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A moment of thanksgiving to all those that were in prayer tonight for my presentation at Photoshop World!!!!  Things could not have gone better, and the Holy Spirit as usual, was spot on.  It gave me a great deal of comfort knowing that so many brothers and sisters were lifting me up.  Pete Collins prayed for me before the presentation and again after.  The response was overwhelming and many people came up after the program to share how God had touched their hearts.  All of you that faithfully lifted me up can share in knowing God’s work was done tonight!  It was daunting being on stage with Joe McNally, Dave Black, Jim DeVitale, Julieane Kost, Moose Peterson, and  Joel Glyda, a talented bunch for sure!  I wasn’t nervous about sharing my faith, but showing my work next to these guys was amazing!


It is such a rich gift to know that He never fails us and when we are obedient, all we have to do is show up and turn Him loose!  One more wonderful example of how much He loves us and touches others lives!


Blessings and thank you again,


the pilgrim

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Sorry for being so late posting, but I have a good excuse!  Sherelene and I flew out to Las Vegas Monday and I’ve been enjoying my bride, and visiting with a lot of dear friends, but the work starts today!!!!  I have a meeting at noon to see a software package you will definitely be hearing more about, critiques from 1:30 to 3:00, and a lecture at 3:15!  Then the after hours party tonight.  Busy but loving every minute of it!


This morning I got over to Nikon’s sensor cleaning room and was able to see a lot of my old Nikon friends!  It was great to see them all, but Mark Kettenhofen, shown above “Peddling uphill” is a very dear friend with whom I had many great adventures in the Nikon years, some were peddling uphill!!!  Mark and I have faced a lot of challenges together and our faith and friendship has always pulled us through!  When I get to spend time with Mark I’m reminded of how much we lean on the Lord, and how He never fails us.  Friends like Mark are far and few between, I always feel grounded when we get a few minutes together!


Tomorrow is a big day for me at Photoshop World.  Jay Maisel was unable to make the show so I’m stepping in to do one of his two lectures.  I’m honored and petrified to stand on the same stage he would have occupied!  Dave Black is taking the other and we met for breakfast yesterday and both lamented that these are gigantic shoes to f ill!  I’m going to open my talk by saying. “Let’s get two things straight, first, I’m not Jay Maisel, and second, neither are you!  But together we will see if we can become better photographers together!”


I go straight from that lecture to my own, and later in the evening have a very special opportunity.  I’m on the panel for “The Future of Digital Photography”.  This is Photoshop World’s heavy hitter all on stage for a two hour share fest.  This is my first time to be on the stage for this event and I asked if I could participate.  In Atlanta Jeremy Cowart  shared his testimony, and tomorrow night I will be sharing mine.  I’m not nervous, or scared, or concerned about what anyone will think of me or  what I have to share, I am very concerned that people’s hearts will be open to hear a message that is far more important than anything about me!  I would covet your prayers for the audience, that their hearts will be open for what I pray will be a life changing experience for some that will be there!


My job is simple, get on the bike and ride, and leave the destination up to Him, and I know if it’s an uphill ride, He is more than able to get me there!




the pilgrim


I will report, I promise!

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The image above was shot a little while back on my one year plus journey as a Fuji X System user.  I’ve been singing the song of the coming mirror-less  revolution for well over two years.  One of the websites I visit often is the Luminous Landscape, and I was interested to find the video for which I’ve provided a link below.  I have enjoyed the reports provided by Michael Reichmann on his website.  For those of you that have been following my thoughts, you will enjoy this conversation between Michael and Kevin Raber.


I have to be honest, it was good to hear the song I’ve been singing for some time now!  Enjoy!




the pilgrim


I will post through the week from Las Vegas.

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Yesterday’s blog entry was passed along to me by Richard Small, a dear friend who sends me a lot of thought provoking articles,  it really struck a cord with me, but I didn’t write it.  As much as I appreciate that people think I could compose that, it was not my writing. The piece brought up a lot of feelings I’ve been holding in, so what follows is my writing.


1.  We live in the greatest country in the world, because we have spent our most precious treasure to help millions of other citizens of the world.  We’ve given the lives of  our  men and women to assure the freedom and lives of millions of others.  For that we are resented, despised and disrespected.  Even knowing that, those same men and women would give their lives again for others.  That’s America.


2.  People find our mindset hard to understand, it’s pretty simple.  For the most part we are a Christian nation.  While Jesus hung on the cross he looked down and those that brutally crucified Him and said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  We don’t always succeed, but we try real hard.  We believe in integrity and character, and we try to live by it.

3.  Anyone who doesn’t believe in real evil, spiritual evil, Satan, the enemy, you pick the name, hasn’t read that some Americans are joining the Islamic terrorist to turn on their own country.  Yes Virginia, Evil and Stupidity are real!


4.   A little advice; If you want to have a good life, make it about someone else besides yourself, trust in God, love those that you are fortunate to call family and friends, and keep your word!  That about covers it.


5.  With all the hell in the world, is there any hope?  You bet, Jesus.




the pilgrim



Headed to Las Vegas for Photoshop World, pray that I’m there for a good reason, no need to go anywhere if you are not going to do a little good.  It’s in God’s hands, it’s always in His hands……..