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There are only 2 open spots for our fantastic Capital Reef National Park and Goblin State Park tour. This is a great HIs Light Workhsp/tour with some wonderful opportunities for fellowhip with our incredible group that will include a special guest appearance by Ric Ergenbright, and possibly Dr. Charles Stanley! Here is the schedule:

Tueday aftenoon April 21st the group will meet in Torrey Utah at the beautiful Captial Reef Resort with an afternoon shoot in the park.

Wednsday 22nd and Thursday 23rd we will continue to work the Captial Reef Park before departing for Hanksville, Utah and Goblin State Park. An afternoon shoot in Goblin and possibly star photography that evening.

Friday the 24th another early morning session in Goblin State park before departing.
* For those that wish to return to Salt Lake City with the team and un-official trip to Bryce Canyon on Friday and Ruby’s Beset Western for a sunrise shoot the next morning.

Saturday April 25th Sunrsie shoot at Bruce Canyon National Park
After breakfast we will travel down to Zion National Park and shoot there the rest of the day and evening.

Sunday April 26th sunrise and early morning shoot in Zion before leaving for Salt Lake City!

A great time with a lot of killer shooting opportunities and great fellowship with our team and group!

Here are some sample images and remember in late April the spring foliage with be in bloom making for great contrasting colors!!!

So please consider joining us for this great trip, $1,040. is the fee, call me Bill Fortney at (606)-528-6119 or email me at


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