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6 months, 2 weeks ago 3

Well late this afternoon another Photoshop World was concluded and I got one last chance to hug two great friends and start thinking about getting home to Sherelene!   Dave Black, left, and Joe McNally, right, were, as always,  great and the crowds loved them!  We had some good times and the entire event was a lot of fun, so it’s time to get a little rest, and then head to Liberty University next mid week to be with Tim Isaacson and the gang!  I will try to blog when I get home Friday!




the pilgrim

6 months, 2 weeks ago 14

Photoshop World has been amazing!  It always is, but tonight it got a lot more amazing for me!   Tonight was a two hour panel of some of the very heavy hitters at the event, each doing 15 minutes of their work, with some commentary.  It was all good, with such heavy hitters as, Joe McNally, Jay Maisel, Vincent Versace, Julianne Kost, Jeremy Cowart, Joe Glyda, Moose Peterson, Dave Black and Jim Divitale it was one amazing team!  The work was all over the board, from inspiring, to informative, to extremely touching.  McNally and Maisel reminded us of just how good they are, Joe Glyda kept us in stitches, Moose shared some lovely landscape images, and Dave Black made us want, more than ever, to be truly good shooters! Julianne Kost and Jim Divitale reminded us of just how talented and artistic they are, and Vincent Versace reminded us of the needs of this world, with haunting images from Burma.   But Jeremy Cowart, at least for me, stole the show.


Jeremy is one of the most talented portrait photographers of the entertainment world.  He has used his talent to affect a number of very important and successful projects that have helped millions around the world.  His program tonight was very different for him, and I was very blessed by it!  He told his own story about being a kid that couldn’t concentrate, was not a good student or an outstanding athlete and in fact spent much of his youth telling himself he wasn’t one of the smart people, that he couldn’t do the things he wanted to do!  His father and mother started telling him, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…”  Over time he began to understand and beleive those critical words and in fact his life and career all turned around.  He has used his new found faith to build a career and life that is, in turn, blessing many others.  He ended his program by restating; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me….and you can too.”


Even more of a blessing was the extended standing ovation he received.  Now I know at least two men stood before the crowds at PSW and proclaimed Christ.  It was a blessing indeed!  This is the way it should be.  Thanks Jeremy for your boldness for Him, He is truly worthy!




the pilgrim

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The best thing about being so fortunate to be asked to speak and take part in Photoshop World is getting to be with such terrific people.  Over the years many have become great friends and it is always as pleasure to get to be with them!  Above left to right, front, Matt Kloskowski, and Jerry Ghionis.  Back row, R.C. Concepcion, myself, and Cliff Mautner.


Left to right, Corey Barker, myself, and Bert Monroy.



Left to right, R.C., Alan Hess, the pilgrim, and Glyn Dewis.



Front row, the Moose Peterson family, Sharon, Moose, Jake, and Brent.  Back row, myself and Joe Glyda.


Of course there are many more friends here, but these are the ones i caught up with at the instructors dinner tonight!


Thanks fro letting me share some friends with you.




the pilgrim




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When I got to Atlanta it was severely overcast, foggy and drizzling!  The lobby of the Waverly Hotel was pretty detailed so I started with a hand held shot form the 14th floor balcony Hand held, ISO 3200, 1/100th @ f 8.  Then I tried to pull a section out at 66% magnification.



Pretty serious detail if I say so my self, not bad for a codger, hand held!  then I tried to get a shot of my room, again hand-held at 3200 ISO.



Finally a shot of my iPad in it’s leather case on the desk and then a section of the leather grain blown up.




Not very scientific, or exhaustive, that is coming, but at least for starters, we know the lens is very, very sharp, and I still have a little juice left with a hand-held camera!!




the pilgrim