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First, every once in a while I want to display some photography that I really love, which means some bodies besides my own. No, I like my work, but I’e seen once in the mind and then as a finished product, with other work, I get to se the fresh impact of just viewing it. Few people do work that impacts me more than Jim Begley’s. This shot is among my favorites, though that is hard to say since, I can think of at least a dozen of others that I like a lot too. I also am equally affected by Richard Small’s work, and Bill Pekala and Scott Diussa’s stuff when we are out shooting together. O.k. I started with a theme and I’ll get back to it. Exploration, I would like to use today to explore a few things that have been on my mind lately. I’ve come to realize that of all the incredible blessings in my life the most important to me are the relationships.

My relationship with my Lord is first and foremost. I simply can’t imagine going though life without the constant relationship with Him. The comfort, the peace, the joy, the sense of having real worth not because of what I’ve done, but because of who He is, and what He has done for me. Thank you Lord for counting me as Your friend.

Of course the first earthly soul on my list has to be Sherelene. She is my best friend, and the love of my life, as well as the mother to our children, and “Nana” to our grandchildren. She is the only person I trust to tell me the truth, and even though she knows me better than anyone, she still loves me, will miracles never cease??!! Life with her is fantastic………

The next list is too long to make so I’ll spare myself some grief by limiting it to the folks coming to our Moab Workshop. The list of wonderful friends God has blessed me with is just beyond belief, but next week I’m going to be with 35 great folks and some very dear friends. Scott Kelby is one of those people that you can’t believe that he allows you to be on his short list of buddies. I can honestly say I know of no other person, of my acquaintance, that is more talented. Many folks know of his wonderful writing and teaching skills, and most know he is a shooter, but few know just how good he is, he is truly gifted. Then there is his comedic wit, and he is a really great musician. I could go on but I try to keep the blog below a thousand words! Most importantly he really is a great friend.

Richard Small has become a dear friend and a photographer whose work I admire a great deal. I know of no one that does what he does that does it better, and that’s saying a lot. He is also one of the most generous people on earth. Richard is one of those kinds of people that is a blast to hang out with whether you’re shooting furiously or wolfing down a burger. Richard Small is prince.

Jim Begley is a relatively new friend who has become one of my favorite shooting buddies, and he lives right in Corbin so we can see each other a lot, or we could, if I was ever in Corbin! Jim is a very smart guy and he has applied his solid horse sense to his work, he shoots what he knows best and that give him a great affinity for his subjects, his work really shows it. This will be Jim’s first big out west workshop and I can’t wait to see his eyes pop at what he is about to see, I also can’t wait to see how he puts his personal touch on this new subject matter!

My history with Wayne Bennett goes way, way back. We’ve known each other for decades.
First Wayne is truly a great guy, I don’t know that I ever met anyone who didn’t have kind things to say about him. He is also a very good shooter, his bird work is world class and everything he does is very competent. He is also a very good teacher, it’s always great to get to spend time with Wayne.

Tim Isaacson is the photo dept. head at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He is a dear Christian brother and we’ve had a lot of great times when I go up to Liberty to speak to the community and
his classes. Tim is a soft spoken, extremely kind man, who really live his faith. It will be great to have him with us. People will also love his work, He has a great eye.

Thank you Lord for your incredible grace, goodness and love. And now enjoy work from these great friends:

the pilgrim

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Well it’s Sunday and I’m in Macon, Missouri. Actually a nice, quiet little place and the scene of the oldest and most revered Photojournalism seminars in America. For Scott Diussa and I it’s yet another opportunity to help shooter working in the field. Since I was born in Harlan, Kentucky which is pretty much a Hinterland as well, I’m not taking shots. I actually like little towns with some history, Macon meets that standard. While we are working I’m continuing to shoot fun stuff with
the P7000. Hope you like the results. I’ll stay in touch all week and hopefully will have something interesting to share, but that’s up to the Lord, we will see what he delivers.

