these are, “the good old days”

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I’ve got a shirt from the company, Life is Good, on the front is Jake the character in their clothing leaning back in a camp chair, relaxed and smiling. The tag line is, “These are the good old days.”

I think it may be a trait of my
age to love old things from
our past. On the video assign-
ment yesterday we went over
to Santa Rosa to visit some
care makers and collectors.
The old cars, both wonderfully
restored and old rusted ones,
brought back great memories
of years gone by.

I was thinking coming back
in the car last night, how these
will someday be the Good Old Days for my grandchildren. Their memories of childhood and the ways things used to be, will be just like mine. In the scripture it says that lest you be like a little child you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. What does that mean? I think it means that we’ve gotten too big for our britches. As adults we have strived to learn and understand and too often we believe if we are going to get ourselves out of any unpleasant situation, we must do it ourselves. That leaves no room for a omnipotent God. On the other hand, a child can be calmed in the greatest moment of fear, by the simple words, “I’m here, I will protect you.” The child believes in us so profoundly that we can actually take away their fears! Can we protect them from all harm? Unfortunately not.

The important thing is to believe so deeply in someone, that you “know” they can protect you. Thankfully, with God that is true. So if we become like little children and honestly trust in Him.
He will never let us down. Only one thing is required; believe, accept and enjoy……..

the pilgrim

*Photo note: All images, Nikon D3s and 24-70 AFS VR lens.

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