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I’ve just gotten seriously hooked on a fantastic series on the life of Christ!  It is one of the most touching, impressive and entertaining looks into Jesus’ ministry I’ve ever seen produced!  It is free to watch, simply go to your app store and download The Chosen App.  The first season is complete and on the app now, and the first episode of season 2 aired last night and is now up on the app as well.


I cannot encourage you enough to go and get the app and watch the series.  I’ve been in tears during each episode.  The acting, character development and filming are all first rate!


Please, please, please trust me and give it a viefwing  the first episode is a little slow but after that, it really picks up!  Extremely well done and inspiring.




the pilgrim

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  1. As always, thanks, Bill, I’m headed to the app store right now….and my family is looking forward to seeing this series. Sure appreciate you’re letting us know…just a part of why we come here first every morning.

  2. Buddy Starke says:

    Thank you so much, Bill for making me and my wife aware of this series. It has been so wonderful. You have always been such an inspiration to me with your photography, but it is always overshadowed by the inspiration of your faith. God bless you my friend.

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