all” sinners, just like that person in the back seat, maybe a different sin, but sinners none the less.  What we’ve done is not the issue.  What we do about it, is!


If someone asks me what they can do when they have gotten to the end of their rope, I say what the sign in the back of the cars says.


When you don’t know what to do, look for the Answer!




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In a couple of weeks the Faithful Friends will gather at Shaker Village, Kentucky!  I got it, who are the Faithful Friends and why Shaker Village?  After a person at5tends four His Light Workshops they become a Faithful Friend.  Our “Friends” get first info on future events, team clothing, and once a year a special event at no cost!  This Shaker Village get together  is this years event.  What makes these events so much fun is the chance to spend four days with some of your best friends, in a great location, and fellowship as good as it gets!


You may have noticed if you come here often, that I really have gotten in to old stuff, rusty stuff, and stuff that speaks to our history.  It is exciting to learn about your subjects, to find out how they fit into the story of our lives!






We will have a great time shooting all the great subject matter, and enjoying each other!


Start adding up those workshops and join us next year!!!!




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One of the things about being a photographer is experiences alter our perceptions!  Recently I have been wanting to carry just as few key lenses and keep it light!  Then I did the workshop in Nashville and we shot a lot of different subject matter, and I constantly found what I wanted was back in the SUV or at the hotel!!!  Well I missed some opportunities because, well I didn’t have what I need with me.  When I shot Nikon, carrying everything meant forty pounds, maybe even more!!!  That was not possible, but with the Fuji X System I can actually manage to carry all the lenses in a small backpack that ways only 10.5 pounds.  So what can you put into a Lowepro Flipside Sport 10L AW?


Fuji X-T1 with battery pack and Really Right Stuff “L” bracket

55-200 f 3.5-4.8 LM OIS

56mm f 1.2

60mm Micro f 2.5

23mm f 1.4

14mm f 2.8

10-24 f 4.0


I always have a Fuji X-T1 with the 18-55  f 2.8-4 LM OIS and a RRS “L” Bracket and my RRS Tripod and B55H-LR ball head separately.


4 – NPW-126 batteries

Guru Gear SD Card Holder (with 11 – 32 gig cards)

Filter Holder with:  Nikon 5T & 6T Diopter  -  Canon 250 D Diopter 

 52mm Polarizer – 39mm Polarizer  – 49mm Polarizer

Jeweler’s screwdriver

A Think Tank rain cover


The new back up bag that will remain  in the FJ, a Think Tank Retrospective 5 :


Fuji X-E1 with 35mm f 1.4 lens

Fuji X100s with 23mm f2 lens

4 – WP-126 batteries

4 – NP-95 batteries

1 Remote Release

Eyelead Sensor cleaner

Lots of Zeiss lens cleaning wipes

Three Microfiber cloths



In a Accessory bag (Think Tank Speed changer) I have:

4 Chargers

Photographic Solutions Cleaning supplies


Close-up diopter from Rayonox 

Blower bulb

More Zeiss wipes



So my next trip, up to Shaker Village, I hope I will find  that this is the way to be prepared, we will see!!!???


Let me take a moment to express my deepest appreciation to the great folks that joined us in Nashville, what a wonderful group!!  A very special thanks to Ricky for being what he always is;  a super star, loving , kind, and a kick to hang out with!! My incredible team, Jim, Snake, Vinny,  Bob, the incomparable Nick Coury, and our newest and wonderful KelbyOne friend, Pete Collins.  But most of all, the blessings of a loving God, who once again brought some strangers together. and unleashed His Holy Spirit on us all!




the pilgrim


Just for giggles, single click on the image and look at it close!  ISO 6400!!!!!


So…..what’s the point of owning a few dozen bags, and backpacks if you can’t rearrange them!


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Photo by Annette Colucci


Yes, the Pilgrim captured air guitaring to a blues song in Antique Archaeology!  We’ve been having a great time!  I promised to share some images, but honestly I have shot very little, lots of in the field teaching!!!  Below are a few images I really liked and are new shots for me.








All taken at our workshop locations!


….and here is our great group!





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