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Well folks, it’s that time again, new cameras coming out and time to let go of previous models only slightly used, many bought to test for you and only used rarely! Since the X-T3 came out I have used it and the X-H1 for all my trips and work. X-T2 was only used off and on for a few months. Here is what I have up for sale, the usual rules; First email to: billfortneyphoto@gmail.com
gets the deal!

So I’m offering one: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Graphite with matching Graphite 23mm f 2 lens complete with matching lens hood with cap. L Bracket with grip, box, manual, Mint condition, low frames. Average price on eBay is $1,400.
mine is available for $1,100 FIRM

Second offering a Fujifilm X-T2, light use, L Bracket, box, manual
Average eBay Price is $550. Mine s available for $450. FIRM<


Also available a Fujifilm X30 compact cmaera with Fujinon zoom
28mm-112mm f 2 – 2.8 tack sharp, great little travel camera.
Mint condition, comes with 6 batteries and charger, manua, box and a Domke F5XB Rugged wear bag. eBay price camera lone is $525.
I’ll take $450. for the whole kit.

O.K. folks first come first serve, thanks for reading the blog!


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