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Last night Sherelene and I sat in our beach condo, (rented, we don’t own one), listening to the ocean and feeling the evening breeze through the open door after a good thunder storm.  Then we settled in for her first, my fifth, watching of the movie, Do You Believe.  This morning I awoke to the first signs of a sunrise over the Atlantic and caught this couple walking along the beach from our balcony.


As I looked at the image on my computer screen, the Holy Spirit, inspired these thoughts.  What is a daily relationship with Jesus Christ?  It is a walk.  Sometimes a run or sprint, but mostly a slow, methodical walk.  There are flat smooth places, slight inclines, and sometimes steep climbs over rocky terrain, but it always varies and it seems He always give you some easy patches between the difficult ups and downs.  This week is one of those nice pleasant flat easy walks.


O.K. enough symbolism, what am I saying.  Committing to a moment to moment relationship with Jesus is not a walk in the park, not all of it.  There are times of testing, of training, of endurance and facing pain, there is also lots and lots of sheer joy and laughter.  It takes it all to grow in Him. Without challenges we would never grow stronger, and more reliant on Him.  God is not satisfied with your acknowledgment of His existence, He wants to have a  relationship with you, to talk and walk, and for you get to get to know each other better.  He wants us to trust Him, and He knows that the only way we can trust is to see He is trustworthy.  When we walk through difficult times we learn just how trustworthy He is.  When we suffer we find out just how much He loves us and how far He is willing to go for us.


It sounds like this walk is actually a hike or a trek, and sometimes it is.  The most incredible thing about this journey is that after a while you will know that He is right beside you and it will bring you such wonderful peace and joy.  You come to understand that if He is for you, no one can stand against you, at least not for very long.  You see God takes care of His children.  On the fifth watching of Do You Believe  I did the same thing I did in the first four watchings, I ended it with a prayer that God would sustain me in my walk with Him.  I want desperately to live for Him, to love others with His love, to offer forgiveness as He did for me, to survive and be victorious as the enemy attacks me.  I want to be an example of how good this walk can be.


Long ago the Lord started a process in me that continues to this very moment, the dying of self.  I know that to really serve Him I have to let all my self die away and live only for Him.  It is not an easy process, it is very hard not to want to defend yourself, to strike back at your attackers, but it is not His way.  I cannot serve Him, exhibit His love and forgiveness and seek retribution, and I won’t.  I will trust in Him to protect me, to surround me with His angels and to give me the strength to stand firm for Him.  If He was willing to die for my sins, I must be willing to turn way from my sins and seek His higher ground.  I am not powerful in my own strength, but I am more than an overcomer in His.


In truth, I don’t walk all the time, very often, He carries me!




the pilgrim


Photo with the Fuji X-T10 and 55-200 lens.

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Is it too hot in the kitchen for you?  Do the daily frustrations of life get you down?  Have you ever been falsely accused or blamed for something  you didn’t do?  Sure, we all have, the key question is how do you respond?  For me as a Christian, proclaiming that I live by the Cross of Christ, the answer has to be, His answer.  Hanging on the cross, being spat on, and accused of all manner of things he never said or did, Jesus looked down and said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!”  I know what you’re thinking, easy for Jesus!   Yes, but that is the model for our lives.  The Jewish elders wanted to trick Jesus into making a decision they could criticize Him for, they asked what should be done with a woman caught in the act of adultery?  The Jewish law called for her to be stoned to death.  Jesus paused and few moments, drawing in the dirt, He then look up and said, “yes that is the law, so which ever of you is without sin let him cast the first stone.”    Not surprisingly they all walked away.


My point is simple, if you want to have a daily, moment to moment relationship with Jesus Christ you must walk the path he walked.  When the world verbally crucifies you, offer those asccusers forgiveness!  Is it hard, no it’s impossible, where it not for the love of Christ in us and His power to overcome.  What do you think your enemies would think of you if you offered to forgive them?


You might be shocked to find out!




the pilgrim


Arrived at Amelia Island an hour ago, thunder storming, I promise images later this week!!!

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It’s easy to get so intense about the quality of your work that you loose track of why you got into this in the fist place….fun!  Can you remember that first camera, those first few rolls of film, the excitement of getting those little yellow boxes, (later they were green) and looking at your slides! The color, the joy when it was not too light or too dark.  We did it because it made us smile, and that is what my grandchildren did last night when they saw these little prints rise out of my little white, magic box.


My good photo buddy and Fuji Gal, Dana Ranslem sent me a care package that contained the new Fuji SP-1 Instax Printer and several boxes of instant film.  I shot some images of my little ones and then printed them out and they saw that same magic as their faces appeared out of the white empty print. It was the same joy that I can remember when I first stood over a developer tray and saw, under the orange glow of a safe light, my first prints come to life!!!  They reacted the same way with a smile that spread completely across their faces!  Thanks Dana, and thanks even more for reminding about the magic that started this 46 year journey!






It’ amazing how a little printer and Insatx film can bring back the joy of why we started doing this in the first place, thanks Dana!




the pilgrim


P.S.  …and thanks Fuji for the X-System, those great lenses and all the fun they are helping me have!


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Our Faithful Friends gathering in the Great Smoky Mountains has been great!   Lots of good friends enjoying the park and each others fellowship.  Last night we watched Do You Believe as a group and it was very well received.  What a powerful film!  This morning we shot the sunrise from the Foothills Parkway, and it was a really good sunrise.  Above and below a few images from the shoot.




Lots of great antiques and rust!







as Jake would say, we’re having a Rockin’ good Time!!!





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