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And so it goes.  The never ending, ridiculous exercise of trying to decide what to take, how to carry it, and what to do with it!!!!  So here goes, I generally go out to shoot with two purposes, actually more than that, but for now let’s limit ourselves to the main two, just to try and save our minds!  I’m either doing travel, (going light), or doing serious in-the-field work, ( a bigger system),  generally nature or Americana work.


For travel, I want the smallest possible system that gives me a good spread of focal lengths, but remain lighter and smaller.  For travel I think I will be using the Fuji X-T10, that I call the “baby” X-T1.  The X-T10 is just as capable and has lots of great features, but weights at least 25% less and is more compact.  Image quality is identical, so no sacrifices there.  To go very wide I like the small, light and super sharp 14mm f 2.8 lens which is a 21mm equivilent.  The 35mm f 1.4 is small and light and once again super sharp, hey these are Fujinon lenses, I really don’t need to keep saying that, and I won’t!  A nifty fifty is always a great lens to have along!  My most used travel lens and one of my favorites is the 18-135 f 3.5-5.6 which is the equivalent of a 28-200 or there about.  A great range and it is, ooopps sorry about that.  The last lens is the 55-200 f 3.5-4.6 (70-300) which gives me the long lens when I need it!  4 extra batteries, chargers and cords go in my luggage.


When the assignment is field work for Nature and Americana I need lenses with more speed and rely a lot on the best of the Fuji zooms.  Let’s start with my mainstay bodies a pair of Fuji X-T1s. Since there is room in the bag, and only, because I rarely use it, but hey it will be there just in case, the Rokinon 8mm Fisheye f 2.8.  For wide angle images the 10-24 gives me a 15mm to 36mm equivalent lens and it is Optically Image Stabilized.  It happens to be one of the best wide angle zooms on the market as a plus!  The 16mm f 1.4, (24mm equiv.), is spectacular for focusing close up on foregrounds and throwing the background out focus, not used all the time, but the ticket when you need it!  The 16-55 f 2.8 is a 24-85 equivalent mid-range zoom that gets a great deal of use. The next lens is the incredible new 90mm f 2 lens which, like the 16mm, is a wonderful tool for out of focus backgrounds.  The 50-140 f 2.8 lens is one of the most incredible of Fuji’s lenses, it’s OIS is so effective that even I can shoot at 1/15th of a second at 200mm equivalent and get tack sharp results.  That only leaves one last lens to add, the 60mm Macro f 2.4.  If you need to shoot closeups this is the only option right now, and actually it is, oops, almost did it again, a truly great macro lens and by adding the auto extension tubes from Fuji you can get to greater than life size.  It will be replaced by the 120mm f 2.8 Macro next year!  For now, though, it is a great little lens!  Yep, 6 spare batteries!


Now the bags.  The Travel System fits perfectly in the Lowepro Flipside Sport 10L AW The travel system weighs in at 7.5 pounds.  The Field System is carried in a Think Tank Airport Essentials backpack.  The field system weighs in at 19 pounds.  I don’t carry the Field System but work out of that bag into a Vest or belt system.


For now this is the way I’m going to try to work, and of course I will keep you informed.  When I travel buy car, I will take both bags, by air I will pack the Field System in a Think Tank Airport Security V. 2.0 rolling bag, and transfer the gear on location.  The Airport Security also allows transporting the laptop, hard drives and cords.


So, the right gear, on site, “may” be solved, but the proof is in the pudding!




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Sorry about that, “Coke the pause that refreshes!”  O.K. end of a long week workshops with great group of folks and a wonderful team!  As always it was great to be with Ricky Skaggs, Jim Begley, “Snake” Barrett, Nick Coury and our great Fuji team that joined us, Cy Franks, Jackie Hillyer, Dana Ranslem, Louis Navarro, Michael Bulbenko, and Stacey Moore!


