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Why wait, too hot at the pool!  So here is the disclaimer, remember this is my thoughts on menus settings after one week of using the camera!!!  For only a week I think I’ve learned a lot, but keep in mind some of these first thoughts could change over time, but for now I”ll stick by them!



BKT/Adv. SETTING :  This is where you set up all your initial BKT settings:

Mine are as follows:

AE Bkt  +/- 1 Stop

ISO BKT  +/- 1 Stop

Film Simulation BKT  Film 1   Std  (Provia)    Film 2  S  (Astia)   Film 3  B (monochrome no filter)

White Balance BKT  +/- 1


Auto Focus Setting  

AF Mode   Area   (the rest can be set as you work)



Advanced Filter (to your liking)


ISO Auto Control  (These setting take affect when you turn the ISO dial to A)

Default Sensitivity   400

Max. Sensitivity   3200

Min. Shutter Speed   1/125


Image Size    ( change this depending on subject shape in the Q Menu )

Default  3:2


Image Quality   I shoot F (Fine jpeg)  You can choose RAW or jpeg + RAW


Dynamic Range   I’ve found AUTO to work great.


Self Timer   Off  -  I assigned Self timer to the Function button FN button that says WiFi because I use a 2 second delay a lot!!!!!



Interval Timer Shooting   (only go there when I want to use that feature)


White Balance    Normally set to AUTO  however is easy to set in the Q menu and I do often!


For now I have all he following at 0

Color  0

Sharpness   0

Highlight Tone   o

Shadow Tone   0

Noise Reduction   0


Long Exposure Noise Reduction :  ON  


Select Custom Setting   is still on 1


Edit and Save Custom Settings :    Used when needed.


Mount Adapter Setting  Is set with the focal length manual focus lens you are attaching.

* I have a Kiron  (Amazon)  for attaching older Nikon lenses to the camera)  And they work great!  Especially he 200mm Micro Nikkor!


Shoot Without Lens  Turn to On if you attach a manual lens via adapter other wise it should be off,  (be sure to remember and turn the focus selector on the bottom left front of the body to M for manual if you are using a manual focus lens)


MF Assist   I like Focus Peak White  (you can try them and pick the best for you!)


AE/AF Lock Mode   I have mine set to:  On when pressing


AF-Lock Mode   AF ONLY


Flash Compensation   (Depends on situation)


Red Eye Removal   OFF


Movie Set-Up   Haven’t fooled with it yet, I’m not a videographer




Wireless Communication   For setting up Wireless which is very exciting!  With this camera and the Fuji App, gives you about the same features as Cam Ranger!!!




The 8th item down is FUNCTION FN SETTINGS

This allows you to set the Function buttons for the things you do the most often, and is a great feature that makes using the camera much easier!!!


Just for the record here are my settings:   Yours may be different!


Function 1   Acrtivate focus points

Function 2   Self Timer

Function 3   Close-up focusing Setting

Function 4   DRV  (Bracket settings)

Function 5    White Balance

Function 6    Face Detection Auto Focus


Color Space:   sRGB  (best for Web and Ink Jet Printing)


Some other thoughts:

I’ve found the Velvia film simulation to be a little over saturated, except when shooting killer color on overcast day, then it rocks!!!!


Astia has become my favorite Color Simulation setting, the colors are rich and the overall image is slightly less contrasty.  Provia comes in second and the Monochrome setting are flat out crazy good!  I rarely need to use NIK Silver Effects Pro anymore if I get a monochrome out of the camera.   My standard set up is BKT mode film simulations, So I get Astia – Provia  & Monochrome of every single shot!  Hot dang!!!!  




I shoot in Aperture Priority mode (Shutter Speed knob on A)


This is a general tip:  The X-T1 has a great Dynamic Range in Auto, but it still is best to shoot on sunny days during the first two and last two hours of the day, and of course all day on overcast or rainy days.   Contrast is harder to control when there are hard edged shadows, though there is an exception to every rule and strong contrast can be appealing for certain subject, but not all!!



I hope these ideas will help you, the X-T1 is a very forgiving camera, but like all photographic instruments the better you know it, the better you can take advantage of it’s qualities!!


