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The comment from Carl Turner yesterday turned on a light in my spirit.  With all the bad news in the media today, and the dread of what our nation might become now, I think he is right, our job is to spread God’s love, family love and the Good News of Jesus Christ now, more than ever, so here goes!  The image above was from one Christmas with Catherine and candles!



One of the great blessings of my life was the day I met and interviewed Coash Paul “Bear” Bryant in his offices in Tusakloosa, Alabama. That was his last season to coach and he died three months after this photograph was made.



One of the great times of my life was getting to become friends with the late Hugh Morton, owner of Grandfather Mountain, yes I said owner.  Hugh owned the only, privately owned,  International Biosphere in the world!.  That freindship was because the late Don Nelson introduced us and we all became great friends.  How else could a guy like me get to frolic under the trees with a bear cub!



Never forget that Our Heavenly Father is the same yesterday, today and forever, no matter how dicouraging things appear, he is still in Control and His will, will be done.  Our job is ot stay faithful to Him and fulfill his will for our lives!




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