The color of memories and blessings

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Well, I’d hoped to shoot something interesting to share with you in Boulder, but all I’ve seen in daylight hours are classrooms and airports. The classes have been terrific, I’m learning a lot
but have had no time to shoot. I pulled an image out of the files tonight because it’s really special to me. It was shot in Savannah last year at the wonderful workshop that Scott Kelby and I did together. What made it special was the tremendous group that came to share the time with us. We liked that group so much we are running a reunion event in October in Moab, Utah. This was a really special group of photographers and as I speak, with many of them signing up for this event, I’m reminded of how rich God has blessed me with special people like them. Wayne Bennett, Joanne Wells and Bill Durrence also helped teach and Ricky Skaggs also joined in on the fun.

I chose the image above because even though it is just some rusted steel doors, it bursts with rich color. God takes our lives, no matter how rusted and worn, and makes them burst with color and meaning. I shared with you that I had high hopes for who I might minister to, on this trip.

I found out today.

It was someone ministering to me! One of the speakers was Pulitzer Prize Winning writer and his presentation was one of the most touching and enduring I’ve seen in along time. I’m pretty sure his name was Jim Sheeler, but if I’m wrong I will correct it in the next blog. He asked permission of his paper to do something different in the Obituaries column. He started doing stories that delved deeper into the lives of those that had recently died. The depth and care of his stories were astounding. He is a real example of how we can take the job God has given us, and turn it into real service to others, and to God Himself. It was stark reminder of how much we could do if we only focused on the needs and cares of others. So I came a long way thinking God was going to use me, but instead I got a great lesson in how God uses others……… Well I was in class…..

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