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If you follow my blog you have read my previous post about the great event I taught at and enjoyed from Out of Chicago in the Great Smokies.  (If not it is right below this post!)  That kind of event was a a lot of fun and only one of the many ways to enjoy a photography workshop!  Let’s explore some of the workshop formats:



The One on One Workshop:  These are the most expensive because it’s just you and the photographer/teacher.  The advantage is you can get individual instruction from someone that can help you work on the specific parts of your photography game that needs the most help.  It is also a great way to get a intensive review of your work so the instructor can hep you focus in on just what will help you the most! My dear friend and teaching partner, Jack Graham, charges $600. per day + expenses an does all the driving when working in the Pacific Northwest where he currently lives.  I charge the same and live in southern Kentucky, though most of my one on ones are in the Great Smokies which is close by for me.  For anyone that wants individual help, this is the best way to go!



The Small Group Scouting Workshop:  This is much like the One on One but limited to 4 people.  We often need to spend a couple of days in a new location scouting for a future workshop and I will take 3 to 4 extra folks along on those trips. This is much like the One on One learning situation complete with evening review sessions and lot of fellowship as we explore together. I usually charge a flat $500. per day and i  cover my own expenses since a night two of motels stay are usually included.



The Small 12 Person Workshop with Two Leaders:  This is the most common event that Jack Graham and I do together.  with a 6 to 1 ratio, sometime less, the attendees get some personal attention and everyone gets image reviews and we usually have a classroom for more intensive teaching programs, these workshops are tuned to the skill levels of the group.  They range in cost from $699. to $1,295.  depending on the location.  This the most popular form of worshops!  Run by other photographers and orginazatiosn they can range from a low of $1,000. to over $3,500. per person.



The Big Event in a Scenic Location:  The Out of Chicago Events, the Great Smoky Mountains Nature Photography Summit, and the soon to be announced, (for fall of 2023), The Masters of Nature and Landscape Photography Symposium, can have from 40 to 90 attendees and feature from 4 to 12 instructors.  Prices vary widely from around $599. for four days to up to $2,400 for the same but with more instructors, thus more individual attention in small field groups.  This is a great way to get to study under some of the well known photographers whose work  you have always admired from afar!  You can learn more about each of the events at their websites.




The Masters of Nature & Landscape Photography Symposium website is coming soon




Lastly the Zoom Lecture or Course:  Thanks to the Covid experience lots of camera clubs and organizations book speakers via a zoom call presentation.  I do these quite often for clubs around the country.  The cost varies often determined by my schedule and the clubs offer.  you can contact me at:   billfortneyphoto@gmail.com   if interested!


Hope that  helps you sort out your photography workshop plans, you can always contact me if you need any further help!





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