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Well the workshop is coming to an end Sunday morning and it has been a great week. Lots of great things to shoot with great friends. Early in the week thunderstorms chased us from location to location and but yielded great shots, now the weather has turned severe clear and it’s still great.
One of the greatest joys has been having time with my dear buddy, Scott Kelby. I don’t know of anyone more knowledgeable and talented in our field. He has imparted a lot of knowledge to our students and our teaching team as well. The people have been great, below is the group I led to Dead Horse Point State Park this morning. This has been a great week, I will hate to see it come to an end, but I’m anxious to get home to Sherelene and the family.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will catch up with you next week.

May God bless you and keep you,

the pilgrim

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Each day as we wait to see if the storm clouds will yield, photographable light, and we’ve see some amazing scenes. Just when you think there is not chance for great light, it has popped through. I think that after 40 years of standing behind a camera and lens, I get more appreciative, with age, of those special moments when it all comes together. I always love my wife, but the time away from her makes our time together even more special. I think in all of life it is the absence, that makes the presence more valuable to us. I know that is certainly true in my spiritual life, the years of living for myself and ignoring the needs of others have given way to wanting to live for Him. The rewards have been all the more rewarding.

This group of people have
been a delight to work with.
Lots of very good shooters
and old friends, now some
new friends as well.

This has also been a really
good chance to try out some
of the new gear from my
company, Nikon.

By-the-way, yesterdays shots
from top to bottom; the top
and middle shot were D3s
and the now, well used, and
loved 28-300 AFS VR zoom
lens. The bottom shot is with
the Coolpix P7000.

Thanks for coming along and
stay tuned for the last few
days of the workshop.

In Christ,

the pilgrim

I won’t make you wait, all the above shots were with the D3s and 28-300 AFS VR lens.

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On several mornings we’ve gone out with storm clouds and drizzling rain, just in the HOPE that the great light might happen. When things in life are tough, often Hope and Faith is all we have. As a photographer I know that the sun does not always rise spectacularly. I have faith that it will often enough to keep me rising at O:Dark thirty. Sometimes when it does it is the very light we hoped for. Everyday though I have the Light of the World to guide me, Jesus. As a photographer , I can live without the light some days, but not without Christ to light my life.

Thankfully, on this morning, I had both.

Be blessed today!

the pilgrim

Yesterday? All P7000, can you believe it?

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A day of finding and enjoying all kinds of patterns and color both natural and man-made. But first yesterday’s images: Top shot of Bryce Canyon made with the D3s and 24-70 AFS F2.8 lens.
Second down, lines in red rock and two photographers, the Coolpix P7000. Next down, tighter shot of Bryce Canyon, D3s and 24-70, the HDR of sky and Bryce Canyon with the D3s and 24-70.
Bottom shot, old Chevy shot with the D3s and the new 28-300 AFS VR. This lens is killer sharp!

Today we had a stormy day and shot subjects in overcast light to bring out the colors, here are some of the images from today:

God has been so good to us on this trip. Lots of new friendships and the renewal of great old ones have been the order of each day. I hope you’re enjoying the eclectic images of various subjects.

Have a great day, and God bless,

the pilgrim

Hope you’re enjoying the little guessing game……..