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The future of photography for all of us includes video. Now I can hear some of you saying right now, I don’t care anything about video. I know, neither did I, but trust me you will. Does this mean that video will supplant still imaging? No, it means that as a visual story teller you are going to be adding moving images to still images to tell your stories.

Nothing will ever replace photography for that decisive moment image, but nothing can replace
video to show motion and action. The two approaches don’t have to be be enemies. I think some of the frustration comes from those that believe that adding video to a still camera means something else had to be taken out. Not true. Think of a camera that can shoot stills and video as a camera that camera that came with a extra super feature. Don’t think that DSLRs that shoot video are less capable than regular video cameras. Because we can use all our lenses and can fit our cameras in tighter spaces there is a lot you can do with HD DSLR. Television shows and movies have been shot with these wonderful new products!

It’s easy to write off any technology that we don’t understand and are intimidated by. I will admit that I was less than thrilled when we learned our company expected us to become videographers, editors, and producers of video presentations. I don’t feel that way anymore, I now am embracing one new skill I need to learn and enjoy the process of finding one more way to tell the story.

After all, as visual artists, that is our goal, tell the story.

The story on the image above? I’ve become a real fan of the Life Is Good company and their T-shirts. They are very comfortable and fit me great, however most of all I love wearing something
that sends such a positive message, because Life Is Good. God is Great and that’s why Life Is Good!

Have a great weekend,

the pilgrim

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I’ve got a shirt from the company, Life is Good, on the front is Jake the character in their clothing leaning back in a camp chair, relaxed and smiling. The tag line is, “These are the good old days.”

I think it may be a trait of my
age to love old things from
our past. On the video assign-
ment yesterday we went over
to Santa Rosa to visit some
care makers and collectors.
The old cars, both wonderfully
restored and old rusted ones,
brought back great memories
of years gone by.

I was thinking coming back
in the car last night, how these
will someday be the Good Old Days for my grandchildren. Their memories of childhood and the ways things used to be, will be just like mine. In the scripture it says that lest you be like a little child you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. What does that mean? I think it means that we’ve gotten too big for our britches. As adults we have strived to learn and understand and too often we believe if we are going to get ourselves out of any unpleasant situation, we must do it ourselves. That leaves no room for a omnipotent God. On the other hand, a child can be calmed in the greatest moment of fear, by the simple words, “I’m here, I will protect you.” The child believes in us so profoundly that we can actually take away their fears! Can we protect them from all harm? Unfortunately not.

The important thing is to believe so deeply in someone, that you “know” they can protect you. Thankfully, with God that is true. So if we become like little children and honestly trust in Him.
He will never let us down. Only one thing is required; believe, accept and enjoy……..

the pilgrim

*Photo note: All images, Nikon D3s and 24-70 AFS VR lens.

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I’ve got a tough assignment today, I’ve got to drive up to Santa Rosa to shoot a video on hot rod
building, tough life, but then somebody has to do it! As more and more emphasis is placed on video in still cameras, it is more important that we are fully up to speed. That’s not really a bad thing, it is fun to keep yourself on the steep learning curve, keeps the mind exercised!

Sorry to keep this entry so short, but I promise to share some of today’s activities, tomorrow.
Always remember, “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.”
It works………………

God bless,

the pilgrim

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I’ve always said that if I won the lottery I would start out by visiting a few of my favorite stores with an empty eighteen wheeler to stock up on the fun things I love for myself and all my friends. One of the first stops would be Cupertino, California, home of Apple. I’m having the rare pleasure of spending a day in the main corporate headquarters today. Our PMTR (Professional Market Tech Rep) meeting for this week will be held in San Jose with an all day visit today to the home of the Mac, iMac, MacBook Pro, the iPhone, iPod, and the new iPad.

Our team had a nice dinner at an English Pub last night, The Duke of Ellington. As I sat at the table, on the out side terrace, with a dozen people, and looked around at my team members and our leaders, I thought again what and honor it has been to work side by side with such talented and wonderful people. Some of these people have become some of my closest friends and associates.

You may get tired of hearing me express my thankfulness, but I hope it serves as a object lesson.
One of the most important things I’ve learned in my walk with our Lord is the absolute necessity of
reminding yourself how much God has blessed your life. Praising God is an act of recognition that He “is” God. When we offer thanks to Him it is also a recognition that it is not us, but Him that matters. The beginning of a great fall from grace starts with the the sentence, “I must be pretty great, look at where I am today.” I believe with all my heart that God’s plan for us is; to work hard, take responsibility for our own actions, and then trust Him with the rest.

I once heard a story about a reporter that asked the then young Arnold Palmer an interview question. It went like this, “Mr. Palmer, you must be the luckiest golfer in the world with all the tournaments you’ve won?” Arnold, always the gentleman, answered, “Well, I’ve been very fortunate, and I’ve also learned the more I practice the luckier I get.”

So there it is a good formula for life, practice and trust God. Most important of all, when He does bless you, remember where the blessings came from and don’t fail to put credit where credit is do.
If you do that, you’ll never find yourself in praise of the wrong source for all the good in your life.

the pilgrim

*Photo note: Apple headquarters at Cupertino, CA. Nikon D3s and 24-70 AFS f 2.8 lens.

The Nikon Professional Services Team