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Wes Update:  Wes has completed his first week of Chemo and is doing very well, the treatment regime is very aggressive, but he is a fighter and is all in for the fight!  As always he tells me to t hank all fo  you for your prayers, he says, “I can really feel them!”  Please continue to stick with us, I will keep  you informed as he progresses through his treatments.


Travel Update:  I knocked off a couple of early season travel plans to stick close to home for Wes and our family!  I fly to Oklahoma City Thursday a.m. to speak for Fujifilm at the Bedford PhotoCon Event.  I am thrilled to get to hang out with my Fuji family and Joe McNally and Anne Cahill McNally!  Dhopuld be a fun event!


Bill Fortney’s Photo Vlogs Update:  I now have four Vlogs posted and  hope to get another one up before  I leave town tomorrow for the airport.  I really appreciate the questions, it keeps things fresh when I can talk about the things you want to hear about from me!


Texas Event Update:  I will be in Austin Texas for Precision Camera’s Camera Universtiy Weekend 2017,  the weekend of March 31st – April 2nd!  I really like those folks and expect to have a great time with them!


The Fujifilm X-Photorpahers Nature and Travel Summit Update:  Jack and i are excited to wecome a good crown in for our frist Fujifilm X-Photogrpahers Summit April 5th – 9th.  Lots of great guests, Fuji folks and an expected quick start to Spring inthe Smokies!


That’s it for now, and thanks again so much for your prayers a good wishes to Wes and our family!




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  1. Jim in Bloomington says:

    Bill, you have done hundreds of extended photography trips during your career. In addition to the camera gear you take on those occasions, what other packing tips can you give us for when you must travel extremely light? We are contemplating an eight-day trip at some point when we can only take one medium-sized suitcase. Help!

  2. Russell says:

    If you get a chance while you are here in OKC, the National Memorial where the Murrah building was is well worth the visit. I hope your visit is a good one.

  3. Gale Stoner says:

    Excited to hang out with you again at the Fujifilm summit in April.

  4. Douglas Berg says:

    Continuing to pray for Wes. Thanks for the updates.

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