Badlands Tour 2020 2 spots left!

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The Badlands Tour which incloudes; The Black Hills , Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore and Spearfish Canyon State Park.

September 29th thru October 4th

Three days in the Badlands National Park, and two days exploring Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, and Spearfish Canyon State Park;. Cost of the Tour $950.
Led by Bill Fortney & Jim Haverstock

Join us for th is great adventure in South Dakota, for full details and to register contact me at: or call (606)-528-6119


the pilgrim

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  1. Donna says:

    I’m jazzed up for joining you on this trip! Woohoo!

  2. admin says:

    Yes, Woohoo!

  3. Jerry Reece says:

    Bob has signed up, I hear, and look forward to the trip in Sept-Oct. Should have my new X-T4 by then. I pre-ordered it the first early am it was available. Hopefully the IBIS will allow my to carry the tripod less.

    Never driven in the snow, so hope you will have good advice for me – or maybe it won’t snow that early this year!!!!

    By the way, how are you getting along with the new 16-80? If you published the results of your trips with it then I missed it.

    I have been pleased with my copy which gives me my typical poor man’s trilogy of 10-24, 16-80 and 55-200 along, maybe, with a couple of primes. On special occasions I add, or substitute, the 50-140 or the 100-400. Seeing the varied terrain and not able to go down the trail very far these days, I think that I will add the 100-400 for this trip.

    See you then,

    Jerry Reece

    • admin says:

      That was a fgreak snow, doubt it willhappen again but roads were fine anyway,
      Love the 16-80! Can’t wait to hang out in South Dakota!!!!

  4. Richard Browne says:

    Oh boy! I sure hope we have a freak snow during the workshop! I’m from Michigan, and I’ll be driving out to the Badlands for the workshop, so I can drive anyone who is concerned about snow!

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