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Our first day out on the coast has been sunny, but we got a break this morning at Ecola State Park, with some nice mist in the air hanging to the coast.  It held in the trees and gave a soft appearance to the early light spilling on the waves and sea stacks along the coast!  We have a great group of folks an they have been working hard under less tun perfect conditions!  The outlook for sunset is looking up as clouds are moving in around Cannon Beach.  WE will see, but hope springs eternal


Below Ed of Roanoke enjoys the breeze and the surf!



An off shore lighthouse peaks through the towering pines along the cliffs!



Hopefully, tomorrow I can show you a spectacular sunset!




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I got an email over the weekend from one of the attended to the Oregon Coast workshop guests asking how I prepared for a workshop, which allowed me to do an interesting inventory, and I thought it might be helpful to anyone planning photo trip so here is my answer to them and my advice to you!!!


Logistical Prep:  Know the area, have all your maps, guide books, and a articles not only at hand but available to study on the plane or in transit.  Whenever I am planning and packing for a workshop, I first check the weather forecast and normal climate for that region.  Will it be hot, cold, rainy, snowy, windy, all these conditions require different kinds of clothes!  I’ve found you are not comfortable you will not do your best work.  Nothing is worse than freezing to death instead of seeing the great subject and light!!!!  I’ve often said most workshops are not a fashion show, just be comfortable, and relaxed an you can do that best if you have the right kinds of outerwear.  If  you do this a lot, you will discover a really good gore tex shell will pay for itself many times over.  Same goes for silk weight long johns if it is going to be really cold.  For years marino wool socks and comfortable hiking shoes have beneath order of the day.


Gear Needs:  I tailor a bag for every trip with the bodies and lenses I know I will need to do the kind of work we will encounter at the location.  A good example would be if we are going photograph big mammals I would certainly want a 70-200 and a longer 400mm or 500 mm lens in addition to the normal kit.  For the upcoming Oregon Coast I will want every thing from a wide angle zoom, 10-24, to a midrange zoom, 16-55 and a longer lens like the 50-140 and a 300mmm equiv. Of course I always carry at least one spare body and a lot of extra batteries and a charger or two.


Physical prep:  West Coast trips in the northern part of the west coast in June tend be long days, early rising and late to bed, so I try to rest and catchup on my rest before my flight out to the location.  I also insist on a mid day nap to keep my energy up.  Workshops are intensive for instructors, you are on stage from the start until everyone has left, it really takes pacing yourself and staying up to speed on your rest and nutrition.  I buy some slimmest when i arrive on site, so I can at least get a good breakfast drink down for those early morning sunrise locations.


Spiritual Prep:  I am constantly on a mission to share God’s love with everyone I meet.  Sometimes it does not involve talking about my faith so much as trying my best to live it,  by example.  I believe everyone responds to being loved, and with God’s power we can share His love with everyone.  It has amazed me over the years how many people that, I do not know well at all, have said I was one of their best friends!!!  That is a God thing, they know they are loved, and it affects people, we all need to share that love more, and more widely!!!  All to His glory. of course!


Well that’s it,  I’m packed, geared up, rested and prayed up, ready to go and do my best to follow Him instead of lead, a plan that always works!




the pilgrim


The Shot?  Actually was made in Acadia, opposite coast, with a film camera and a double exposure.  The moon was shot with a 400 mm lens and then double exposed with a this morning shot of a small sail boat!



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Every time I go out to teach or share, I hope that God uses me as a blessing to those I meet.  I hope His love, His grace, His care and concern comes through whatever I share.  I don’t do this because I want to draw attention to myself, I do it because I want all attention turned to Him!!  There is a great reward to putting Him first, it allows Him to bless me too!!!


