Moments that matter…….

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The image above is one of my favorites. It was made over 30 years ago. This is my middle son,
Wesley. We took the kids to a state park close by and you can see the sheer joy on his face being in the outdoors. I was talking to Wes not long ago and I asked him why he has such a great love for the outdoors, (he and his family are avid hikers and campers). He reminded me of all the great times Sherelene and I provided him and his brother and sister on trips to the outdoors.

Often we don’t know what a big impact the simplest things will make on our children. All my kids are grown and have children of their own, my six grandchildren. All our family are outdoors folks, and all the grandchildren are too. I never realized that Sherelene and I were laying down such a strong tradition.

Everything we do and say influences someone, usually more than we realize. This is why I want so badly to exemplify His Love in my life. I know sometimes I fail, but it is always my goal. Being imperfect and attempting to approach perfection may seem like a senseless goal. The reality is we don’t have to do it alone. He promised that if we dedicated ourselves to Him, He would provide the power we do not have. It’s a good thing, because without Him I couldn’t even get close to my goal.

It’s not for me though, it’s for the little fellow sitting on the rock, and now his children and Scott’s and Catherine’s as well. It’s worth the effort………

the pilgrim

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