Please share your thoughts here too…..




the pilgrim


O.K. Questions from my email!


Question 1  Can you describe how the color simulations are different?


Yes,  Velvia is very much like the Fuji film Velvia, very punchy colors, rich saturation and high contrast, blacker blacks and deeper reds, oranges, yellows, and greens.  Provia is a more accurate portrayal of color.  Good rich color but not as punchy as Velvia.  Astia is a softer lower contrast color with rich deep color, just less contrast!!  The two film palates are very much like two of negative film emulsions from Fujifilm, I never shot either and don’t use them on the digital cameras.  For everyday stuff I shoott Provia and Astia, for overcast days and rich color I shoot Velvia.  All the monochromes are killer, choose the filtered ones based on subject matter.


Question 2    At what ISO do you become concerned about noise?


I always use the lowest ISO I can.  Having said that I feel comfortable using up to ISO 3200 without a problem, I do shoot at 6400 when I need to and even though there is noise it is just very fine and no color noise!  That is one of the most amazing things about the Fuji X System cameras!  Above 6400?  Go there only if you must, I don’t!!  Well unless I saw Elvis at a truck stop!!!














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Over the last few days the Holy Spirit has been speaking to my heart with a powerful message that I would like to share with you.  It all started when Sherelene, accidentally left her small carry on bag in the seat back pocket on the plane when we arrived in St Croix.  It contained her iPhone and iPad!  As soon as we discovered it was missing we figured out where she had it last and started contacting U.S.  Air.  My dear brother Jim Haverstock has been helping us back on the main land, but so far we have heard nothing from anyone at U.S. Air.  Sherelene and I have discussed the likely scenario of her electronic devices but one option always comes back, someone found them and simply said, oh goody, new stuff for me!  We hope they are being held for her by U.S. Air!


The second thing that spoke to me was how many buildings I’ve photographed on the island with heavy iron bars and serious locks protecting the contents of the buildings.  My attitude about the lost items and the caution of the Islanders with old buildings leads to one conclusion; we simply don’t trust our fellow man!


Why?  Well husband hurt wives, wives hurt husbands!  Parents hurt children, and children hurt parents, companies hurt employees, and employees hurt companies!   People, this was never God’s plan.  He said; “Love others as you love yourself”  -  ”husbands love your wife as Christ loved the church”  -  ”Honor you father and mother”  -  ”Children respect and honor your parents.”  -  ”Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”   –  ”Wives honor your husbands.”  -  ”Give a full and honest days work to your masters (employers)”  -   “Masters (companies) respect and treat your slaves (employees) well.”   The Holy Scripture is filled with examples of how we are to treat one another.  Problem is that many of us don’t do as God told us to do, and therefore we know we can’t trust each other!  What a sad state of affairs!


Can this ever change?  It can with you and me!  We can determine to obey God and be that person we wish others would be.  Would that fix anything?  Yes, it would fix us, and that is what God wants, let Him worry about the other guy!!!!


Give it some thought…..   and now some more shots from St Croix.



Love this shot, it so speaks to this entry!!!!



Father, please help me to not be that person that can not be trusted.  Help me treat others with the same integrity that I would have them apply to me!  Help me to place my heart on you and seek your ways which are so much higher than mine.  Father help me forgive those that have hurt me, and remember what Your Son said on the cross, to forgive those that had placed Him there for they did not now what they were doing!   Amen


Tomorrow the last entry of the week, more St. Croix color!


X-T1 update:  I simply love it,  I will add the battery grip and eventually will get a second, it will be my go to camera until they come out wiht something even better, which is hard to imagine!!!  The more I shoot these Fujinon lenses the more impressed I am!  Will I get rid of my X-E2 and X100s?  I will definitely keep the X100s, I use it for different kind of work, and i may just keep the X-E2 as well, and the X-Pro-1 stays in my gear closet until the X-Pro-2 comes along, in spite of the fact that it is now my oldest, (technology wise),  Fuji camera, I still love it!!!!


