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Several years ago at the Great Smokey Mountain’s Nature Summit I met a nice lady named Madonna Martin.  She later attended some of our workshops and has become a good friend. She was one of my students in the Master Class in the Smokies this past weekend.  I was simply astounded at the quality of her work, her great personality and her kindess to all the other attendees.  She was the “hit” of the event and I learned a great deal from her!  I am introducing her to you guys because she will likely be teaching some classes at F32 in Knoxville in the coming months and I highly recommend you sign up for 0ne!!!  I certainly will.  All the images this blog are hers axcept a few product images and one example at the end!  For now just enjoy these wonderful and diverse images!



This was a Master Class and the students are admitted after a portfolio review, because the reviews are much more complete, you can imagne how often my mouth dropped open when Donna’s images hit the screen!  In fairness, everyone had great stuff, but I felt Donna’s work was somthing special!


I shared with my students that I often shoot images to share with my family, via text, with my iPhone.  Donna shared some iPhone stuff I was not aware of and it was an eye opener!  She uses a really cool bracket that is compatible with Arca Swiss ball heads to hold her iPhone for video or long exposure images!



You can get all these products on Amazon and the bracket is a Sunwayfoto CPC-01 priced at $29.95  The quality is very high!  Lots of adjustments.



This is the CamKix Wireless Bluetooth remote for your iPhone Amazon again and for $7.99.



RAVPower iPhone Flash Drive 64gb 2 in 1 with SD Card Reader, Photo Stick,Touch ID Encrypted, USB External Zip Drives for iPhone

This device allows you to tansfer files from your iPad or iPhone to your computer!!!!



So we had e a great time and I larned some new tricks!  With the new tools I was able to do the shot below with my iPhone!!!!!!


So I taught a workshop and “I” learned a lot!


…..and that’s the way it should be!!!!  Thanks Donna!





the pilgrim

23 Responses

  1. Steve Kubik says:

    Awesome work! Thanks for sharing the iPhone accessories. I already placed an order.

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    It is amazing what you can do with the iPhone and a few simple tools!

  3. Rodney McKnight says:

    I agree…exceptional work…I’ld like to know more about the hands photo…it really got me.
    Thanks for sharing..

    • Bill Fortney says:

      It is a beautiful image!

    • Donna Martin says:

      Thank you for asking about the hands photo! It is my personal favorite this year. My church has a day care facility for memory care folks. And to cut down on costs, they asked me if I would do some head shots for a new brochure. I said yes, but told them that I was NOT a portrait photographer, but specialize in landscapes and wildlife. The shoot was of a darling older mother and her middle-aged daughter/caregiver. I got the job done, but I asked them at the end if they could do me a favor because I had an image and concept in my head. I asked them to join hands. The daughter was a bit concerned that her hand was not manicured (she is a hard working nurse). But I wanted to create an image that was REAL. And you can also not tell whether the subjects are male or female. They joined hands and I put a reflector underneath. And the final processed image was exactly what I was seeing in my head before the shot. It is “two generations praying together.” I presented it to my church’s facility in addition to the head shots for the brochure. They loved it. I retain the copyright to it, but I have given my church permission to use it as they see fit. They are going to have a canvas printed and hang it on the day care facility’s wall near their administrative offices.

  4. Ron says:

    Donna’s work is outstanding and she is a real joy to be around. Her energy is boundless. She is a gifted and natural teacher and readily shares her knowledge. A wonderful person to share time and photography with and full of ideas. Thank you, Donna

  5. Brenda Keyser says:

    It was a great three days. I learned a lot not just from you and Donna but the other participants as well. I look forward to experimenting with my new Fujifilm camera. Thanks so much for including me in your class.

  6. Donna Martin says:

    I am humbled and honored that you are a fan of my work. Thank you for mentoring me through the years and your kindness!

  7. Mike E says:

    About time she is getting the recognition she deserves! Way to go Donna…

  8. David Wilson says:

    Donna’s work is outstanding. The description of the process of the “Hands” tells the secret (which is not secret) that great images are the realization of what the photographer has already envisioned. The stories in the photos are simple and easily understood.

  9. Johnny Boyd says:

    Very nice images……… I love that big old flat rock I refer to as Bill’s Rock……. I finally, after years of looking for it and then trying to get the right amount of waterflowing over it in the fall, got my shot. Thanks for sharing her images Bill.

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