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The Fujifilm X-Photogrpahers Summit web page is now live!!!!  The address is:  


Please stop by and check it out and even better, go to the registration page and claim your spot.  The Summits will feature 4 X-Photographers and will be limited to 60 attnedees.  On  first come, first serve basis, please join us!!!


Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving,


the pilgrim

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  1. Mike Kline says:

    I registered for the Spring summit in the Smokies. Just a note on the registration process, the PDF file that is being used does not have all the necessary areas editable. The credit card information section I could not enter any information into. I ended up going through Pay Pal for this but wanted to let you know about the file in case others have a similar experience.

    Looking forward to the Spring summit!

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