Lastly, thanks to all my friends that have prayed for Sherelene and I on our trip, your prayers were answered in spades, we have had a great, relaxing, wonderful, anniversary celebration, it was 44 years as of Valentines’s Day!


I plan to do a full review of X-T1 settings early next week for all those folks that have a new one in their bag!!!!




the pilgrim

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I drove around the island yesterday and finally found the kind of boat I had hoped to work!  So I started, as I always do, with the overall shot, which in the case was awful, harsh light, too many uncontrolable highlights, it just bites it!  That’s o.k. because it was the details I was interested in, and they were rich with features and color!!  Before I share the images please allow me to teach a little, but first let me apologize!!  I know that many of my readers are exceptional photographers in their own right!  I also know that some of what I share, in a teaching vane, is something you already know, so I’m not talking sown to you guys and gals, but I am trying to help those readers that are still further back down the learning trail!


So back to the teaching.  If you want to make your body of work more interesting, after capturing the overall image, go in and look for the interesting details, the parts of the scene that may get lost in the over all scene.  This is where some of the most interesting parts of the subject reside.   My method is to choose a moderate telephoto zoom, for the Fuji I use the 55-200 which with the 1.5 crop factor of the X System’s APS-C sensor,  makes it an approx.  80-300. A zoom can allow you to find the position you need for perspective, and then use the zoom to crop the scene to the part you want to show.


Here are some of the boat details;





Since this is the U. S. Virgin Islands, I guess he 1940′s boat is Americana!  This little shoot made me excited about a return to Old Car City!




the pilgrim


Tomorrow; more color and design from Frederiksted, on the west coast of St. Croix.


Photo Notes:  All images with the Fuji X-T1 and the 55-200, and most hand held.  Most ISO 800 and 1600.

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We all love to hear that someone likes our work.  Some time ago I came to an understanding that the person you most need to please or impress is yourself.  If you are happy with your work or at least happy with your progress, you are on the right track!  Having said that, it still feels good when someone else brags about our work.  When I was at the very beginning of my career, as a photographer, one of my photographic heroes, and inspirations was Jay Maisel.  Jay was one of the most successful commercial photographers in New York.  The graphic quality and the choice of and use of color was his works hallmark!!  I, like many others of our era, tried desperately to see and capture images in his style!  Many years later, I  met Jay and we became better acquainted with each other.  A decade ago at a Nikon meeting, where Jay was our guest presenter, I had the chance to give him a copy of my first America From 500 Feet book as a way of saying thank you for all the inspiration, over the years.


The next morning as I got off the elevator, Jay was getting off the opposite elevator and greeted me with, “have you had breakfast?”  I told him I hadn’t and he invited me to eat breakfast with him.  If that were the end of the story it would have been great, breakfast with the legend Jay Maisel.  During breakfast Jay said, “Bill, last night I stayed up until I had looked at every image in your book, and read a number of the stories, and I only have one thing to say to you, Fudge you!!”  (only he didn’t say fudge!!)  If you know Jay you know what his favorite expletive is.   I was not sure what he meant, but he smiled and said, “Bill, what I’m saying is that was a brilliant concept, and I wish I had thought of it first, but even if I had, I’m not sure I could have done it as much justice as you did!  Thank you for a book I will treasure it!  You need to be very proud of your’s and your son’s work!!”


I told Jay, and I meant it, I would not need anyone to brag on my work ever again, that such a high compliment coming from him had fulfilled my need for praise!   Since then Jay and I have gotten to be better friends and I still greatly admire his approach to photography.  When I went over to Christiansted today I wanted to try and see and capture like he does.  I will let you be the judge if I was successful, but I had a blast pretending I was Jay for just a day!!





I really enjoyed the X-T1 today and the clear view through that big EVF!  It made composing and planning so much easier!  Once again I went sans tripod and shot everything hand held, and with the help of higher shutter speeds got some tack sharp images!!  I’ll leave you today with a couple of just travel shots, things that interested me but wouldn’t live up to the vision of Jay!!!!



The last shot was just a little whimsey, made me chuckle, hope you like it!


I did find the boat I had hoped to find and that will get featured tomorrow!




the pilgrim