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Searching for color?  You should be.  Sometimes color can be a subject all in itself!  Let me offer a Pre-Thanksgiving suggestion.  Give yourself an assignment of looking for color.  Look for color t hat speaks to you, it can be subtle or can be gangbusters, but look for it!!!!  Please allow to share some of my favorites!








So give it some thought!!!!


Blessings and have a happy weekend!


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Going in circles, I love to find circles and then try to capture them.  I gave my self an assignment of finding patterns and lines, especially circles, see if you can find them!!!













Well, as you can see, shapes, especially circles are everywhere, give yourself and assignment, and see how much fun it can be!!!!




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Running workshops can be fun, slightly profitable, and “very” rewarding.  One of the most rewarding things for me is the great people you meet and get to know.  John “Snake” Barrett joined me for a workshop several years ago and I saw great potential talent in him and we became friends, and later he worked with Jim and I and helped us on a number of occasions!  I learned a lot from Snake, and he got me into shooting night images!  He is a lot better at it than I am, and my image above may not prove he is a good teacher, but….he is!


I’m thankful for his friendship, and Jim’s and Jack’s and all the folks we have gotten to know as we have attempted to share our passion for photography!


I love the shot above, not because it is great, but because it was a great time, with great friends, in a fantastic place…..




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What if?  We all ask ourselves that question when an act of cowardice and terror is forced on us.  In Paris Friday night well over a hundred people were killed as a direct result of acts of terror.  I’m so sad to say many more will die as many were critically injured as well!  What would you have done if you had been in the audience at the rock concert when three terrorist opened fire on the crowd, shooting them at will, having time to reload and then, shoot more!!!!  if you had been like the people there you would have gone to the floor and prayed you would not be shot, there was nothing else they could do.


I don’t want to be controversial but I have an idea, and I want you to give it careful thought and please respond, this is one topic that deserves plenty of input!  What if someone or several someones in the audience has happened to be armed with concealed guns.  Is it possible that they might  have taken out the terrorists before dozens more had to die?


Let’s face it;


1.  Terrorist are cowards, almost every shooting has been in a place where the coward with the gun knew he would not be shot in the middle of this terrorist act.  The man that went into the movie theatre knew it was a “GUN FREE” Zone.,  The school shootings, gun free zones, the rock concert in Paris, I’m sure was a place where guns were not allowed, but the terrorist had them, semi automatic rifles with extended magazines and they went to the balcony and shot down on the crowd at will.


2.  There are not enough police and military to station them at every place crowds of people are present, and even if there were, the tactical dress would keep the terrorist away!  Why go to war when you can be a cowardice murderer, free of fear of anyone shooting back?!


3.  But what if there were deterrents to these acts???


Here is my suggestion and you can tell me why it won’t work.


I have a legal Kentucky Concealed Carry permit and often carry a concealed weapon when I’m going to places that might invite these kinds of attacks.  If I had been in the audience on Friday night, I believe I could have taken cover and returned fire on the terrorist on the balcony.  At the distances involved,  I’m convinced that with a 17 shots ( I carry a very accurate CZ 75 semi automatic pistol), I could have taken out one or more shooters, or at least distracted them from shooting unarmed people long enough for law enforcement to breach the room. The bottom line,  some lives could have been saved.


Here is my plan.  If you want to be someone that wants to help protect the public you apply for training and vetting as an armed civiilan.  You must have a thorough back ground check, and be trained on the critical skills needed to react in these  kinds of situations.  If you were allowed to have a gun with a suppressor (silencer), you could get off more shots without being detected, increasing the chance of your success against the attackers.


I know this will be highly controversial, but just think, if you were in a public building and terrorists were shooting people in the crowd, you were in, one at a time, until they ran out of ammunition, wouldn’t  you pray someone was in that crowed that might stop the carnage?


How can I make this stand as a Christian?   These people have declared war on the world, these cowards will not put on a uniform and go to war to fight for their cause.   They instead kill the innocent, when they have no way to defend themselves.  I think it is time we fight back, if they want war, we need to take it to them!  Do I think everyone should strap on a gun?  No, this is serious business, and the people we allow to take this role should be well prepared to do it as safely as possible, but the time to just wring our hands is over.


If you hate guns and think that guns are why we have these attacks, remember that many were killed by suicide bombs in Paris.  These radicals would use axes and knives if  they had no other choice. When will we say this has to stop???!!!


Give me your thoughts!




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