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Over the last two days I’ve noticed an emerging trend in my vision.  As I’ve started to really get relaxed, I’ve found my way of seeing has gone back tot he basics, which is not a bad thing!!!!  As I was starting to awake this morning, Sherelene called my attention to the patio off our room and the beautiful morning light.  I grabbed my tripod, D600 and 70-300 AFS-VR and started to try to extract some examples of pleasing or interesting light.  Above I saw a large number of birds along the shore and a couple walking right towards them, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know what would happen when they got close!!  The birds flushed and as they circle around wanting to return to where they started the couple calking under them made for a pleasing composition with the added interest of a sky full of birds against the blue gulf water.


Next I noticed that the thatched roof huts on the beach, if isolated, was an interesting composition with the shadow of hotels streaking cross the frame.



Lastly those same building shadows created a V of light on the beach, once the composition was set up, it was simply a matter of waiting for someone to walk into it for scale.



Of all the things I enjoy about being a photographer, I think seeing and working with light is my favorite, it is no small coincidence that in my life the Light of the World, Jesus, is my foundational point of reference for everything else, thus His Light Ministries and His Light Workshops!!


Be Blessed today!!!!!


the pilgrim


Can’t stop!!  Couple of late entries.  Remember the man on the bench for late evening?  Always go back to the same subject in different light!





Have a wonderful day!  I plan too!






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  1. Stanley Osei says:

    I feel so blessed and want to know God some more every time I finish reading your posts. You are a mentor and a spiritual father for many. God bless you!

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