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Still in home quarantine and thinking about what I’m missing not being out there in the field. I may be slow to come to the most important facts of life, but this week I’ve started to get it more and more. My Long days loving on Chester and waiting on Sherelene to get home from the clinic and I’m realizing my most prized treasures are right here! I miss being out there shooting nd fellowshipping with Jack, Jim and our attendees, but honestly I’m learning a lot from a crazy 16 month old Golden and a beautiful wife! Chester lays in his bed facing the walkway down to our kitchen door, where he faithfully waits to see Sherelene appear each afternoon. When her car pulls in the driveway he jumps up and claws at the glass door in sheer excitement that she has returned. I’m happy too, but I don’t claw the glass!

I’ve learned from Chester that a little exercise, something to break the boredom and long naps are a great cure for what ails you! We spend some good quality time just talking, he doesn’t say much back but his exprssions say it all, I know he understands some of what I’m conveying, at least he responds like he does. I am more and more thinking about what I have to be thankful for, and not so much thinking about what I’m missing. Sooner or later, things will return to normal and we will go on about our lives as we did before the virus, but I think I will do more of what I’m doing right now, I rather like the simplicity of this new life style, heaven knows I might actually be closer to full retirement than I thought.

I pray that you are blessed, well and finding those things that you hold most dear to be more dear than ever before…..


the pilgrim