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For a couple of weeks I have been inundated with emails about the rumor that Fuji has decided not to make the 120mm f 2.8 Macro lens that goes 1:1!  First I do not know whether that is true or not.  I’m sure Fuji will produce some kind of longer focal length Macro lens, until they do I have a my Macro System; the 90mm f 2!!


Below is a series of images made with the 90mm lens, each are labeled.  The 90mm f 2 is one of the very sharpest lenses I’ve ever shot, maybe “the most”!  If you have the two Fuji automatic extension tubes ( the MCEX-16 and the MCEX-11), and if you can pick up a high quality two element diopters like the old Nikon 5T and 6T you can do a lot of close-up work to beyond life size or 1:1.



My example is a cigar box art, the image below is for your perspective.



Bottom Line:  Macro lenses are convenient and I’m sure at some point Fuji will offer us an upgrade in terms of focal length to the current 60mm Macro, which is an excellent lens, but does not offer a ton of working distance, until then, the Fuji 90mm f2, automatic extension tubes and diopters are a great solution!  If you happen to own the Fuji 1.4 converter you can put that behind the two extension tubes stacked and get even closer!  Fun stuff!




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I just returned to a trip out to Topeka, Kansas to visit with my wonderful Fuji buddies Jackie Hillyer and Cy Franks and the great folks Wolfe’s Camera.  What a fin store and a top notch staff!  I did a talk for them and a photo walk over to the Capital which has just undergone a multi, multi million dollar renovation and it is one of the nicest capitals I’ve ever photogrpahed!  One of our folks we met was Ken Metz, a terrific photographer from the Topeka area and retied Kansas State trooper.  Meeting the Wolfe folks, and Ken and getting to spend time with Jackie and Cy was a real pleasure.  i also met a young man named Jesse who will become my next scholarship student!  All told it was worth the 25 hours of diving to get to and from Topeka!


Before I went to Topeka, Sherelene and I joined her sister Debi and her husband Eddie for a trip to  uffalo Trace Distillery and to Keeneland for the Spring races, I got a few shots at Buffalo Trace.  Below are some of the images from these trips!  Next up, a weekend in Indianapolis with Robert’s Camera and the Riviera Camera Club!


Our group in Topeka for the walking tour of the capital.


The famous Kansas historic figure John Brown!


Some of my images from Buffalo Trace;


Barrell stencil.


Lots of history and a lot of driving for one week!




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Bourbon note!   When a young college student I consumed more than my share of Kentucky Bourbon, but I no longer drink, well, and occasional glass of wine, but I got most of that out of my system in college.  I do not judge anyone that drinks, I hope they do it in moderation and stay off the road when they do, but as part of my faith I’ve given up hard liquor, but Bourbon  is a part of the history of my state and that history interests me, even if I did not sample any, even when a guest there!  Just so you know!


Photo Note:  All images Fuji X PRO 2 and 10-24, 18-135, and 16mm f 1.4.

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Fuji Rumors just posted that the Fuji 120mm Macro f 2.8 is being re-thought, and may only come in a 60mm to 90mm range lens now!!!???  First of all Fuji Rumors is not always correct in their “rumors”!  Secondly a 100mm Macro would be a 150mm equiv. and that would work well, BUT, the answer may already be here now!!!!!



When I tested the new 100-400 Fuji zoom I shot t his image, (above), of the penny “hand-held at 1/60th of a second, set to 400mm (600mm equiv. )  All I did was simply added the Canon 500D close-up diopter.  That is essentially 1:1 or life size!  The new real star however is the 90mm f 2! With that lens you can use the Fuji Automatic Extension tubes, add a diopter (62mm) and if you are already using the extension tubes, you can put the 1.4 converter behind that.  The results are superb!!!!



Both the 100-400 and 50-140 can be used with he Canon 500D and the Extension tubes to build a zoom Macro lens with the added benefit of determining subject size by zooming, and both give added working distance.  The image below was made with the 50-140! To use the Canon 500 D on the 50-140 you need a 72mm to 77mm step up ring, but it works very well!  The Canon fit perfectly on the 100-400!



And keep in mind the Fuji 60mm Macro f 2.4 (90mm equiv.) is no slouch, I’ve used it extensively and found it to b tack, tack sharp and 90mm is about like our old 100mm ore 105m Macro lens sizes.  The belt buckle below is with the 60mm Macro.



The bottom lines that we have some formidable tools in our Fuji X System arsenal already, so let’s keep hoping of a long, true Macro lens, but know we are still in pretty good shape with what we have right now!!!!




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On Monday’s I need a fresh start, a way to face the coming week and get my head on straight to serve Him. This morning I was looking something up on You Tube and came across an interview at Rock Church with one of my favorite Actors, Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in the Passsion of the Christ.  It is 39 minutes long and worth every minute.  If you dare, watch it and get your week, month, year and life off to an rousing start.




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