The X100 Comes of Age!!!

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The Fujifilm X100V is a fully mature product owing it’s lineage back to the original X100 (Released in September 2010), the X100S (Released in 2013), the X100T (released in 2014), the X100F (released in 2017) and now the X100V announced today February 4, 2020!
With each succeeding model significant improvements have ensued.   This most recent model the V has a number of great changes. 

·       The New X100V has a new improved 23mm f 2 lens.
·       The Sensor is the new X-Trans IV with 26mp.
·       Battery life has been increased by about 25% (Approx.)
·      The Electronic viewfinder is much improved with a resolution of  3.69 million dots OLED.
·      The Rear LCD panel is now improved to 1.62 million dots and is a touch screen
·      The rear LCD is flush fitting and still able to fold out to two positions for low and high shooting.
·      The X100V use the same battery as previous models the NP-W126S.
·      With the mechanical shutter the frame rate is now up to 11 fps.
·      17 film simulations including the new Classic Negative & Endura.
·      Built in HDR with (Auto, 200%, 400%, 800% and Plus settings).
·      The X100V now has an HDMI mini connector and USB 3.1.
·      The X100 V does not have a D Pad, but the Q Menu is better located.

As all previous models it’s the perfect walk around, always have with you camera!

I shot a few Americana Images around home, it’s winter here folks and not a lot to shoot, but these images how just how capable this camera is!!!

The X100V is a great camera improved in every way, and capable of making incredible images in a light easy to carry package. The new 23mm f 2 lens is even sharper than it’s previous brother! If you run into me out there, ask if you can see it, I’ll have it with me!!!!!


the pilgrim

11 Responses

  1. The X100V looks stunning. Now I can get a new X100F new at discount or a gently used one for even less. I love GAS.

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    We all have it, got to run out and get more Pepcid Complete!

  3. Jerry Reece says:

    Too late. B & H already has my pre-order!!!

  4. Joshua Boldt says:

    ooo this one is tempting

  5. Rich H. says:

    Since you are trying the camera. I have preordered the camera but I have a question that I hope you can answer. Is the filter adapter the same as the one for the x100f?


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