We shot a lot of great locations, and had a ton of really terrific fellowship!  His Light Workshops are a truly different experience and the faith component is wonderful!    We added several new shooting locations to this years workshop and it added to the variety and opportunities.  Last night, as usual, Ricky and his band Kentucky Thunder were amazing, what a great time we had.  Ricky is so kind, every year, to give a shout out to our group and Jim, Snake and myself, it’s a thrill to hear your name before the 2,500 of Ricky’s fans!


Hope you are plannigna  restful and enjoyable weekend, I’m going to go home and collapse!!!!  Please enjoy a few more favorite images from the week!




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I’ve been in Nashville, Tennessee all week with our Third Annual Nashville/Ricky Skaggs Americana Workshop.  Country Music/Bluegrass Legend (14 rimes Grammy Winner!) Ricky Skaggs is also an accomplished photographer and good friend and he and I, plus Jim Begley and John “Snake” Barrett, and Nick Coury, run this annual workshop during Nashville’s Bluegrass Month.  While we have been shooting the many fantastic locations around Nashville, I’ve been giving the X-System lenses a workout and thought I might share some of the images from this weeks shoot!


Tonight the entire group will go to Ricky and Kentucky Thunders concert at the Historic Ryman Theatre, images from that tomorrow!


At Marathon Motorworks we always shoot the decorative tool door at the Motor works offices. Fuji X-T1 with the 16-55.




While shooting in Antique Archaeology we had a chance to capture some great old Americana pieces, below the Nashville Neon Radio sign with the Electra-Voice Mic in the foreground,  Shot with the X-T1 and the wonderful, close focusing new 16mm f 1.4 shot at f 2.8!



The brass cash register begs to be shot with the 16-55 and then treated to a dose of Topaz Spicify for a mock HDR effect.




While roaming around the Antique Archaeology Store I found a great Cheap Trick guitar and shirt that made a great out of focus background or another EV mic, one of my favorites, I have a Shure 55 ohm y desk in my office!  Shot with eh fabulous 90mm f 2 at f 2.



I can’t pass up Neon and this sign in Antique Archaeology was just to neat!  X-T1 and he 16-55



A friend of Ricky’s had a wonderful old General Store and massive antique toy collection, so we spent a couple of hours enjoying and shooting this great collection!  Below a shelf of children’s books form the 1930′s and 40′s.  Fuji X-T1 and 18-135 lens.



Being a pilot,  I love toy airplanes and have a very large collection of my own, this one was to good to pass up!  X-T1 and the 18-135 lens



In the General Store I found an old Tom’s Peanuts rack just a sit would have been in the 1950′s, XT-1 and the 18-135 shot wide open at f 5.6.




One of our favorite locations was a massive private car collection housed on a beautiful farm down in Brentwood.  These exhaust ports from a Classic Auburn were too good to good to pass up!  X-T1 and the 16-55.



Since my grandchildren call Sherelene Nana I had to shoot this mock diner at the car museum for her! X-T1 and the 16-55.



The three images below of car Americana were all shot with the X-T1 with the 18-135, my favorite walk around lens!



Lastly at visit to the Centennial Park Gardens the 90mm f 2 showed of it’s wonderful Bokeh on these flowers!



I love shooting the Fuji X- System because of its; great build quality, light weight and fabulous glass!


More to come!




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In case you were wondering, Nicky Coury, Ricky Skaggs, “Snake”Barrett, and I are all Fuji shooters! Jim will, likely, join us soon!!!!!  All images shot with film simulation mode  Velvia, Provia (Standard) and Black & White with a red filter.

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Well, we are off to a fast start in Nashville.  We hav another great group of attendees and old friends, plus some wonderful guest and our Fuji team!  It has been non stop, always is, and so I’ve been late getting a post up, but here are some the shots form the first two days!  More to come, I promise!!!



Thanks for stopping by!  Next years Nashville/Ricky Skaggs Workshop is already being planned!!!!




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