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I’m working on the next series of eBooks in the New Ascending  Series.  eBooks aimed at the next step in photographic development, a step beyond The Foundation Series.   These book will delve into Photographic Vision and Composition as their main subject matter.  First in the series, How Did You See That? will be out soon!


                                   FLASH  -   THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!

* I didn’t write the legendary part!

Original Piece has the Artists Standing For Christ God Beads in, get your at: 



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NUMBER ONE:  I have found a book that I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  This book by Chris Orwig is a must for any photographer that really does want to step up their game!  I was doing research as I start my second series of eBooks this winter and found this book by Chris.  It is a beautiful expression of the creative process and extremely liberating.  I will be quoting him in some of  my new offerings, but certainly would never try to duplicate his efforts, no sense in doing that, he has done it to well.  You can find this book in several forms on Amazon.


NUMBER TWO:  An explanation.  I just got and email from a person interested in a future workshop and they asked a very interesting question and it required a response, I liked that.  We often need to review our m motives and this was my response, just for the record the question was I also saw your Artists for Jesus blog. I’m not quite sure about your intentions there. Maybe you could expand on that.”


I have been a believer, born again, and filled with the Holy Spirit for many,
many years, and have always held fast to my faith.  In my personal and
professional life I have subscribed to the philosophy of asking myself
“What Would Jesus Do?” when approaching any decision.  Several years ago
after years of praying for a specific ministry, God led me to start writing a
blog, which has become known as the Pilgrim’s Chronicles.  It is my daily
sharing of what God is doing in my life, what He is teaching me and leading
me to share with others.  During this walk, as He has strengthened me, I
have had another desire, from Him, the stand up for Christ in my profession.
When Jordan Smith, the young man that won the Voice this year (who happens
to be from my home town of Harlan, KY) I was so impressed that his young
21 year old man stood so strongly for his faith and sung songs you would not
normally hear on such a show.  God honored that commitment on his part and
he is on his way to a highly successful career in music.


I had to ask myself the question, are you being as bold in your witness?  I
thought I was but felt to compelled, along with friends like Ricky Skaggs the
country bluegrass musician, Jim Haverstock, Ken Jenkins, all photo buddies,
and other friends to form this new organization.  Our sole purpose is to raise
the name of Jesus as we practice our craft, which we believe is God given and
to be shared in such a way as to honor Him.



NUMBER THREE:  2016 Workshop Openings




Contact Jack at:


So that is it for Friday, have a great weekend,  join us for a workshop, and be sure and pick up Chris’s book!  Now I need to get to it,  work to do!!!!





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I got a call from my brother Homer last night asking if I was aware that Jordan Smith was going to perform on the People’s Choice Awards?  I wasn’t.  He went on to say that Jordan was going to sing You Are So Beautiful which was written by the late Billy Preston.  What he told me, that I didn’t know, was that the song,  just like Have I Told You Lately, written by Van Morrison, was actually a Christian song dedicated to God.  Both Van Morrison and Billy Preston were believers, Van still is with us here, sadly we lost Billy Preston, but Heaven gained him!


Anyway, once again Jordan crushed it and received a rousing standing ovation.  Today his performance and Vin Diesel’s acceptance speech are being hailed as the two best moments of the evening.  You can enjoy both on You Tube, the link for Jordan is below:


I had to watch, and I mean it was mostly torture, more than half the show to get to Jordan.  I have an observation, but it must start with a proclamation.  Fortunately, God loves everyone that was in the that building last night, His Son died for every individual there.  Unfortunately, what was on display during most of the show was just how far we have gotten away from decency, and our traditional values.  Egos were on parade, modesty was mostly absent, some of the performances were impossible to watch. I remarked to Sherelene after a singing group, all wearing red boots, I have no idea who they were, and don’t care to find out,  seemed like the opening act for the stage play, Hell!  Sure there were some gracious people, some people that talked about how much love matters, some of there definitions of love are little or a lot perverted, but hey but at least they weren’t recruiting for ICIS!!!!


We were told over two thousand years ago what the world was like, and it has gotten a lot worse.  Lying in bed last night I couldn’t help but wonder how do we defeat an enemy that has such a strangle hold on the minds and hearts of the world!!??  Then I came to my senses and remembered He has already defeated the enemy!  Our victory is won, now we must love was many was we can until they find the Truth.




Jordan Smith and David Foster perform at the People’s Choice Awards, Jordan is in L.A. working with David on his new album.




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Many more of you have sent me an email saying, “Count me in”!  For that I am thankful, now comes the hard part.  When ever we take a stand we must ask ourselves, am I living up to my proclamation? So what does that mean?  Once we stand firm for Christ, the enemy will seek every way to defeat us, and thus kill our witness for Him.  The world is trying viciously to run from God, and if we give the lost a reason to doubt the validity of a walk with Him, they will take the first opportunity to point to us as the problem with Christianity!


So folks, it falls on us, to live our faith.  Admittedly, not and easy task.  Why?  Because we are human, and we fail, and we sin, and we simply are far from perfect.  It seems unfair that our dear Savior is judged based on our behavior, but sadly many will do just that.


We have to have a plan!  Here are some things that I know will help!


1.  Be sure our brain is in gear, before we open our mouths!  It’s easy, too easy, to  say things we regret and very shortly after know it was a bone headed move.  You may be wondering why I speak with so much authority on this issue, I’ll bet you can guess!!!


2.  Ask your self the old WWJD question before taking action on any issue.  It’s amazing how many things we should not be thinking or doing that can be stopped in their tracks by simply asking, “What Would Jesus Do?”


3.  Make it a daily habit to get into the Word!   An empty mind is the devil’s playground, if we fill ours with His word, we will be much more likely to be thinking and doing what we know is His will.


4.   Speaking of His will, we need to pray for that.  It is very hard to not go to God in prayer and give Him our to do list, things we are concerned about, worried about, things we desire.  The list is always long, but every prayer should end with an affirmation of our faith in our Heavenly Father, and that we desire His will above all else.  When we tell our Havenly Father, may Thy will be done, we are saying we trust Him, and that is what He desires most!  The great news is He is far more than Trustworthy!


A moment to moment walk with Him is not always easy, but always filled with peace and joy. One thing we can do is support one another.  When Jesus sent out the disciples he sent them in pairs. I am sure the message was, we can’t do this alone, we need each other.  I want my brothers and sisters to call me on my behavior, if it falls outside the lines of serving Him.  It may hurt when we get called on the carpet, but it hurts a whole lot less than seeing someone that didn’t get to paradise, because of us!


Heavy stuff for the day after Christmas I know, but then Jesus wasn’t born so we could put up a tree and open presents, He came to change the world forever.  If he has changed your world, then you already know the answer to the question, “What are you going to do about it?”  If it helps at all, please know I’m there with you!




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