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This was one of the last gatherings of the His Light family and it was a great weekend. I found this image this morning looking through some image folders and it immediatley brought a big smile to my face!  What wonderful friends and the joy and fun we have together was so apparent in this shot!


I hope some day to get his group together again and have that kind of wonderful fellowship!  These moments in time are so precious!  I would encourage everyone to join us for the Smokey Mountain Photography Summit this November, it is an equally great time of photography fun and fellowship!



Wherever you are, and what ever you do this fall, enjoy your friends and partners in crime!!!


….and to these special His Light Friends, I love you all so much and will forever treasure the great times we had together!  Thank you Jim, Snake and Chuck for helping make it all happen!




the pilgrim

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  1. Lynn Rogers says:

    That Shaker Village gathering is such a wonderful memory. So many close lifetime friends. We are all truly blessed that you and Jim Begley brought so many of us together. I sure miss seeing you guys.

  2. The Obers says:

    We will be there, looking forward to it! Thanks for the image to revive the memories.

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