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My dear friend and sister, Catherine Martine has just released a beautiful Devotional Photography book called My Photo Walk – Quiet Time Moments.  I’m so proud of Catherine wh has become a truly wonderful photographer and of course has always been a fantastic servant of the Lord,.  I can highly recommend her new book, you can find it at:





Today the first two volumes of Vision & Technique are available on the eBook store.  I wanted to produce a set of books that would allow me to explain how I see subjects and approach the photographic process. Two more volumes will be coming by the end of March!




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It has been a great 18 months for the Christian film industry with one great uplifting film after another.  Do You Believe, followed by Woodlawn, and this afternoon Sherelene and I went to see one of the greatest Christian films ever, Risen.  This film tells the story of crucifixion and resurrection through the eyes of a Roman soldier that was there on the day of His crucifixion and then followed the greatest story ever told, as it actually unfolds.  The film was magnificent in every way, and if Joseph Fiennes is not nominated for Best Actor, I’m finished with the Oscars, I pretty much am already!


I cannot urge you strongly enough to go see this film, it is truly a breath of fresh air in the telling of the story we all know so well.


Have a blessed weekend, AND GO SEE RISEN!!!!


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It’s spring cleaning time surround the Fortney compound!  I have several items for sale, if anyone is interested,  give me a call or shoot me an email!


Fuji X-T1  (Black) excellent condition, with a “L” Bracket.  $500.


Fuji X-T10 Mint * Like New (Black) with L Bracket  $500.


24mm f 2.8 AIS
25-50 f4 AIS with original metal screw in front lens cap  (very rare)
55 Micro Nikkor f 2.8 AIS
50-135 Nikkor f 3.5 zoom  AIS  (very rare – incredibly sharp)
105 Micro-Nikkor f 2.8 AIS with HS-4 hood
80-400 f 4 Nikkor AIS with HN-23 hood  (Mint – tight  – tack sharp)

200mm f 4 Nijkkor telephone Mint

300mm “IF-ED f 4/5 Nikkor lens with tripod collar and RRS plate  (one of the best 300mm lenses Nikon ever made)
D700 with Kirk L Bracket Excellent, 2 spare batteries
Full set of Pro Master Automatic Extension Tubes
All in a new Domke Photojournalist bag desert sand
Nikon MC-25 + MR-3 short release
Delkin 64gb 1000x UDMA 7 card
Hahnel dual battery charger
Gary Fong on camera Flash Diffuser


Feel free to make an offer on amy of the Nikon, we’ll see.




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I’ve worked all winter on the new series of books, The Reaching Higher Series.  I wanted to do a  series of books that would share how I see a Subject, the Story , to share worthy you the Approach to making the image, and finally the Technical Details.  Each of the four Volumes of the Vision and Technique Series will share all those things about 50 images per eBook!


Volumes 1 & 2 will be available Monday, February 29th and the next two Volumes 3 & 4 by the end of March.



These are taking it to the next level eBooks that will help you walk through the thinking and shooting process for making your own successful images.  Check the eBook store Monday for the first two volumes!  As always, they have a Money Back Guarantee!




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