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O.K. I’m sitting at the Kentucky Derby and I’m showing airplane pictures, to make it even worse I will confess I don’t really like horses, and I hate women’s big hats. Can you imagine a person being in worse place than here with those opinions? Don’t get me wrong, I think race horses are beautiful, I just think their dangerous and unpredictable. I have ridden horse a few times, and I never really liked that either. I love baseball caps and have collected many to remind me of great adventures I’ve enjoyed, but I probably look worse in a baseball cap than any man alive. By contrast I’ve never seen a women, no matter how beautiful, that I thought a huge flowery hat made her look even better, at least not to me……

Now this is what makes life wonderful, you can love women’s hats, and horses, and mint juleps
and still be o.k. by me, but just don’t ask me to join in on your enthusiasm. I’ll be happy for you, just let me smile from a distance. I’m so glad that every photographer is not interested in shooting the same things. My personal career took off when I started flying and shooting from the air. Not many people were doing it and the look is very different. Some people love it, some could care less, and both are fine with me.

I’m sorta mellow today, spending time with a lot of old friends and some new ones as well. These kinds of events are filled with flurries of wild activity followed by slow times as the shooters are out at the track photographing the current race. This is a great place to catch up with some friends you seldom get to see. Skip Dickstein one of very best racing shooters, Bill Frakes, a true legend from Sports Illustrated, Dan Dry another legendary newspaper and magazine photojournalist. Tonight Ricky Skaggs will join us and the good times will continue to roll. All are truly dear friends and it’s great to get to see them and visit. I know I way over used the legendary term there, but these guys really are at the top of the mark.

Well, I went through all that to say, “Thank You Lord, you’ve blessed me beyond measure. I work with great people, I get to serve great people and great friends. I do for a living what I do when I have day off! Every once in a while I tell Bill Pekala, who hired me, thanks for the job. I really mean it, this is a great way to ride toward the sunset…….”

the pilgrim

….and people think I’m crazy! This is an Kolb design from the early days of ultra light flying.

This is the gorgeous Electra 18B like the one Emelia Earhart flew.

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Many years ago I started a workshop company called the Great American Photography Weekends. It was the culmination of a dream and an answered prayer. I had always wanted to go across America and shoot in our wonderful national parks. So for twelve years I was in every major national park at least once each year, and some twice! Today I’m a photo generalist, which means I will make images of anything that strikes my fancy. In the workshop years I was a nature landscape guy. I never was much of a wildlife shooter but I did get to work side by side with some of the greatest ones; John Shaw, Art Wolfe, Len and Lenny Rue, Jim Brandenburg, Rod Planck, Moose Peterson, and the late Bill Siliker. Siliker was a world class expert on the moose. He once told me that God had never created a more stuborn or short sighted animal. Obviously he didn’t know me that well!

I most imagine that if you could ask the Lord what has been the most frustrating part of dealing with me He would probably say, “he’s stoborn and short sighted.” I plead guilty. It would be best for all of us if we would not put our mouth in gear until our mind is warmed up. I’m afraid I’ve had a lot of regret from not keeping that rule in mind. I’m usually pretty sure I’m right, unfortunately I’m not right as often as I’m sure that I am.

There is an easy way to avoid a lot of embarrassing situations. Some time back I wore a wrist band that had the initials WWJD, (What would Jesus do?) That is a great filter to run our proposed actions and words through before going into action. People are not all that interested in our profession of our dedication to our faith. What they will pay attention to is what we do and how we act. Our actions speak much louder than our words.

Why does this matter? If you really do love the Lord and want to show Him how much His sacrifice means to you, it is imparative that you live out your profession of faith. People are watching and they will judge all Christians by what they see us do. Representing our covenent with Him is critical.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but then dying on the cross was a lot harder.

the pilgrim

*Photo note: The image of the moose sculpture was made at one of my favorite Louisville restaurants, Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. I was first introduced to it by Carol Fisher at another Derby several years ago. The food is exceptional and the photo opps outstanding. D700 – 70-300 AFS VR.

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Today lets just celebrate the joy of being in a great place. I’ll bet that if you were honest with yourself you’re in a great place today.

Let’s see;
Are you on this side of the grass?

Did you have breakfast?

Did the rain that fell this week, land where you were sleeping?

Are all your kids safe and sound?

Do you still have your job?

Did your wife throw all your clothes out in the yard?

See, we’ve got it made. Well, you know I’m at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, which is this Saturday. Sara Mosebrugger and I were guest of Skip Dickstein for a morning walk around in the paddock areas. I had a lot of fun just photographing things I never get to shoot.
God is definitely good! Enjoy and be blessed today.

the pilgrim

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I don’t enjoy making confessions, but from time to time I have to. When I restarted the blog on Monday I was crushed at the loss of all those entries. I had a hard time sleeping and finally got up and went into the living room to sit in the dark and think about what was bothering me so much.
The confessions of my lips for a year has been how the blog was about Him, not about me. Well
after much soul searching, I kind of decided I had made it at least a little about me. I didn’t try to promote myself, but I did start to take some unhealthy pride in the nice comments and the large number of hits. If my only motive was to share my love for Christ and offer that love to others I would not have been so crushed by the loss of the site.

My conversation, in the dark, with the Lord, went something like this;

Me, “But Lord what if all those people can’t find the new blog?”

The Lord, “Let me worry about that, I can see to it that those that need to come there will find the way.”

Me, “But what if people want to find it, and can’t?”

The Lord, “Do you think if I created the world, I can’t get those people that I want to be connected
back to the Chronicles, back?”

Me, “No Sir, I just guess I worry about how you will do it?”

The Lord, “The bumble bee turned out pretty good don’t you think”

Me, “Yes Sir, I’m sorry………”

I think it is a good thing to realize that, (1) God has a plan, (2) He had it before you ever got involved, (3) He can work it out even if your not a part of it.

Hard to swallow, but true. I don’t like not being in control, but then little episodes like this reminds me, I never was.

the pilgrim