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When you have time to think, you think of weird things!  I own most of the lenses Fuji has come out with, but two recent purchases are becoming my favorites.  The 16mm f 1.4 and the 90mm f 2, (24mm and 135mm equivalents) represent the short and long lenses I enjoy most.  A 24mm is the all around wide angle, wide enough to look really wide, but not so wide that it can’t be used “more” conservatively!  The 90mm is a long portrait lens, and a short “long” telephoto.  So what if you had to live with only two lenses?  Could the 16mm & the 90mm be them?


I think so.  Both lenses are fast for their focal lengths.  They both are exceptionally sharp, maybe the sharpest I’ve ever seen for their focal lengths.  The 16mm is compact, and the 90mm has a perfect amount of heft and feel in the hand.


The 90mm has the perfect, compressed, look that isolates subjects beautifully. I own the 56mm f 1.2 and it is a sweet lens too, but it does not compress like the 90mm and that is a trait I highly value.


There is one other thing, zooms make me lazy.  Notice how I didn’t say they make you lazy!!!!  I have no idea how you deal with convenience, but in all honesty, if I don’t have to move, I’m sometimes, shall we say complacent.  This may not be a problem in many areas of life, but in photography perspective is created by your position to the subject.  If you have the right perspective. you need to fill the frame from where you are standing, thus zooms, but if you have the proper focal length from where you’re standing all the better.  Clear as mud?  Right?  Really using single focal length lenses has a lot  of great advantages.  Usually the quality  is marginally better, and of course the maximum speed is almost always better.



I went out and shot a few images today to just illustrate how each lens covers the same subject.  The statue below shows how glorious the f 2  works to give butter smooth bokeh.



The flowers photographed at f 1.4 can have sharpness very close, but still have out of focus backgrounds that add to the composition and secondary motifs.




























The shot of the Open sign below is a close shot with the 16mm.


The same sign with the 90mm, you can see the compression difference at 90mm.



The Texaco Sky Chief sign below shows the 16mm has the patented sweeping appearance.




The close-focus ability of  the 16mm allows doing some rather neat things like the image below, and after all, isn’t that what is the most cool thing about photography after all, finding great subjects, and using the tools at your disposal to make images, how invigorating is that!!!




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Yesterday I flew from Seattle to Phoenix and then from Phoenix to Louisville, and then drove the two and half hours home.  Translation, a lot of time to think!!!  I can’t be home with my beautiful bride, remembering my great time in Mt Rainier, the great honor of teaching with Jack, the pleasure of knowing and working with a guy like Jim Begley.   To live everyday enjoying the craft I enjoy so much, and not reflect on, why me???!!!


I have long since stopped wondering if somehow I deserve my great blessings!  Gave up on that one a long time ago!  A life well lived can probably be because a person has lived in a way that leads to it, but not a life as good as mine!  It won’t surprise you with what I came up with.  My life is completely undeserved.  Grace is unmerited blessings.  When I gave my life to Jesus, I not only received forgiveness but also it started a journey with Him that has blessed every area of my life!


So why am I sharing this with you?  Well, if you are already standing where I’m standing you’re shaking your head in agreement, on the off chance that you’re not, food for thought.




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After 5 straight days without internet or cell service, I’m finally able to share about the great Fuji Workshop Jack and I just wrapped up this morning at Mt. Rainier National Park.  We had a great group and a wonderful Fuji team, and the attendees got a perfect mix of dramatic skies and fog shrouded forest and running streams.  Perfect conditions to enjoy this beautiful park!  Our first evening we had gray smoke filled color due to the forest fires a hundred mile sway in Central Washington.



The first morning we had some of the most spectacular skies you can imagine over Reflection Lake, here are a few examples!



Then the rain rolled in and the streams filled with water and the water shooting was on!




All in all a great group and great workshop, if this is a foretaste of future Fuji Workshops, we are off to a great start!



The best moment, well it’s hard to beat my time with Jack and Linda’s great dog, Roscoe!  Of course Jack, I enjoyed teaching with you again too!!!!!



Thanks for hanging in for a week without posts!




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Wednesday Jack and I embark on another great adventure.  When I retired from Nikon NPS, Jack asked me if I would run a workshop with him, that has now grown to 7 annually!  Jack said he hated to tell me but he was shooting the Fuji system and was thinking of going to it for all  his needs, I said this is amazing, I’m headed the same way!  So since the summer of 2013 both Jack and I have become Fuji shooters and this spring were both made Fuji X-Photographers.  We’ve watched as many hundreds of our friends and clients have followed the lead and are Fuji X-System shooters too.  The next natural step was to teach some X-System workshops!


One thing I’ve learned in the past two years is how many ways the mirror-less cameras make my life easier and better.  It is exactly how to take full advantage of this new revolution that our workshops will be based on.  Every photographer has different needs, and mirror-less is not necessarily best for everyone, but for many of us, it is the perfect mix of capablity and portability. Stay tuned this week and I will share the things going on at Mt. Rainier.


Stay tuned!!  By-the-way I’m on planes all day tomorrow, so I will try to get it going Wednesday!  Please keep in mind that cell and internet service in the park are pretty bad, but I will do my best!


Till then, Blessings,


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