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A number of years ago, actually many years ago, while visiting my parents during the holidays, after way too much food I slipped off to take a nap and got interested in the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol, that was just starting on the TV.  I became engrossed in it, and of course had seen the story many times before, but on this occasion I think I really understood it for the first time.  In the last scenes when Scrooge said he was ready for change, I realized it was time.  I picked up a copy of the book so I could make a framed print of the most important words to me, from the scene with Marley’s ghost.  It set on my office desk for years and I read it almost everyday, I now know it by heart.  It was what caused a major change in my life.  Please allow me to share it with you now;


Marley’s ghost:  Oh man of the worldly mind do you believe in me or not!?


Scrooge:  I  do, I do, I do, I must, but why do you walk the earth and why do come to me?


Marley’s ghost:  It is required of every man that spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow man, if it goes not in life it is condemned to do so after death doomed to wander through the world,  shriek, oh woe is me…..and witness what it cannot share, but might have shared on earth and turned to happiness.


Scrooge:  Why are you fettered?


Marley’s ghost:  I where the chain I forged in life, I made it link by link, and yard by yard, I girded it of my own free will and of my own free will I wore it.


I decided on that day that I didn’t want that chain pulling me down.  It was a time of great change, the first real Christmas of my life, I still watch A Christmas Carol, a number of versions.  It is a constant reminder to me of the day I desired and made a change….


As you prepare for Thanksgiving, I pray you find the change you desire in your life!




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Ho, Ho Ho, I know you’ve been good boys and girls, and I will be delivering some Christmas treats early.  In December, probably the first week!   I will be releasing two new books; The Fuji X-System User’s Guide and Americana Photography,  A Step by Step Guide!


The Fuji X-System User’s Guide is almost finished, just doing the finishing touches and waiting for a few last photographers featured to send in their work!  It will be around 130 pages of all kinds of info of interest to the serious Fuji user, or anyone thinking about joining the family!  It’s been a lot of fun putting it together and I’m excited to get it out there.


The second book is devoted to the exciting new world of Americana Photography.  In that book we will cover what Americana photography is, why it has become so popular, what gear is best, and images from a number of great Americana locations around the country and tips on how to find your own treasure trove of Americana subjects and sights.



The Americana Book will have contact information for some of the premier spots to shoot Americana subject matter!  It will be packed with lots of images with all the technical information about how the shot was planned, and executed!  Once again the work will have a portfolio section for great work from other Americana Photographers too!  Each book will be priced at $9.95.  Be sure and watch for Christmas Specials at the Bookstore in December!


One last surprise, Jack Graham (another Fuji X-System User), and I will be teaching s Fuji X-System workshop next year (2015), date and location to be announced very soon!!!!


Stay tuned for the announcement of the release of both books and the new workshop!




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With a Arctic freeze creeping down the U.S , temperature records are falling!


When I was young I loved cold weather, couldn’t wait to get on my parka and gloves and get out in it, not so much anymore.  I’ve really been enjoying a wood burning fire, and working on the eBooks.    A man is blessed if he gets to do what is pleasant and has food on the table!  I pray for those that are cold and hungry in winter, and I thank God that my church and many others watch out for those that are not as fortunate as you and I!  If they are having food drives for the down and out, or serving as hot meal, or preparing baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas, get involved.  Make a contribution, or better yet, see if they need a hand with putting things together, cooking, or delivering baskets.  Some of my best memories are when I took time to try and help someone else, and remembered, once again, how much showing love does not only for the recipient, but for us too!


It is often said that giving is better than receiving, and when you try it,  you remember just how true that is!


Be a Blessing,


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I spent all day today working on  the Fuji X-System User’s Guide, it’s really coming along and it’s great to be home working on books!  I’ve wanted to do this for months and it is so gratifying to get some of this done!  The next few books will include the Americana Photography Guide and the new double volume America From 500 Feet Volumes I & II (the story behind the books!)


Thanks so much for being so encouraging by purchasing so many of my books so far, we are up to almost 800 downloads!  Remember there is a free book if you visit the  store before the end of November!  Stay tuned!




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