the buddy system

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Did you ever wonder why Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs to minister? To support and encourage each other in the trials they would definitely face. We are to encourage one another in all we do, especially serving Him. It’s 0:Dark thirty and I’m in another airport flying to yet another distant city. Not complaining, just lonely when the direction you’re traveling is “away” from home.

Friday night it will be different, “coming” home…… So what to do. Buck up and do your duty, complete the mission, be in the moment. I’m going to have the pleasure of my partners of NPS this week in Cupertino, California, (yep, Apple), and I know the meeting will be another great adventure. My job is to be that partner and bring encouragement and support to my friends.

The way to not feel alone is to not be alone. Reach out, find others that need encouragement even more than you do. Getting lost in the fulfilling of others needs makes yours seem less important.
I feel better already……

Father, keep me close this week and please instill in me an awareness of the needs of others, help me to try not to think about myself. I need to do what you’ve sent all of us out in the world to do, minister in your Holy Name. There is no reason for me to worry, I know you’ve got my back…..

the pilgrim

*Photo note: Baby Caymans, in Florida, (captive), 200mm Micro Nikkor lens.

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