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Two things have opened my eyes!   1.  I spend a ton of time on my computer and iPad watching camera, lens, and gun reviews, plus natrue and politics vlogs..  I gain a lot of useful information by seeing what folks out there have to say about things I’m interested in!  2.  I recently be-friended a young man from our town, Alex Thompson a Junior in college,  with his photography, he is a millennial and he knows a lot about things I have little expertise in, and I’m sharing my years of experience in photography with him.


He encouraged me to start Vlogging, making videos about photography.  I’ve watched a ton of them and that was good training, but this is my first effort, so be kind!  If you’re brave enough to c hec it out simply go to You Tube and enter Bill Fortney Phot Vlog inthe search bar.  I plan to do a bunch of these so please come by often and see if you find something helpful to you.  If you enjoy them pleae give me a Like and Subscribe so we can let you know when the next ones are posted.


So please check it out and let me know what  you think, if you like it, I will take suggestions on subjects you would like to see addressed in future vlogs!


  • Special Note:  Wes is going in to see his Doctor tomorrow morning and we are anxious to see where we are, no diagnosis yet, please pray for  him and the family!



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  1. David W. says:

    Very good first effort. I have one small suggestion. Try to use a longer lens for the video and move camera a little further away. When you are reaching for the lenses, the prospective distortion with your hand becomes quite noticeable. The lighting was good and the room was not too ‘live’ for the audio.

    I ‘Liked’ the vlog and subscribed. Now I need to check out the IG site to see what you have posted.

  2. Dave Benson says:

    thanks Bill… Great start!

  3. Rodney McKnight says:

    I love it! Thanks for taking the time to vlog…
    I look forward to more…
    Continuing prayers…


  4. Gale Stoner says:

    Great video Bill! I’ll be sharing your vlog with my photography buddy even though he’s a Sony guy.

  5. Steve Hurst says:

    Bill, I liked your Vlog although I am still a Nikon person. Of course being retired I started my system long ago and to be frank I cant afford to start over! I would like to see you do a couple along the way to make known some lesser known places to shoot and maybe in your home state of Kentucky. We have discussed before the issue of spreading out the population of photographers by making known some of the great places that are not so well known. Or a session on finding the subjects in your own home town. Why it is we are focused on having to travel great distances to see these places when others travel great distances to see our places close to home we have never seen. Its funny I worked in Huntsville Alabama and went some 10 years before I went to the US Space and Rocket Center here locally.
    You do a great job, I am praying for your son and don’t let the critics get you down. God loves you!

  6. Joshua Boldt says:

    Great first start. Have fun!

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