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From a cloudy morning with light mist to a nice afternoon, we shot all day and found some great subject matter!  This morning we worked a lot of fishing gear at Peggy’s Cove and finished off the day with some travel to our new location.  Great group of folks and Kevin Finch put us on some great locations!   Enjoy!!!











Well another day in a great place!




the pilgrim

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Here’s looking at you!  I spoke to the Halifax Camera Club tonight, what a nice group of people, thanks my new friends for a warm welcome to Nova Scotia.  We finished up in the PEI today and found a few interesting things, not the least of which was a juvenile red fox that was very habituated to humans!  I suspect he has been getting free meals from the tourists at our last lighthouse stop!  He posed for half band hour!!!  We also found a unique tree decorated with lobster floats, the two shots below came from that road side stop!



At the lighthouse I found a bright red dingy and that was worth a stop!



The lighthouse was in pretty harsh light. but was the only round, wooden lighthouse on Prince Edward Island so you got to try anyway!




We start our Nova Scotia Tour in the morning, I’ll keep you posted!




the pilgrim

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Any day that ends like this is a great day!!!  The rain blew out and we had a blue sky puffy cloud day which worked well for boats and light houses!  Our last stop was one of the best sunset Ive seen in along, long time!  Really enjoying this side trip and anxious to join our group tomorrow night to start our exploration of Nova Scotia!  Here are some of my favorites from day two!



So another day in a beautiful place!  More soon!




the pilgrim


Photo Notes:  Fuji X-T1, 18-135, 55-200, 16mm f 1.4, 90mm f2.

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After a day of rain, mist and cold wind, (which still allowed some great shooting) we were rewarded with clearing skies and a nice sunset!  Today was a chance to prove that even when conditions are awful you can find wonderful subject that can work under those conditions!  Here are some of my favorites from today.



Maybe wet, and maybe cold, but happy campers!!!


Blessings from Prince Edward Island,


the pilgrim


Photo Notes:  All images Fuji X-T1 and 18-135 lens.