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While scouting on the second day i attempted to think about the focus point, what I wanted to emphasize in my images. Where you focus your viewer will look, below are some attempts to use this principle.  More importantly I’ve been reexamining where I’m focused in life.  I know my focus needs to be on Him, my family, those I serve.  It’s easy to get your focus “off”!  It’s easier to stay focused if you can remember what is most important.  I spend a lot of time in prayer asking God to show me where I’m using bad spiritual technique in my life.  i want to stay focused!



By-the-way, this image was made with the 16mm f 1.4 but shot at f 16 to make the depth the emphasis!  Love that lens!


In the next two images i used the long end of the 18-135 to compress the image and place emphasis on the trees and leaves.




Work on nailing your focus today!!!!




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Jack and I arrived in Fairlawn, Ohio yesterday afternoon and did our first scouting trip this  morning.  We were pleased with the ample opportunities we’ve found so far, and will do some more tomorrow.  This is a great place to capture color and the wonderful culture of the Amish.  Below are some day one images!










More soon!!!!  Buggy at top to 7 Up sign all 18-135 on the Fuji X-T1, last several images with 90mm f 2 lens at f 2!!




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My website is called Photography & Faith, I wish I had named it Faith & Photography because for me Faith comes first.  I’m so thankful that today we are seeing an explosion of quality films that carry the message of Christ.  I recommended, highly, Do You Believe, and before that, What If,  both are examples of this new era of  Christian films that carry the life giving message of  Christ in effective and powerful ways. Woodlawn is the latest and may be the greatest yet!  What is even more amazing about this wonderful film is that people all over America have actually bowed their heads and accepted Christ into their hearts right in the theatre at the end of the film!  So today you have a BIG Decision to make, are you going to go and see this film, and then recommend it to others, especially those you know, that have not found a relationship with Jesus Christ!?


A beautiful side note is that veteran actor Sean Astin, (Lord of The Rings, Rudy, Goonies and many other films), appeared in Woodlawn  which was his third Christian film, but during the filming of this movie he gave his heart to Christ!!!!  I’ve joined many others in praying for him for some time!!!  He appeared in the film Rudy with my first cousin, Ned Beatty.  I’ve been  fan for years of his work.






Decisions Number Two, a Little One.  One of the big discussions in digital photography today is Full Frame or APS-C Sensor, which is best and why?  The image above is by Lars Authen from Norway.  He declares himself a hobbyist, but you couldn’t prove it with his work, which is excellent.  Here is link to his article about his love affair between the Fuji X-System and the Nikon D810.


In Lars article he very accurately describes the differences and advantages/disadvantages of each system.   His article mirrored my own experience, with both systems and the experience of my friends, Jim and Sue Haverstock.  He points out that the substantial 36 megapixel sensor in the 810 gives incredible detail when pixel peeping at life size and greater, a point I will happily agree with.  He also pointed out some of the ways the X-System is more user friendly in terms of the What You See Is What You Get nature of mirror less cameras.  I think his article which is fair and even handed, points out that it is more important to know what kind of work you do and what camera system best meets your needs.  I know that the Fuji X-System is perfect fit for me and my style and kind of photography, and how I use my images. For someone else that may not be true, and I’m fine with that.  You can make wonderful images with any modern camera, but the better you know your likes and dislikes the happier you will be in the process of making images, and after all that is the most important thing!  Even if it is a “small” decisions!


Have a great weekend, I’m off Monday to the Ohio/Amish workshop with Jack Graham, I’ll keep you posted!




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Quick Thank You, to the great group in Chattanooga at the Chattanooga Camera Club, they really made me feel welcome and I always enjoy visiting and sharing with them!

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“Little Things that you do, make me glad, I’m in love with you!”  That’s what Bobby Goldsboro sang!  On the last trip I got to thinking about how some little things make our jobs so much easier!


FIRST:  Above and below, “Snake” Barrett put me onto a new strap system from Peak Design. They consist of a neat tab that attached to the cameras strap lugs, and snaps in and out of their holders, for when you don’y want a dangling strap on your cameras.  My only problem is I’m madly in love with Wapiti Straps made with real Elk Skin.  The straps from Peak Design are nice soft Nylon, but they won’t stay on your shoulder.  Fortunately the holders have a smaller slot that the Wapiti straps thread through perfectly, so, problem solved, and I love these snap tethers!




SECOND:  How do you get a few filters to work on all your lenses?  Step Up and Step Down Rings!  Tons are available on Amazon and they can make it easy to use that favorite 77mm filter fit all your lenses!



THIRD:  We all shoot digital, well 99.9% of us, and that means we must have batteries, now is there a better way to charge them?  Companies like Watson and Kastar make chargers that show a graphic that keep you informed about the condition of your batteries,  Watson makes dual chargers, and Kastar makes single chargers with interchangeable plates so you can charge a number of different batteries, I know all the batteries for the Fuji System are covered and it appears all the major brands are too!  Amazon has both!  They charge faster and I’ve loved using them.



FOURTH:  You always have lots of extra filters, you know, the ones you don’t use all the time? What to do with them????  MindShift makes a small, beautiful filter folder called the Filter Hive Mini, it will hold a few plexiglass split neutral density filters and a couple ofd 77mm glass neutral densities.




FIFTH:  We don’t carry canisters of film anymore, but we sure use memory cards.  Now I’ve used a lot of brands, Lexar, Sandisk, and others but my favorites and the most reliable for me have been from Delkin.  I not only have had a terrific luck with them, but their customer service is outstanding.



SIXTH:  Now something that is just plain fun!  Fuji makes a little INSTAX printer that works with Bluetooth and makes really cool little prints, (the return the Polaroid age!)  While I’m not a big instant print guy,  my grandchildren really love them and it is worth it for just that!!!!



Some fun things, some essential things, some just plain great things!




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