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Well, I’m still alive!  I had a fantastic time with Jack and his gang at Death Valley, wow what a place!  We pulled some very long days, filled with incredible shooting locations, and great class room time.  I really enjoyed teaming up with Jack again and was very pleased to be asked to join him several more times next year!!!  I will reveal those dates after I get approval from my chairman of the board, Sherelene!  The shot above and below are the monochrome and color versions of a shot I made this morning, ready for this, hand held, ISO 6400, with the amazing Fuji X100s!



I have dozens of images I want to share with you through out this week.  I will get started on Thursday, in  the air all day tomorrow, getting home!  Hope all of you are well, and will be up and rolling on Thursday…




the pilgrim


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Hey guys, love this shot of Jim, wish he could be with us!!!  I arrived in Las Vegas late this afternoon after a 4 hour delay in Midway, hey, things happen.  I’m really looking forward to shooting in Death Valley and working with Jack again, and his great group!!!  ONE PROBLEM, The lodge at Death Valley has no internet service, and no phones, and no TVs, well I don’t  care about the TV, but I sure will miss posting for you guys, so here is my promise, take a little vacation and be back, with me here, November 14th (that’s next Thursday,  a week from today!!!)  I promise to share all the images and details about the trip.  You all may not miss my daily posts, but I sure will miss doing them for you, but I promise to make up for it next week.


So remember to pray for Jack, I, and the group, and we will share your good wishes and prayers and expect great results!




the pilgrim


Photo Note:  Fuji X100s

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I spent most of the last month looking for fall color, without much success, now back home for two days before the next trip, where there will not be any fall leaves at all (Death Valley), I find a few images right close to home.  It has been a poor fall in Kentucky, for color, but even in the worst fall seasons a few interesting things appear, and as photographer you work with what you have!!!!  I wanted to start out this blog post with a few images to remind myself that this is what I love,  the photography part!!   I’m going to make today’s post a double, two subjects!  I will be traveling all day tomorrow headed to Las Vegas to meet Jack Graham for our workshop in Death Valley, so this will have to hold us until I shoot some stuff out there.  I hope to post again by Thursday, if we have internet  service at Furnace Creek Lodge??!!



This morning as a I drove around looking for images I was reminded again, just how much I love the process of photography, both visual, and technical!




Last night at midnight Nikon introduced a new camera, the Df shown below;



If this had happened two years ago, I would  have one, maybe even two, on order right this minute, but I don’t, and even though I’m not buying one, yet, I applaud Nikon for doing this!!  As you guys that read my blog on a regular basis know I started using the Fuji X System some months back, and did so for a several reasons;


1.  I simply could no longer carry the large DSLRs and lenses comfortably from my Nikon system.  My bag had grown to over 25 pounds and one shoulder surgery was leading to a second!!  No way……  (I needed a lighter, smaller system!).  


2.  I was unwilling to give up image quality just because I needed a much lighter system. With the Fuji X System, (X-Pro 1, X-E1, and the X100s) I have exceptional  image quality and exceptional lenses,  and at half the weight.


3.  I, being a old codger, or is that an old coot, never sure which one applies??   Anyway, I really loved the throwback design of the Fuji cameras, and that brings us to the new Nikon Df!  Below is an illustration of both cameras from the top, it gives you an idea what I love so much about the Fuji cameras, and what I love about this new Nikon Df, it’s old school!  Real control knobs and rings for the most important camera functions!!!!  Even the old threaded release!



I think it is great that Nikon understand that the millions of baby boomers, that are retiring, like me, that got into photography decades ago when this was how cameras operated, are enjoying the chance to go back to the roots of our love, and enjoy the old school way of doing things!  The Nikon is smaller and lighter, I like that!  Unfortuantely, the lenses are still bigger, and heavier than what I currently use, but I do still have a bunch of Nikon glass, so who knows, one of these lovely Df bodies may make it into my collection, but I sure am enjoying the lessened burden and fine performance from the Fuji X System!  It may be a little late, but still good for you Nikon, this is a very interesting product, and looks very worthy to be considered by those that want to stay Nikon full frame.  With the D4 sensor, I imagine it will be an a fine imager as well!  I will try to get a hold of one and run a review.  It might even cost me $2,795.  (That’s what the body alone is running)  It’s fun when the major camera makers keep making products to make this more fun, thanks Nikon, I think you may have  hit a home run!


The most important thing is to stay out there looking for images, and having fun making them!!!




the pilgrim


Photo Note:   Fuji X-Pro 1 and 55-300 Fujinon lens.   Images fo Nikon Df and Fuji X-Pro 1 courtesy of Nikon and Fuji.



FLASH, my latest Kelby Training Video went live today!





8 months, 2 weeks ago 2

I am really enjoying retirement, but I miss Bill Pekala, and Scott Diussa, and Mark Kettenhofen and the rest of the gang!  Not that working for Nikon I ran into any of them that much, we were all always headed different directions, but I did love the comradory, thankfully the friendships are not over!  I’ve been too busy to miss much about full time employment, and I am having a blast, I can’t wait to do a workshop with Pekala in Moab, and Diussa in Ireland, (coming soon!!!!)   But for now, thanks guys for all the great times, and for you Bill, “Here’s lookin’ at you guy!”




the pilgrim


Pekala and I have had fun shooting faces back and forth, this leaf seems to be saying, “rough winter coming!!!!”