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I was talking to a retired Marine officer recently and he told me something that really stuck with me and is a great way to follow up to the last blog entry.  I was asking him if his experience at Paris Island was brutal as I’ve heard it described by others.  He said at one point in his career he was in charge of some of the Drill Sergeants at Paris Island, (he is a Full Col. in retirement).  He said yes it is probably worse than you think.  He followed with, “for good reason, we have to prepare them to do the hardest thing you can imagine, take orders and do what they are told to do, even when it seems like certain death might be the result!”  He explained to me that the only way a combat unit can succeed is if they put duty and honor above their own lives, in other words follow marching orders.


It seems to me that in the times we live, we are going to face a lot of extreme difficulties and the question we must come to grips with, as a Christian, is are we going to follow the orders we got from Jesus?!  His last words to us were to go an spread the Gospel to all the world.  What is the Gospel? The knowledge that God is real, that He loves us, He loved us so much that He sent His only Son to die for us, and that through believing in Him and accepting that forgiveness we can have eternal life.”  We can’t do a that if we deny his existence or fail to share with others that He is real and relevant!!!!


The world is walking away from that Truth, in fact much of the world is running from it.  Our Marching Orders are to reach out and love the lost, to help them see and understand that the Gospel is not only real, but v very real for them!


Is it hard?  Yes!   Will there be danger?  Yes!  Should that stop us?   No


Onward Chrisitan Soldiers…….


Blessings and Boldness to you,


the pilgrim

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I just got back from a great trip to St. Augustine with Sherelene to visit family and be at my grandson Ben’s high school graduation.  We had a great time as a family being with Scott and Diane, Ben and Hannah and Hannah’s boy friend, Tim.  We got to visit Sherelene’s sister Diane and her husband Ron, it was all swell, except for one thing, and this was not the fault of any of my family members, but something at the graduation, really bothered me a lot!


When we first sat down and hour and a half  before the graduation ceremony, there were many hundreds to graduate that day!!!  I started looking through the program, and as at all such celebrations lots of superintendents, principals, board members and other dignitaries each had an address to give.  Then there was the Senior officers, the Valedictorian and Salutatorian.  It was a long affair to be sure, but I noticed looking at the program, they sang the alma matter, they recited the pledge allegiance to the flag, they sang Star Spangled Banner, but no invocation?!  I kept waiting for one of the many speakers to give some thanks to God, but He was not mentioned.  Finally the principal gave his talk and used the nickel as his reference, he talked about all the things written and displayed on the nickel and their meaning to the graduating class, I got excited, I kept waiting, surely this guy would mention that right on the coin it said , “In God We Trust”?  Nope everything on a nickel was described, except that!!!!


O.K. I understand it was a big diverse school and not all the students were part of my faith.  I’m sure it would have made the ceremony three times longer if every faith was represented and God only knows, today, you can’t offend anyone!


I sat there feeling a great deal of pride in my grandson and a great deal of worry about the world he and my other grandchildren are about to go out into.  We have become so politically correct that we have chosen that rather than complicate matters, we’ve decided, “let’s just eliminate God from our lives!” If we don’t someone may get upset.


I’m sorry but I can’t deal with that kind of solution to an over sensitive, self indulgent society that says,  “don’t bother me with things I don’t accept or believe in!”  I think everyone has the right and is permitted to believe and practice those beliefs as they so desire, even God has told us that He will not force Himself on us, we have that free choice.  What I hate is that those of us that do believe, that do want to honor our God, that do feel those wonderful young people are a great gift to us, from our Heavenly Father, are expected to sit on our hands rather than upset someone else.  I don’t believe in and honor God to upset people, that has nothing to do with my faith walk.


I know…… I’m old and old fashioned.  I grew up when prayers were given before football games by local pastor, when teams prayed before and after a game, when schools had “Christmas plays” and sang Christmas Carols.  I can remember when we said Merry Christmas to everyone, Happy Easter, and when we stopped to pray for families on Memorial Day and evoked God’s  love on other holidays.


I don’;t want to offend others, I really don’t and I take no pleasure in saying anything that may ruffle someone’s feathers, but I’m kind tired of having my feathers ruffled too!


So here is what I’m going to do, I’m going to express God’s love in all the ways I can, be helpful, honor others, pray for them, and offer a helping hand.  I’m going to continue to wish others a Merry Christmas, and say Praise God, and Bless you!  I’m going to live my faith as it come naturally.  Not to bug anyone, but because I truly am glad to be an American, a Christian, and be so Blessed in the life He has given me.. Why?  Because my mother and father taught me to be thankful and always say thank you!


Thank You God, I still believe in you and I’m not ashamed to say it!




the pilgrim

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If you’re ever in Jacksonville and are hankering for a good burger I can highly recommend a new chain called Burger Fi.  I went with Sherelene and My son Scott and daughter in law Diane to try them tonight and it was a smashing success.  5 Pickles!!!!  K.J. Matthews cooked up a superb burger for us and the manager Ben Nyssen took extra good care of us as well.  This burger joint has great fries, onion rings and I will go back again soon and checkout some of the other menu items!


It is rare to find a 5 Pickle burger but this one was worth every pickle!  They are located at 108 Riverside Ave. in Jacksonville, Florida.


Thanks guys for a great evening!




the pilgrim

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After the Olympic Fuji Workshop Jack and I spent part of a day in Seattle shooting the sights.  No trip to Seattle is complete without a walk through the Pike’s Market!  It is a fun walk and lot of color and textures to capture.  Above, across the street from Pikes’ Market is Taxi Dogs and while I’m not a street shooter, I enjoyed trying to capture the store front with a customer coming by,  thanks Mam for carrying a red purse!!!!


Lots of interesting things for sale, here are a few of my favorites from the X PRO 2, which I continue to fall deeper in love with!!!!!  It’ such a spontaneous shooting expereince!




Interesting place, interesting subjects!




the pilgrim