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I don’t often recommend movies, and this one has a number of reasons why I wouldn’t. It has something more important than it’s drawbacks. It is a poignant tale of redemption. Bad Blake is a near the end of his career washed up, one time has been country singer / songwriter. He struggles through life making one bad decision after another. He doesn’t mean to hurt anyone, but hurts a lot of people along the way. But thank God that this tale is true for many of us, a moment comes when we wake up and truly see the man in the mirror. Sadly some never accept the forgiveness and new life that has been offered to us. Bad Blake does.

The music is good, if you like hard thumping country, and Jeff Bridge’s performance won him the Academy Award for Best Actor. It’s a well crafted film that capture the depths of human emotion.

It taught me that we need to love the Bad Blakes of the world, that is who Jesus hung out with when He was here. That is who He died for. It pains me to say, He died for the Bad Blake in me and you.

the pilgrim

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