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I took two of my grandsons over to Norris Lake to join my brother Homer for a day of fishing out on the lake.  This sign hangs in his houseboat which he bought in 1991.  As I spent the day with Homer and Elijah, (Wes and Rhonda’s son) and Ben, (Scott and Diane’s son),  I was reminded of how true that plaque is in my life.  My third grandson, Cade (Clint and Catherine’s son) was tied up with soccer pratice, and sadly couldn’t join us!


A peceful day on the water with Homer running his trolling motor and the boys fly casting was a great time to be had by all!


The guys heading out for the early morning session.


Homer & Elijah in the cool moring lake air!


Ben fly fishing from the boat.


Elijah fly fishing.


Victory for Elijah.


Ben on the  houseboat.


I want to thank Homer for getting up so early, (4:30 am), to meet us at his houseboat and provide this fantastic grandfather/grandson experience for us!  I sure wish Cade could have joined us, but maybe next time!


Not bragging, just thanking God, but I truly have it all!




the pilgrim



Photo note: Images made with the Fujifilm X-T2 and 18-55

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  1. Homer Fortney says:

    It was my pleasure brother, well except for the getting up at 4:30am part ! LOL You all are welcome back anytime.

  2. David W says:

    This is a great way to spend time together. Regardless of how the fishing went, I’m sure a good time was had be all.

  3. Bill Fortney says:

    Great fellowship, wonderful family’, more than I deserve, for sure!

  4. Mike E says:


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