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The devastating fires in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge continue to burn.  Total acres burned is up to 15,653.  The current number of deaths associted with the fire stands at 13, but officials say they fear more deaths will be discovered as they work further back into the burned areas.


The fires spread down into Wears Valley but did not get to the Townssend Area, Cades Cove or the Tremont area.  Reports say that Elkmont Camp ground was not affected.  I’m still trying to get reports on whether the fires reached the Greenbriar area.  The fire started near Chimeny Tops and worked it’s way down the valley, destroying the Chimney Tops picnic area and other forests down the valley.


It is very heartening to see how the outpouring of help has come to the aid of the victims and  their families.  The Tremont Lodge, where we hold our photo events,  has opened rooms to all victims of the fire and their families.  Dolly Parton is givng $1,000. per monh to all families in the affected area to help them as the are recovering.  Amazing stories of love and kindness make you proud to live in this region.


While thousands of acres were affected much of the park was spared and the burned areas will recover over time.  Please pray for all those that lost their homes and the many businesses affected.  God will provide!




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  1. For those of us with a special connection to the Smokies this has been both painful and personal. I’m going to be writing something about that on my blog and will share the link with you in the hopes that you will repost it. Keep the faith.

  2. Bill Pritchard says:

    Bill from what I have read and seen on TV here in Knoxville, Greenbrier did not have any damage. Roaring Fork Motor Trail had damage. I saw one image of a barn which was damaged but still standing. Heard that the Ogle cabin was burned but I have not seen any image or heard if that is true.

    • admin says:

      Ken Jenkins who is there and lives in the hills that burned, but miraculously had no damage to his home said Roaring Fork Motor Trail got hit pretty bad.

  3. David W. says:

    It has been a bad couple of weeks for eastern Tennessee. The bus crash in Chattanooga (six child fatalities), the fires in Gatlinburg (at least 13 fatalities), and the tornadoes in Polk and Bradley counties (at least two killed and scores of injuries and destroyed homes and businesses) have weighed heavily on many in this area. The good news is that the folks in this area stopped, gave thanks for what we have, asked for comfort for those that are bearing the brunt of these events and the aftermath, asked for strength and guidance to move forward, and then pushed forward to help our friends and neighbors.

    It’s good to see that Ken’s home came through safely. The news in Chattanooga showed that the downtown areas of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge were essentially unscathed. Much of the damage was in the residential areas surrounding Gatlinburg and in the heavily wooded areas. A number of homes and businesses that survived will be without power for several days. Landline telephone and cable television will be out even longer.

    Dick, thanks for the link to your blog post. While I don’t care for the “tourist tacky” stuff, I’ll go back because those friends and neighbors need our help.

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