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It’s spring cleaning time surround the Fortney compound!  I have several items for sale, if anyone is interested,  give me a call or shoot me an email!


Fuji X-T1  (Black) excellent condition, with a “L” Bracket.  $500.


Fuji X-T10 Mint * Like New (Black) with L Bracket  $500.


24mm f 2.8 AIS
25-50 f4 AIS with original metal screw in front lens cap  (very rare)
55 Micro Nikkor f 2.8 AIS
50-135 Nikkor f 3.5 zoom  AIS  (very rare – incredibly sharp)
105 Micro-Nikkor f 2.8 AIS with HS-4 hood
80-400 f 4 Nikkor AIS with HN-23 hood  (Mint – tight  – tack sharp)

200mm f 4 Nijkkor telephone Mint

300mm “IF-ED f 4/5 Nikkor lens with tripod collar and RRS plate  (one of the best 300mm lenses Nikon ever made)
D700 with Kirk L Bracket Excellent, 2 spare batteries
Full set of Pro Master Automatic Extension Tubes
All in a new Domke Photojournalist bag desert sand
Nikon MC-25 + MR-3 short release
Delkin 64gb 1000x UDMA 7 card
Hahnel dual battery charger
Gary Fong on camera Flash Diffuser


Feel free to make an offer on amy of the Nikon, we’ll see.




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I’ve worked all winter on the new series of books, The Reaching Higher Series.  I wanted to do a  series of books that would share how I see a Subject, the Story , to share worthy you the Approach to making the image, and finally the Technical Details.  Each of the four Volumes of the Vision and Technique Series will share all those things about 50 images per eBook!


Volumes 1 & 2 will be available Monday, February 29th and the next two Volumes 3 & 4 by the end of March.



These are taking it to the next level eBooks that will help you walk through the thinking and shooting process for making your own successful images.  Check the eBook store Monday for the first two volumes!  As always, they have a Money Back Guarantee!




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Going into the weekend I want to ask my readers to take some time over the weekend to pray for our friends from KelbyOne, the ones that are left to carry on, and especially the ones that are now seeking employment.  All these people have become special to me, and I hate to see the family broken up, but instead of wringing our hands about how this happened,  lets join together and pray for a great outcome for everyone involved.


I’ve been on both sides of this coin and it is very hard to make the decisions that have been made, and it is tough to be on the parting end of it too!  My personal prayer will be that everyone learns from what they have gone through, finds a new way to use their considerable talents, and finds, over time, they are better for having lived through it.




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I’ve now had a chance to use the Fuji X-PRO 2  enough to start drawing some conclusions and answer some questions I’ve been getting!  Let’s start with questions:


(1.)  Do you see any advantage to the X-PRO 2 in terms of the Optical viewfinder or should I wait for the XT-2?


If you shoot with the 23mm, the 35mm and 56mm I think the Optical Viewfinder is a lot of fun and does have some advantages.  It is such a beautiful view and you can always switch to the Electronic Viewfinder for very wide and very long lenses.  Having that extra view outside the frame is starting to get addicting.  But if that is not important to you, wait.  However read the rest of this!


(2.)  Is there any really huge advantages to the X-“PRO 2?  


Huge, not sure what huge means to you,  but I can tell you this, the new 24.3 mega pixel sensor is definitely better, the noise is better, the construction, especially the button actions are much better, the joy stick is well, a joy.  What else, The body is slightly larger and feels great in the hands and with the added grip is feels even better.  The new processor makes everything work a lot faster and the new AF system is much improved, so yes, it is a huge step up.


(3.)  Will the Fuji X-T2 get all these goodies?


I really don’t know but my guess is that since they now have all this technology it would be surprising, very surprising if the sensor, processor, and button improvements plus the joy stick should make it to the new camera, but as I said I’m guessing!!!!  Fuji would want the New version of the X-T1 to be the equal of the X-PRO 2 except for the Optical Viewfinder, so it would make sense that the  new X-T2 (assuming that is what it would be called, doubt they would call it the Fuji X-T3) will be a big step up too.   Hopefully by summer we will know!


(4.)  Is there anything about the X-PRO-2 you can[t live without?


Live without?  No.   Would really miss?  YES!!!!  Now that I’m used to the operation of the X-PRo 2 I’m going to be using it most of the time until we see what the X-T2 looks like and to be honest, I might end up buying a second X-PRO 2 even then,  it is one really fine camera.


(5.)  Should I be loosing my mind over this?  I don’t know whether to  jump now, I’m just not sure I will like a rangefinder?


If you are using the X-T1 and like everything about it, and I sure do, but want the new technology I would say wait, the rangefinder does take some getting used to, and I have to believe the X-T2 will be all the same good stuff.  If you can wait for a few months I think you will be good, if you just can’t wait, then hey, go for a X-PRO 2!


So I hope that helps, I can’t wait to take this baby down Route 66 and on to Arches / Canyonlands.


Now on to something else:  I want to talk to all of you that posted and wrote me emails an a few of you even called me, the central theme has been am I o.k.?  Just in case you are worried and if you are, thanks for being so concerned, but I’m absolutely fine, even better than fine.  I don’t let these kinds of things get me down.  I have nothing but love for all those people involved in the Kelby Media situation,  I know Scott is suffering , I know those that were let go are suffering, but everyone is landing on their feet, they are talented hard working people and they will not only survive they will thrive, again! I’ve been through tough times, really tough times, and I’ve learned one thing, God is in control, and we can only win on our knees!  We start by asking Him to take things over and we trust Him, no matter how bad things are they are never out of His ability to perform miracles.  The mistake is believing we can do it alone and not letting go, and giving it to Him.  My prayer right now is everyone involved in this situation is on their knees giving it to Him.  I pray they come to understand that, it is the only way to see things made right.  Join me in praying for everyone involved. Real help is always available for all of us, we just have to ask for it, let’s pray that everyone does! Thank you again for showing such gracious concern, but don ‘t worry about me let’s help everyone else!  God has my back!




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