Top image, welcome banner on mains street, 2nd down, Christmas lights on brown brick wall,
third down, peeling paint shot in color and then processed in Topaz adjust, Dark Ghostly, and
directly above, someone kissed the plexiglass screen door on the front of the Elk’s Lodge! Below the decorative grill of as pick up truck.

More to come, stay tuned!

the pilgrim

*Photo note: All images Nikon Coolpix P7000.

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Is there any advantage to being a 64 year old shooter? Well, for one thing you can remember all kinds of things that people have always said. The longer, and more often we hear something the more we just assume it’s true. An old saw was, “A zoom lens that goes from wide angle to long telephoto can’t be any good…..” Well time passes, the optical engineers learn more, and more and guess what, you can throw that old wives tale out the window. Nikon just introduced several new lenses that will be wonderful, “if” they really are sharp. The 24-120 AF- S VR f4 G is on the way to me now, so I’ll save talking about that one until after I get a chance to run it through the paces. The 28-300 AFS VR II f 3.5-5.6 G arrived yesterday, and I went straight into the field to give it a try. In fairness, I already had a great feeling about it since I saw a lot of great work from it that Bill Pekala did in Reno, they were tack sharp, great images. But would my sample equal his?

First here is the lens:

The lens is nicely balanced and seems heavier made to me. The zoom is very smooth and I found it easy to use in the field. It is supplied with a good bayonet hood that protects it from flare well. Of special note is the close focus distance of just 1.6 feet at all focal lengths. I found it to work great in close. The close up ratio is 1:3.2, pretty impressive…….

I found the lens very sharp whether focused close at 300mm like above or in the wide angle range
28mm, below.

Backlit subjects show very little sign of flare and the contrast and sharpness were stellar. The lens has both ED and Aspherical elements which have helped make the lens a great optical performer.
This lens is a FX lens so it really is 28-300 on D700 – D3 – D3s & D3x. On DX it’s a 42-450 equiv.

As a walk around lens for travel and general use it’s hard to find any fault with this new lens. It
certainly will have me rethinking what to carry, when. I will take it out west for the Moab trip and really wring it out. I’m expecting great results……..

One thing is for sure, you can pretty much throw the old thought that a lens of this range of focal lengths can’t possibly be any good, out the window! It buries that old saying for good………

I’m so thankful to live in a time when photography can be so much fun and the gear so good.
I look forward to sharing more thoughts as things play out, now I can’t wait to shoot that
new 24-120!

Father thanks again for this great life and your Son’s sacrifice for me………….

the pilgrim

*Photo note: all images made with the D3s and the new 28-300 AF-S VR II f 3.5-5.6 G lens.

And now a weekend assignment. If you would like to get a tremendous blessing, run out to the video store or Walmart, (where I got mine), and rent or buy this film. It was produced by of some of the same people that made Facing the Giants and Fireproof. This is an incredible film about God’s love and our mission for Him. I promise you, it will bless your life.

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Saturday I’m off for a week in rural Missouri. I will be attending the Missouri Photojournalism Workshop. It starts a period of the fall where I will only be home a dozen days until the week before Thanksgiving. This coming week I want to concentrate on light. I will be hunting for light as the subject to feature all next week in the blog. I’m taking a big step, I will travel with only the little
P7000 and a pocket tripod. With the big Moab workshop coming up in a couple of weeks I want to get ready to search for light, so this week will be a warm up for that.

If you want to be the best photographer you can be, you need to practice and stay sharp, by working on the basics. After 40 years as a working pro photographer, practice is more important than ever.

Every day is a practice day in my walk with the Lord. As the late John Denver said in the studio while doing an album cut with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, when asked if this was practice, he said, “it’s all practice…..” Yes life is all practice. To walk with Him and glorify Him in all you do takes practice. We won’t always do it right, but we can get better with practice.

God does not expect us to be perfect, He does want us to always try to be getting better at the craft of living for Him.

the pilgrim