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I have found it interesting that photographers, as a group, also seem to be into audliophile gear and watches! I have no idea why, it just seems to be that way. I’ve collected watches for a number of years and have recently been watching a wealth of Youtube videos about watches, they simply fascinate me. One particular watch channel is a fellow who is an acknowledged historian and expert on watches and he has guests on to talk about their watch collections. It’s facinating to see what famous actors, atheletes and business tycoons collect, but I could never be a guest on his channel. Most of his guests buy and own watches in the multiples of thousands of dollars, some well into the six figure catagory!!

Well, that’s not me, I’m what I would call a “regular guy” collector. I buy watches that I like and think would suit my personality and only one of my watches cost over $500. Most cost between $200. and $300. It is said that the only thing we cannot get more of is TIME! I happen to really enjoy time pieces and thought I might share some of my favorites with you, just in case you’re into watch collecting or simply like watches.

I circled two watches above, 1 & 2. The number 1 watch is a very special edition of the Luminor Panerai made for Sylvestor Stallone, one of only 500 made, signed and numbered by Sylvestor on the back. The current value of that watch used is $17,500. except it isn’t!!! It’s a perfect Chinese made copy, a knockoff, the only one I own. It is virtually identical in every way to the actual watch. It even keeps decent time, but it’s is a fake!!! I love to wear it to big events where watch snobs might appear and have a little fun with them, spinning a story about how I met Sylvestor years ago and he arranaged for me to get a copy! What fun, of course I then tell them the truth. When the watch arrived from China it was insured for just $8.46, how do they do it!

The other watch, number 2 is one of my most recent purchases a Lum Tec B44 Combat watch. It has a high end quartz movement and is very accurate and has a great lume for seeing it in total darkness. It is an everyday kind of watch. The last Last watch is in the bottom right corner, (not circled) it means a great deal to me as it was a gift from my dear Christian Brother Carl Turner. It is a beautiful Shinola dress watch, my only dress watch, I treasure it because it was from Carl, it’s a cool watch too!!!!

From time to time I will bring back the photo of my main watch box, unfortuantely I have another with even more watches in it! I will share some about other watches from time to time. My only truly expensive watch, (by my standards), is the watch to the right of the number 2 watch, it is a Brietling Chrono Avenger in Titanium. It was a gift to my self when my America From 500 Feet book was released and was having great success. Several years ago I gave it to Wes in thanks for his work on the book project and Rhonda gave it back to me when Wes went to be with the Lord. I wear it with great pride now.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little sharing session. If you would like, I will come back to the subject later for another go at it!


the pilgrim

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The Fujifilm X100V is a fully mature product owing it’s lineage back to the original X100 (Released in September 2010), the X100S (Released in 2013), the X100T (released in 2014), the X100F (released in 2017) and now the X100V announced today February 4, 2020!
With each succeeding model significant improvements have ensued.   This most recent model the V has a number of great changes. 

·       The New X100V has a new improved 23mm f 2 lens.
·       The Sensor is the new X-Trans IV with 26mp.
·       Battery life has been increased by about 25% (Approx.)
·      The Electronic viewfinder is much improved with a resolution of  3.69 million dots OLED.
·      The Rear LCD panel is now improved to 1.62 million dots and is a touch screen
·      The rear LCD is flush fitting and still able to fold out to two positions for low and high shooting.
·      The X100V use the same battery as previous models the NP-W126S.
·      With the mechanical shutter the frame rate is now up to 11 fps.
·      17 film simulations including the new Classic Negative & Endura.
·      Built in HDR with (Auto, 200%, 400%, 800% and Plus settings).
·      The X100V now has an HDMI mini connector and USB 3.1.
·      The X100 V does not have a D Pad, but the Q Menu is better located.

As all previous models it’s the perfect walk around, always have with you camera!

I shot a few Americana Images around home, it’s winter here folks and not a lot to shoot, but these images how just how capable this camera is!!!

The X100V is a great camera improved in every way, and capable of making incredible images in a light easy to carry package. The new 23mm f 2 lens is even sharper than it’s previous brother! If you run into me out there, ask if you can see it, I’ll have it with me!!!!!


the pilgrim

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A few months back Microsoft automatically updated all my Office software and it crashed my email account!!!!! I haven’t been able to recover it so I set up a new email address, let me share that with you and please make note of it for corrsponding with me!!

I always love hearing from you guys and I’m sorry so many have been getting kicked back on my earthlink account.

Pleae use the gmail account until I can restore the old email account!

Thanks and God Bless,

the pilgrim

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An encounter with Jesus changes us forever.
Growth comes from many encounters with Jesus.

When we have not met Christ or know what He has done for us, we are lost, with out redemption. When we have an encounter with Him and see Him for who He really is, we
have that life changing experience called salvation, our chains are gone, we’ve been set free!

Growth is the continuation of encounters with Him. Every challane we face, every loss or gain are opportunities to see His view of our lives and make steady growth in Him. If we know that God never allows anything to come into our life if we love Him, that is not for our good and for the glory of His Kingdom, we see life’s trials and in a much different way.

Becasue of His amazing love and grace, we can face the hardest of times in the knowledge that His ways are higher than our ways and His ways are better than our ways. That may not relieve all the pain we feel, but it gives us, hope knowing He is in control and is working out a glorious plan that we do not see or understand now.

In my study of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) one of about a dozen very common experiences among those that get a glimpse of the life to come, is that they say that in the presence of God they finally understand it all, that they have all knowledge and can see how His plan is perfect, and it all makes sense. We cannot understand that here and now and that is why faith is so important, it is the glue that binds us to His eternal promises.

My prayer for you is that you will be filled with His comfort, love and stamina to go on day by day in this world with a hope for your eternal destination.


the pilgrim