At my talk for Fuji at Dury’s I met a man I’ve long been a fan of,  and didn’t even know it!!!!  Tommy Coomes has been responsible for much of the music that I have enjoyed and worshipped God to for many years!  Here is little information about Tommy;



He was a pioneer of contemporary Christian music in the 70’s as a member of Love Song, and was the Creative Director at Maranatha! Music in the 80’s and 90’s, producing or executive producing several hundred recordings. Tommy has devoted his life to ministry since 1970: leading the music teams for Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, Promise Keepers, Greg Laurie, and Chosen Women, as well as developing and hosting seminars to train and equip the church in the use of music for worship and evangelism. Tommy is a singer, songwriter, producer, performer and worship leader. He and his wife Shelley live in Nashville, Tennessee (Music City).


The Tommy Coomes Band is a team of 12 professional artists, songwriters, arrangers and producers formed to facilitate new forms of worship and evangelism. They have recorded 12 CD’s on Maranatha! Music, Integrity Music and their own label, and have ministered in over 28 countries on 6 continents with Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Promise Keepers, Chosen Women, and Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusades.


In their careers they have worked with artists such as Kirk Franklin, Andrae Crouch, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Quincy Jones, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Israel Houghton, Donna Summer, Michael W. Smith, Don Moen, Paul Baloche, Tommy Walker and many, many others.


Several of their members serve as worship leaders in their local churches and they all love to share their experience and knowledge by conducting seminars to encourage, train and equip church leaders and musicians.


So this man, (Tommy), walks up and hands me his card and some of his CDs, which by-the-way I’ve been wearing out driving home from Nashville and worshipping with like crazy!  Tommy is not only an exceptional musician, singer and musical artist, he is also a warm and sincere believer and now brother in Christ.  I was so blessed to meet him, and was happy to have him in our class at Dury’s!!!


Tommy is good friends with Phil Keagy and Ricky Skaggs so I see a great trio of believers fellowshipping on future trips to Nashville!  You can learn more about Tommy and buy his CD’s (and they are wonderful I love them all but was so blessed by My Savior’s Love! ) at:


Then there was the great folks that attended my programs and the fellowship with Jackie Hillyer and Cy Franks of Fuji, and of course Ron and the great crew at Dury’s!!!  We really had a great time and I sure enjoyed sharing my love of the Fuji X-System with the good folks that attended the two classes Saturday!!!  Wow, was the response to the new Fuji X-T10 great!


Then of course I made it home safely last night, (thank you Lord), got to go to early church with Sherelene before she headed out to the clinic, and heard a great Father’s Day sermon from my Pastor Weyman!  …… and today I will go to see Jurassic World with Catherine and Clint, Cassidy and Cade as their Father’s Day gift to me!!  How blessed could a man be.


I’m headed to the Smokies tomorrow to do some scouting for a future workshop, have some great Bar-B-Q with Sherelene and then get ready to fly Wednesday at O:Dark Thirty to Portland for the Oregon Coast workshop with Jack Graham. Blessed????  You bet!!  Please pray for extra special energy for me!!!



Blessings to you, and Happy Father’s Day!



the pilgrim






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After just as few days at home it’s on the road again, first as quick stop in Nashville for the Fuji X-T10 release, and then Tuesday back to the airport for a flight to Portland , Oregon for the Oregon Coast workshop with Jack Graham!  I’m really looking forward to shooting the coast with Jack, he really knows this region!  I’m trying to cut back my gear load for this trip and I’m taking the following:


1 – Fuji X-T1

1 – Fuji X-T10

1- Fuji X100T


The following lenses:  10-24   16-55   –  18-135   –   50-140   –   Nikon 200mm f 4 small telephoto


* I could probably leave the 18-135 at home, but I really love that lens and use it a lot! 



That will give me coverage from 15mm to 300mm in just four lenses.  I will try to keep up enough energy to show you what we are shooting and keep you up to speed on using this range of lenses.


I’ve really been blessed this spring and have met a lot of great people, and had some great fellowship.  Please pray for our attendees, and Jack and I, we want to really give these folks a great experience!


In Him, Blessings,


the pilgrim