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Jim and I sweated out the color for weeks!  We should have trusted!  It was a spectacular fall, even locals said it was a banner year!  We had a fantastic group and not only shot a lot of fall color scenes but lots of other interesting subjects too!  I’m in Portland, Maine getting ready to join up with Jack Graham and do our Acadia Workshop that starts Wednesday evening. For today I thought I would share some of my personal favorites from Brown County!  Before I start, I have to say thank you again to Jim and Sue Haverstock who did an incredible ob getting things ready for us!


Here you go!



Then we had the chance to shoot a lot of great antique Americana subjects!



Lastly we went into town one evening at Frd Sisson’s suggestion and light painted the beautiful 30 foot tall fall leaf statue!



Needless to say I had a blast!  Now I can’t wait to get Acadia Started!!!




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A few days out in the field with the attendees of the Brown County Fall Leaf Event has really helped me knock the rust off.  It had been several weeks since I had been in the field shooting and teaching and I was a little surprised how it took a little time for the “zone” to come back!  I want to do an eBook on “The Zone”!  For those of you that have experienced it, it is a rush like what a runner gets when the endorphins kick in and they get a burst of energy!  Its a mental kick in the pants!  I think running into Fred Sisson and talking with him re-energized me!  It is one of the greatest highs a visual artist can feel, when shots start to appear everywhere you look!


We all have mentors, people that helped spark the desire to do something and if we were fortunate they also helped us find our way through the woods of a new endeavor!  Fred was that person in my life that made me see just how great a life of photography could be, and how to tart down that path.  Sitting at the Bean Blossom Antique shop chewing the fat was like going back to the early days of my walk.  Thanks Fred, for yesterday, and 44 years of yesterdays!




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P.S.  Fred Sisson and I will team up in 2014 (date coming), for a great Americana Workshop in Roanoke Virginia.  the theme will be Trains, Machines, and Americana!  Part of the workshop will involve a visit to the wonderful Winston O’ Link Museum and Gallery and a night time live, flash shoot of a moving train!!!!  Just like (well sorta like) Winston did it!


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Our workshop in Brown County, Indiana is off to a great start, wonderful group of people and the leaves are perfect!  Today we went down to Story and really had a great time.  A friend of Jim Haverstock’s brought over a beautiful Model A Ford and we all had a lot of fun shooting it in front of the historic Story Inn!  This is a fantastic part of the country with great fall color and lots of history!  A special surprise was a visit from Fred Sisson, my old Nikon NPS buddy who has been having a lot fun hanging out with the crowd!  Lots of great Americana stuff to shoot as illustrated below!



A word of thanks again to all of you that have purchased eBooks, our efforts are off to a great start!




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Planning fall workshops is maddening!  A year before you run a workshop you have to “guess” when the leaves are going to be perfect!  Well, of course this is impossible, you make your best estimation based on previous years.  Fortunately we are going to have great color at Brown County, but it doesn’t always work that way!  The fall leaf peak in the Great Smokies can come anywhere from the first week of October to the second week of November, and I’ve see it happen at different times  across that entire span!  The good news is that early fall, peak color, and late fall can all be spectacular in their own way, and that is the secret to getting good images no matter whether the leaves go early or late!


So how are we doing on fall color for this fall at our workshops?  Brown County looks excellent, should be near peak, Acadia (which is less dependent on fall color, there isn’t much there), still looks good, it will be near the end with great leaves on the ground which is perfect!   The red ground cover on Cadillac Mountain hold s


s on so we should be good to go!  The Smokies will be iffy, but if the peak is over and much of the color is on the ground, it will be perfect for stream shooting which is a lot of what we do there!  The image below shows how good a stream shot can be with the rocks covered by leaves!  Colder nights will give us the chance of frost on colorful leaves on the forest floor, another great shot!  I suspect at lower elevation we will still have some nice color in the tress, which should be perfect in the Tremont and Cades Coves areas.  Nelson Ghost Town in Nevada, no fall color there anyway!!!



The preparation for a workshop starts a year in advance, but the most important prep takes place the first day of a workshop!  That’s when you access the conditions, the weather and then go over the locations you planned to shoot, pick the right ones for the right day, and then do the very most important thing of all, get positive!  The truth is that any condition, any place, “can” yield great images, if you spend a little time figuring it out.  The problem for all of us is we have expectations, what we think things are going to be like.  How many times have you had a terrible birthday, or Christmas, or summer vacation, because things didn’t go according to “your plan!”   Here is the trick, learn how to make lemonade out of lemons.  As a working pro for the last 45 years I’ve had less than perfect condition more often than perfect ones, and I’ve managed to make wonderful images anyway!  The biggest block to great images is not hanging on the trees, it’s stuck between your ears!  So get positive, don’t look at what you don’t have, look at what you do have!  Sounds like a coach trying to get the team ready to play, but it’s the reality of being a photographer!  So so photographers depend on perfection, great photographers find greatness in any condition!


What are my plans for this fall?  To go out an show people how to make great images!  ….and not to sound cocky, but I’ll do it!!!!  The Brown County Fall Workshop with Jim Haverstock starts tomorrow night!




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