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Good news, Bad news;  This place requires very long days, I’m already a little tired, but the greatness is you get up early and stay out late to shoot this wonderful scenery!!!  Jack and I are having a great time and we have a fantastic group!  Here is some images from this morning!



Great stuff to shoot every where you shoot!



Greg Dickson shot this image of Jack and I, we look like happy campers!




the pilgrim



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For the second tim e in two weeks i have a 5.0 burger, in  fact this killer burger from Top Notch Cafe in Colfax, WA is a 5.1. a score I don’t even have, gotta rethink my scoring.    Pete does his burger perfect in everyday, and after breakfast, yes this was my breakfast, I came back or an early afternoon lunch early supper and had another this time with 2 patties!!!!!  Simply the best burger I’ve ever had!  Now Pete has a secret recipe of spices he mixes in the meat, which he grinds himself!  He has promised to give me a small supply to take home, Colfax is a long drive from Corbin for burger!!!!


Pete and Candis Koerner own and operate the Top Notch, right, and by-the-way these images from my iPhone would not transfer I had to actually photograph the surface of the iPhone, I need my grandchildren to help me!!!!


But they do a  great job and make coming back to the Palouse feel like I’m coming home too friends and family!






Here is the double, wow what a burger!!!!  Followed by some truck images from today!






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I got in around 2:00 yesterday to Spokane where Jack and Greg picked me up at the airport and we went straight out to our hotel in Pullman WA and a then out to scout.  It was mid afternoon and even  in harsh bad light the Palouse is as breathtaking as usual!!  Over the next few days IO hope to bring you some of the magic of this place in prime light, first hour and last hour of the day!   This is a  prime photography location for the landscape shooter for good reasons, it taxes your composition skills and sharpen them!!!!  All these images ar with the new Fuji X-T10 and the 16mm f 1.4 and 90mm f 2 lenses all of which I’m testing and very much enjoying!



Much more to come!




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I will be packing Monday and traveling Tuesday to the Palouse, so I will go ahead and post now, this one is just for fun!!



Funny thing, how people think they know you.  I got an interesting email saying some very nice things about my blog, my classes on KelbyOne, etc, etc.  It ended with a interesting sentence, and I quote, “Being a fellow from Appalachia, I guess I thought you would be a gun toting, redneck,  before reading your inspiring words!”  I can’t blame this fellow, because that is the accepted opinion of folks from my part of the country, and he was right about one thing, that few people know, I am a gun lover.


Now I’m not getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, or the Russians coming, or anything like that.  I love to target shoot at the range, (the old days we just went into the woods), and I’ve always enjoyed firearms.  I’m a safety nut and have taught all my family members the proper way to handle a gun and how to be absolute sure that all guns are unloaded until they need to go into action.  By-the-way Sherelene is an expert shot!  I thought I might share the guns I own and shoot above and below;


Above are my Handguns above;


1. A Glock 23 chambered in .40 calibre   (Same gun as issued to the FBI)


2.  A Springfield Armory XD 3.3 Mod. 2 chambered in 9mm.  Concealed Carry


3.  A Ruger Mark III Target pistol with a bull barrel chambered for .22 Long Rifle.


4.  A Taurus Poly Protector 5 shot revolver chambered in .38 Special +P  - also concealed carry.


5.  A Taurus Tracker large frame chambered in .22 Long Rifle.  To stay accurate with heavy frame revolvers.


6.  A Ruger Single Six revolver chambered for .22 Long Rifle and and an additional cylinder for .22 Magnum.  Loved Roy Rogers!





Rifles above:


1. A Mossburg  Model 500 – 12 gauge pump shotgun.


2.  A Henry Golden Boy Lever Action Rifle chambered for .22 Long Rifle.


3.  A Henry Short Western Lever Action   chambered for .22 Long Rifle.


4.  A Ruger 10-22 Tactical Carbine with Nikon Scope and Bi-pod  chambered for .22


5. A Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15-22  Chambered for .22 Long Rifle  chambered in .22 Long Rifle.

with Nikon Tactical Scope, Bi-pod, laser and combat light.


So, maybe that was  something you din’t know!




the “well armed” pilgrim