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Photo of Chester and I by Sherelene!


Next week Chester will celebrate his 6 month birthday and is very much a “big” puppy!  Weighing in at 50 lbs. and probably headed to 80 lbs. or more!  He is a real boy and loves Sherelene to death, clawing at the kitchen glass door when he sees her walking down the ramp to the kitchen porch after work!  In fact he goes crazy when Cassidy, Catherine, or Abigail drop by.  Catherine & Clint have a 2 year German Wired Hair Terrier water dog that is a little bigger than Chester, but he and Wrangler have become best of buddies and love to romp all over the back yard.  They stretch it out over my 3/4 acre yard and look like they are horses making the turns.  Both of them panting and sporting huge smiles!





I’m really looking forward to the Master Class in Old Car City with Jim Haverstock and a great group of participants,  but it will be my longest time away from Chester and I hate that!  He has a great vet that has a wonderful staff and he loves going there, so I know he will be fine!    If there is any separation anxiety, it will probably be mine!  Can’t say how much I’m looking forward to the class, though!!!


If you have a dog, then I’m preaching to the choir, but the relationship that we have developed over the winter has been something really special.  I’ve been home almost everyday and on a few short trips I took him along.  He is turning out to be the best buddy I had hoped for!


Thanks Chester for making my, already great life, even better!




the pilgrim





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  1. Carl says:

    OK – who is the photographer behind the lens? Or was this shot by remote control? I love the photographer getting in his/her own images.

    BTW – I think he grows more beautiful and photographic everyday!!

  2. Mike E says:

    very happy for you

  3. Lynn Rogers says:

    I’m so happy for you and Chester. There’s just nothing like the love and friendship of a best dog. I had a live-in lab puppy Service Dog in Training for two months this winter. Gus was quite the handful but a blast to train. He was 5 1/2 months when he arrived and 7 1/2 months when he left. I thought of you and Chester a lot during that time. My boxer Smooch sure was glad when Gus left and she had me all to herself again.

  4. Dick Ginkowski says:

    Marshall Dillon……………..

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