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Another day in Nelson and the highlight was the remarkable light!  Our troops are turning out a lot of great images in this Disney World of Americana subject matter!  The best light has been from one hour before sunrise to about 30 minutes after.  Here are some of my images from today’s two trips out to Nelson.




If you’ve never been to Nelson, the next trip to Vegas drop by, you will love it!




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Jack and I got out early this morning, 5:00 a.m. and drove the 30 minutes down to Nelson.  We were rewarded with great early light and some fantastic subjects to shoot.  We needed to get to the location and see what time the sun actually rose over the mountains, Nelson is in a pretty deep valley!  We are really pleased, not only is the light great, (same weather all week), but the owners have made some great additions and it really makes the property even better!  They completed an old time garage and it was a great start to the day.  See below.




The Teddy Bear Cactus, looks fuzzy but is also called jumping cactus because it is so easy to get bitten by it!!!  It sure was great for framing the old  Chrysler below.



Tomorrow morning we will take our group down at 5:00 a.m. again and they will get their first taste of this great Ghost Town.  We will make at least three trips to Nelson, a trip to the neon Museum for some late light and twilight, lit Neon shooting, and a trip for an afternoon shoot at Red Rock Canyon just North of Las Vegas.  We are based in Henderson about 20 minutes south of Vegas.  No Elvis sightings yet!


Here is some spectacular rust on an old car!  More to come!





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Photo Note:  All images with the Fuji XT-1 and the 18-135 OIS WR   (the lens I said I wouldn’t be buying, sure glad I did!)


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After a long day in airports, getting to Las Vegas,  I’m tired, but excited!!  This fall has put a big punctuation mark on this year’s workshop season! Great groups, wonderful events and incredible conditions.  I want to thank my dear friends, Jim Begley, Jim Haverstock and Jack Graham for three great events, and tomorrow night Jack and I open number four!!!  I’m especially excited to be in Nevada for Nelson Ghost Town.  We, Jack and I,  drove out to the site tonight and it is better than ever.  The owners have made a lot of changes that will add a ton of shooting locations.


A lot of prayer and hard work have gone into this season and we are planning more great events in 2015.  In late November we will update the events list for next year and it is exciting with some new events coming to the schedule!   Stay tuned and thanks for joining us here at the Chronicles!




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By-the-way:  Thanks for supporting the eBook store!!!  We exceeded over 700 downloads this week!



Customer Comments:


” Bravo, I finally understand the foundational principles!”       Pete R.


“I bought all nine books and can’t believe how much information I bought for such a reasonable price, they are a bargain Bill.”   Susan T.


“You were telling the truth when you called them, Cut to the Chase!  Just the most important information, nothing else!”   Jane C.


“The images alone are well worth the price!”   Sam Q.


“Can’t wait for future books, I’m hooked!”   Elaine W.



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After completing 3 of 4 fall workshops I have been riding high, enjoying God’s blessings!  When I went to church yesterday and my pastor delivered a great sermon, I would like to outline it for you!  I hope you are as blessed as I was;


Where are your treasures?


Jesus talks about two kinds of treasures


Earthly, that can be attacked by moth, rust and thieves.


Heavenly, and we get them by Trusting God, Doing good works, and sharing generously with others.


Jesus teaches us that treasure is connected to three things; Our heart, Our mind, and Our will.


The Apostle Paul said, “For me to live is Christ”  Complete this:  For me to live is:______

for me I said Serving Him.


Those who place Jesus first should not worry because they  understand seven things:


1.  What life consists of.  (Matthew 6:25)

2. Their value to God.  (Matthew 6:26)

3.  Worry is totally useless (Matthew 6:27)

4.  Power and wealth will not give them what they need  (Matthew 6:29)

5.  Worry reflects the character of the unbeliever.  (Matthew 6:22)

6.  Worry keeps us from making God number one.  (Matthew 6:33)

7.  Worry keeps us from dealing with today.  (Matthew 6:34)


Instead of worrying we should (a) focus on God, (b) Put God first!


When we make Jesus the Lord of our Lives we have the following at our disposal:

God’s Presence, His Possessions, His Power, His Peace and His Prosperity!


Put your Faith in God.


Be filled with his peace.




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