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This is our group!  A wonderful mix of old friends and new friends, they are having a blast and we will be doing out first group star shooting session in the morning!  We did Dead Horse Point State Park this morning, and had a great time.  I mostly shot images of participants having fun, it was my 26th trip to this location, not much left to shoot here for me!


I have found some cool things to shoot while scouting, enjoy!









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Yesterday was a long day, up at 4:00 a.m., two flights, one to Detroit and then on to Salt Lake City, a 4.5 hour drive to Moab, dinner and to bed so we could leave the hotel at 2:00 a.m. to shoot  the night skies over Arches until 5:30 a.m.  Then two hours of sleep and then spending the day getting ready for our group and run the first night, back in my room at around 10:00 p.m. to get some sleep for a 4:50 a.m. wake up call.  Oh the glories of running workshops!!!  Actually I love it, I just get tired!  We did have a great night with he stars and will be at Dead Horse Point in the a.m.  Great friends, wonderful attendees, and a chance, mind you a chance, for another great shot!!


That’s all I ever asked for, a chance!




the pilgrim

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Before I start, please know I am not boasting, I’m actually praising God!!  I fly out to Salt Lake City in the morning and I am really looking forward to being with friends and shooting in Arches.  O.K. I’ve been to Arches probably 25 times, so I’ve already shot it, what I really am looking forward to is sharing the “experience” with my pals.  Arches is one of the few national parks that is so spectacular that it literally takes your breath away!


Honestly, I could go the rest of my life and never return to the parks, I have loved so much, but I would never pass up the chance to watch others soak them in!!!  This group that is coming to this workshop are some great friends and we are looking so forward to having a great time with them.


So back to God, there is a scripture that says, “He will give you the desires of your heart…”  This is what this is, “the desire of my heart” to share the joy He has given me for so many years with those that I care about…


Could it get any better than this?




the pilgrim


Oh, the shot above, Moab also has a field full of great old cars and trucks, bet we will be shooting them too!!!  Like I said,  “Could it get any better than this!”

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Dr. Charles Stanley at North Window and Turret Arch


Sorry I missed yesterday’s blog entry, been rushing around getting ready for the Arches event!!!  I am personally excited about this event for many reasons, not the least of which is the wonderful team we will have in place!!  I will be joined by my long time friend and former boss at Nikon,(and now also retired), Bill Pekala, my partner and brother Jim Begley and our team member, “Snake” Barrett, and some important surprise guests!  I love Arches/Canyonlands and I can’t wait to share the parks with these friends, and our wonderful group attending the workshop.  Many of our attendees are long time friends and His Light customers already, so that makes it special as well!  * (just fixed about ten typos, not sure where my head was, sorry!!!!)


This event will feature night time photography of the Milky Way over some of the fantastic stone monoliths in Arches, and that should be a lot of fun!  Regular early and late light locations are also great in these two parks!  If all that were not enough, a trip to Milt’s Stop & Eat (one of the very best cheeseburgers in America), is worth the trip alone!


I have a very special request for those of  you that read this blog entry.  Our first event of the year last week in Old Car City was a great event and the spiritual aspect of the workshop was on of the most profound ever.  When Jim and I started His Light Workshops it was with the expressed purpose to not only help people improve their photography and have a great time, but to also lift them up spiritually!  Our hope is always that anyone that goes on a workshop with us will leave renewed both photographically and spiritually.  By that I mean that they will go home with a deeper commitment to serve God in their family, with their friends, an co-workers, but also to deepen their walk with Him.  The workshop company does not belong to us, it belongs to Him.


Please pray for the folks that are joining us, and for our team, that we will be obedient to Him and make people feel welcome and encourage them to find a deeper walk in the spirit!  Also please pray that those attending, that they will come with an open heart to what God  wants to teaches during our time together!


Thank you for your prayers, on many occasions I’ve reached out to my readers and He always responds in miraculous ways to your prayers and I know He will again!


I will keep you posted with images and updates through out the week!  Thanks again for taking a little time out of your day to cone and visit with me here, I will always strive to make it worth your while!!!




the pilgrim


Workshop update & spots available for the remainder of 2014:


March  26-30    Arches/Cayonlands    SOLD OUT

May 28-June 1   Grandfather Mountain and Blue Ridge Mountains     3 spot available

June 12-15  Columbia River Gorge, Oregon with Jack Graham    4 Spots available

June 19-22  The Palouse in Washington State   with Jack Graham    SOLD OUT

July 30-August 3   Ricky Skaggs Workshop in Nashville TN   6 spots available

September 23-28  The Badlands/South Dakota Tour    6 spots available

October 15-19  Fall Color in Brown County Indiana   SOLD OUT

October 21-25 Acadia N.P. with Jack Graham   4 spots available

October 29- Nov. 1   Fall in the Great Smoky Mountains   SOLD OUT

November 6-9  Nelson Ghost Town (Las Vegas, NV) with Jack Graham   5 spots available


To sign up for the Jack Graham workshops, contact Jack at