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In this blog you have heard me sing the praises of Scott Kelby on several occasions. Scott is one of the most talented, funny, engaging people I’ve ever known. There should be a law against having as many talents as Scott does. He is an acknowledged Photoshop (Adobe) expert and incredible teacher of these programs. Scott is a truly talented shooter and a kick butt musician. Last year, as you may recall, Scott pulled the GAPW’s fat from the fire by doing a workshop with me that allowed us to pay off a very large debt. Scott would except no compensation, even refusing to let me pay for his flight up to Savannah. A friend is someone that, at your lowest moment, shows up with his sleeves rolled up, ready to do anything he can to help. Scott Kelby more than fills that bill. If that were not enough, I’m honored to call him a close friend.

The real benefit from last years workshop was the great friendships that were made during the weekend. Most workshops involve some personal attachment, I should know, I’ve taught over 400. This one though, was something very special. The group was a conglomeration of great people from all walks of life and interests. This group came hungry to learn and as always Scott Kelby was in top form. No one left disappointed. We had such a great time that we are holding a Reunion event in early October in Moab, Utah. So far it appears that over 90% of the original group will come back for this get together.

My father once told me that to have a friend you have to be a friend. Jesus told us to treat others as you would want to be treated. If you want friends, this is a pretty good formula. When it is all said and done, possessions and accomplishments will pale in comparison to the few friends we can claim at the end of our days here on earth. Thanks Scott for making my cup run over.

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