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Remember when we walked out into the woods along the still water of a lake to see a beautiful antique fishing boat resting on the glassy water with brilliant fall foliage on the far shore?

Or do you remember that morning we drove down the coastal highway in Maine and found a little stream shaded by the trees, only to discover brilliant fall leaves floating on the water just waiting to be photographed!?

Maybe you will remember that day we we were all gathered for photography and fellowship at Shaker Village and somone said we’ve got to make a group photo to help us always be able to relive this moment!

Then there was that April when we all gathered on the road to Tremont and found the conditions and water level perfect to capture one of the most famous scenes in the Smokies!! Remmeber that?

I know you must remember standing on a hill in the Badlands waiting for just the right car to come around the curve! I remember us talking and laughing and just enjoying being is such a cool place!

So, clean your llenses, charge your batteries and get ready, it won’t be to long until we will be out there again and I hope you will be standng right next to me!

God bless!


the pilgrim

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  1. Lynn Rogers says:

    Best memories, ever!

  2. Ron says:

    Great post and photos. Love that Tremont creek and area. We really had some fun there.
    And then there was the red jeep – it appeared as if by command.
    ‘Thank You” Bill for all the great times and wonderful memories you have shared and given to us.
    What a great gift!

  3. Richard Browne says:

    I certainly remember a couple of these! And it won’t be long before we’re having similar experiences – I can’t wait!

  4. Johnny Boyd says:

    Ah…..that big flat rock I call Bill’s Rock…….I call it that because the first time I saw a photo of that rock was one of your images. And I thought I sure want to shoot my version of Bill’s Rock but I want to shoot it in the fall with all the glorious colors in the background. It took 10 years to get that shot because I didn’t realize the water level is normally not high enough in the fall for it to flow over the entire rock. But never the less I always returned and always looked and finally in 2018 I got what I had envisioned.
    You can see it here

    Thanks Bill for that image of that rock I first saw so many years ago.

  5. David W says:

    I remember your being in Old Car City and in Roanoke. Those were good time. I’m looking forward to getting out with friends and mentors and redicovering those good times.

  6. It has been too long.

    Last weekend I was supposed to be at Grandfather Mountain. Cancelled. Rebooked flights to Calgary thinking I’d shoot Banff. Canadian border still closed. So I thought I’d take a drive to see my kid in Minneapolis. You know that didn’t happen!

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