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Many thanks to all of you that have sent me an email so I could recapture your email addresses!!  Now in Entourage when I  got an email it apparently auotmtically listed the email  address on my contact list or email list, whatever it is called!  With Outlook, it does not, I wonder if anyone out there knows where in preferences you can turn that automatic function on, or how ot click on an email and capture the email address in my list of email addresses????


In Enterouge if I typed in the name “Chuck” I was offered several friends with the first name Chuck to choose from, (Chuck Summers, Chuck Barnes, etc) to address an email, it was very convient!


Any help anyone might offer would be very much appreciated!




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O.K. I like being married and living at home and winter is coming!!!!!  So here goes I have way too many camera bags, backpacks, and rolling bags, so this is how it will work, first come first serve, email me to hold your bag and then call me wilth a credit card, I will ship it ot you 2 Day Priority!


Let the fun begin!



Thanks for saving me from sleeping in the woods!!!


Looking for anything in particular, probably have it,  and would probably sell it!!!!

Watch for more sales, we are just getting started cleaning out the photo storage room!!!!!




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My beloved ilMac died and took all my email information with it!!!!!!  I just got my new iMac a 27″ 5 K Wow do images look incredilble, but I digress…….  My Mac expert & friend said that the only simple way to get all my contacts back is to save my friends info when I get an email from them!  So, you guessed it, would you “please” send me an email!  Simple,  just make the subect Hi!

Just send your email to:


Blessings and thanks,


the pilgrim











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Now that I have your attention,  I want to follow up on a great blog post by Jack Graham dated yesterday,    Jack went into great detail about some experiences he has had over the past week, and that we have both seen this coming!  I will let you get a lot of the the details from Jack’s blog post, but the short version is that he took a group to the Lower Antelope Canyon only to find the old 20 car parking lot has expanded to more than 100cars and bus’s and the rate raised from $85. per person to $250.!!!!!  He said it was so croweded there was no hope of setting up a tripod and making a decent image.  $250. to have a lousy experience????!!!!


In the “old” days we used to help students set up for a shot and then we would “kindly” ask others to hold up for one minute so they could finish their shot, no such luck now,  many visitors don’t speak english and have no idea what you’re asking, or pay no attention to your request at all, result,  ruined shots!



Don’t get me wrong, anyone has the right to visit these magical places and we,  (serious photographers),  have no special right to have the slots all to ourselves, but sadly those quiet special moments alone with some of the great scenes are probably over!  The price gouging is awful!


Jack also mentioned that the parking lot for Horseshoe Bend was packed an the edge of the canyon as filled with tourists with selfie sticks.  He even heard that the BLM is going start charging a fee to walk down the hill to bend!


Other locations are also up in the air, remember my experience at North Window in the spring (early spring)?  Just as the sun was rising to make the classic through North Window looking at Turrett Arch image, a 100 Chinese tourists arrived and went up and stood in the opening, replete with self sticks, I admit I hate those things, the sticks, not the tourists!!!!   The shot below may be a distant memory!


Try getting to Mesa Arch in any time, except severe winter weather, and show up before sunrise and you will find 40 others already there!!!!!!




Change happens!  The famous wagon wheel (below) in Bodie finally gave up the ghost, rotted and fell over!  Kinda like my body!!!  Yes, things they are a changin’!  Jack and I are researching where we can take people and not allow them to not have a bad experience or be gouged financially. Thankfully, many great national and state parks still allow a great experience and we will, of course, continue to go to them, but for now, we are taking a number of locations off our lists as suitable for a great nature photography experiences!





I had another bad hotel experience in Nashville inmate July.  The Courtyard West at Vanderbilt has always been great, been there three times!  This year they pulled every underhanded stunt in the book, too high a rate, required $30. a night valet parking and extra charges on the meeting room that were all uncalled for!!!  Won’t be going back there!!!  Please share your experiences with crowds and price gouging with us, and we will share your valuable information and experiences with others!


It’s still worth getting out there, but changes are coming!




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