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I got my Fujifilm X-T2 just before my three workshop swing in October and early November.  I had come to love the X PRO 2 and in fact had bought a couple of them.  I was thinking that might be my body of choice!  The X-T2 has really grown on me, and in fact is my go to body now!  Don’t feel bad for the X PRO2 bodies though, they still  are still in my bag and I use them often, and still love their own special feel and class!


Why has the X-T2 come to the front of the line?


  1.  The 24.3 mega pixel sensor has more resolution than it’s rating would suggest. I continue to be amazed as the rich detail and files form the camera. (O.K. the X PRO2 has the sums sensor, so this applies to that camera to!
  2. The dual folding LCD is just so handy and I use it all the time, and really miss it when I’m using the X PRO2!
  3. The Speed of operation is amazing.  Focusing speed, download speed, the operational parameters are all much quicker.  The camera feels very fluid and seamless in operation!
  4. Te shutter release is heavenly, so smooth and so easy to use to get tack sharp images.
  5. ng ISO dial is a great feature.  It’s easy to unlock and change an then you have the assurance of it being locked and not moving until you’re ready to move it!  I like the ISO dial on the X PRO2 and in spite of the criticism, I don’t think it is so bad, but the X-T2 is much better.  I wish the exposure compensation dial had gotten the same treatment.
  6. When shooting vertically the Battery Booster is great for improving handling and performance. 







When I first joined the Fuji X-System family I knew I had found a camera system that simply worked, and worked great for my style of  photography.  The lens family is simply stunning and now we have two bodies great enough to take full advantage of them.  You might say I’m a real happy camper!!!




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  1. Brad Mikel says:

    I have you to thank for my conversion to Fuji! After our Palouse/Olympic venture, I purchased the XE2 then the XT-1 and just last month the XT-2. What a fantastic camera! I love the feel and the files are amazing. Up until the XT2 I still used my Nikons for portrait/wedding work, but now the XT2 has taken over those responsibilities as well.
    Thank you my friend! Any chance I’ll see you at IUSA in San Antonio?
    Merry Christmas Bill!

  2. admin says:

    Sorry, I won’t be at that one, I was thinking about another Texas event!

  3. Brad Mikel says:

    Dang. Would love to see you.
    My XT2 came the day after we left for Spain, but the XT-1 did a marvelous job for me.
    Can’t believe the files on this new machine.
    Thanks Bill.

  4. I vacillate between thanking and blaming Bill (or both) for my “Fuji conversion.” 😀

  5. OK, seriously (well, I guess I was serious) the X-T2 is a very good camera. Image quality has been quite good. Focusing speed could still use a little polish. Lack of a good built-in flash for quick and dirty stuff is an annoyance. Like the ability to use retro mechanical cable releases. Also like the ability to quickly use it for serious photography without having to go through the massive learning curve to ejjimucate myself on the way too numerous bells and whistles for those who want and need them. That said, the X-T2 did not turn my X-E2 and X-E1 bodies into doorstops…yet.

    And, I have to say that the old Nikon 1 V1 (an early mirrorless camera), for its many limitations, somehow was able to conjure up quite an impressive real-world focusing speed. Would love to see that technology improved upon.

  6. Sandy T. says:

    Thinking of switching from my Nikon 800 to Fuji. Any advice on where to start with lense selection. I shoot a wide variety from macro to portrait to landscape with some bird photography thrown in.

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