What would Sam shoot??????

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One of my favorite photographers is a co-worker at Nikon, Sam Garcia.  Sam is a wonderful shooter and he has very unique eye for details and design.  He sends out his “snap of the day” to friends, and 99% of time, my only comment is, I sure wish I had made that shot!   When heading to the elevator this morning in the hotel I was stopped dead in my tracks at the scene above.  As soon as I saw it I imagined it as a black and white and thought of Sam.  It set off a series of attempts to capture some scenes the way I think Sam would have.  People that inspire us to see better are of great value!  While I value Sam’s friendship through the years, I truly appreciate his ability to make me think about my work.


Sam is very close friends with Jay Maisel and I can see the affect that friendship has had on the way Sam shoots.  Below is another pattern inspired by Sam’s direct approach to composition.



One of Sam’s frequent themes is the patterns of water standing in pools in his kitchen sink.  I was soaking in the hot tub today and saw the shadow of palm frowns on a rock, I had to jump up and grab a camera to capture the moment.



So, Sam, thanks for the inspiration!




the pilgrim


I’m posting for Wednesday, today, plan to crash all day tomorrow, ended up having to work some today!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Bill, I love all the photos you have taken in Florida, but the black and whites are particularly striking. All of them are helping me see patterns in my own environment. Thank you!

    • the pilgrim says:

      So that means you’re going to be even more dangerous!!!! Love it!!!

      • Megumi says:

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