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I went around and around about whether to use this space to make a workshop announcement, I finally decided that based on many emails from readers of the blog, that you would want this information. My intention is not to use the Pilgrim’s Chronicles for commercial purposes, but I’ve also had many of you ask how you can find out when I’m doing a workshop that is open to the public. That is why I added the His Light Ministries pages to keep you informed. If it offends anyone that I announced a workshop here, please let me know, I would never do anything to harm the fellowship we enjoy.

On Monday June 7th, Scott Kelby will announce our workshop on his blog, For those that are interested call ASAP. I’m in my home office June 8-11. (606)-528-6119 or my cell (606)-344-0455. The last event Scott and I did together had 35 sign-ups in 9 days, we also had over 30 on the waiting list. Scott is very, very popular! These workshops are already over half full, from the Savannah group that had the first opportunity to attend. For anyone that is seriously interested in joining us, acting quickly is imperative.

Scott will be teaching the new Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 with all their new tools. I will be joined by Wayne Bennett and Richard Small to teach landscape and field techniques. Great fellowship will be had by all. A four day, southwest tour is available starting October 2nd and ending in Moab where the second event will start on the 6th. On the southwest tour (limited to 15) we will shoot a slot canyon, Lower Antelope, in Page, AZ, then shoot evening light at Red Rock Canyon State Park, the next morning we will shoot a sunrise at Bryce Canyon National Park, then drive on to Zion National park for day and half in that beautiful set of canyons. We will then head back to Page with a stop in Paria Wilderness Area. After a sunrise a Dykinga Rocks we will head down to Moab to join the rest of the gang for that great event with Scott Kelby! The Kelby event is $895. and the pre event the southwest tour is $499. You can attend either individually, or both. As of this writing we are over half full for both events. The tour will be limited to 15, the big event
in Moab to 35, plus leaders. Both events together run from Sat. the 2nd to Sunday the 10th.
So you can do them all in a single week………

Here are some of the locations covered in both events:

O.k. so if you would like to see the best of the Golden Circle National Parks in just one week with a great group of folks let us know, and we would be happy to have you join us…….

the pilgrim

Psalms 9:1

“I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds….”

This is a scripture that is close to my heart in the midst of the glorious creation He has made.

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I am taking a group of photographers on a field shooting trip tomorrow morning (this is being written Saturday afternoon). Since I will be in airplanes getting home on Monday, I thought
I would post Monday’s blog entry now. I scouted the church, Trinity Church in Boston, before
I will take the group tomorrow. Since I will be helping folks tomorrow and probably not able to shoot much, I burned it up today.

The church was pretty quiet on a Saturday so I was able to not only do some serious shooting but get into a state of worship in this beautiful church. Trinity Church is a landmark in Boston built in 1847 in true Romanesque style. The finish work, sculpture, wood carvings and stained glass are spectacular. I picked up a CD of the Trinity Choir performing and then put together a sound synch for my Sunday group. I selected a wonderful song “For God So Loved The World”. Working on the slide show and listening to the song over and over I was overcome with the joy of knowing Him. To think that my Heavenly Father gave His only Son to die for me, how awesome it is to realize that wonderful Truth.

John 3:16 (New Living Translation)
 16 “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”
Enjoy the images and rejoice with me!

the pilgrim

*Photo note: All images with D700, 17-35 AFS f 2.8, 35-70 AF f 2.8 and 70-300 AFS VR f 4.5-5.6
zoom Nikkor lenses. Most all images are HDR. (5 shots 1 stop apart) Processed in Photomatix Pro,
Photoshop CS3, and Capture NX2. From original jpg Fine images.

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For years I’ve seen pictures of a building of very unique architecture. I had no idea where it was.
Yesterday I was looking through a magazine about Boston and was shocked to find a picture of the very building I’ve always wanted to see and photograph. It is the MIT’s Stata Center, a research facility on the MIT Campus in Cambridge. I drove over there yesterday morning and worked it over for a little while. The resulting images are an exercise in using different lenses, angles and software applications to evoke different moods. I hope you enjoy them. The images are all HDR images with and without Topaz filters applied. Some are very straight, some off the wall.

Same building, many different looks and feels. One of the truly wonderful things about photography is the opportunity to express your moods and approaches to many subjects.
Thanks Lord for the chance to work and play at the same time.

the pilgrim

*Photo Note: D700, 35-70 AF f 2.8, 70-300 AFS VR. Tripod, HDR (5 shots – one stop apart)
Topaz filters, Color Pop, Psychedelic, Vibrance, exposure correction, smooth.

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Are they the best in America? Well they are one of the three best I’ve ever found! These bad boys got my coveted 4.7 pickles award. Only Hut’s in Austin, Texas and Pappa’s Burgers in Houston have made it that high up the scale. So how did I come across this delightful hole in the wall. Hey don’t take that wrong, all great burger places, o.k. most, are small, very “interesting” little places.
I wanted to have dinner with a wonderful friend and great shooter I know in Boston. Ian Dicker was a share holder in GAPW (Great American Photography Weekends), actually he still is, I’m the one that left.

When Ian asked what I would like to eat tonight I gave him the assignment of finding what was suppose to be the most killer burger in Boston. Well it was actually in Cambridge virtually across the street from Harvard. But even an arch conservative like me would venture into the second most liberal place in America for a great burger. I was rewarded with not only a truly perfect burger, but on the wall right next to my table was a poster of Ronald Reagan in a Chesterfield magazine ad, Circa 1950’s. Works for me……

What made it so great?, well first the company was exceptional. Ian Dicker is one of God’s great gifts to me during the early days of the GAPW. We have become really close friends and I love going out to shoot images with him, and he is an exceptional shooter too. Next Bartley’s did it right. Real hand pressed hamburger meat (that means enough fat to make it taste right), cooked the way you ask for it, I like mine medium and it was, hallelujah….. Cooked on a flat steel grill that was not “over” cleaned, I’ll bet somewhere on there is 1960’s grease! Perfectly toasted, buttered bun and really good fries and onion rings. First class all the way.

The college atmosphere only made it better and then Ian and I walked down to Harvard Square to take in the sites and catch a cab back to the hotel. I think I’ve mention that I’m blessed, with great friends, a wonderful family, a job that is an adventure everyday and God’s love.

the pilgrim

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.”

*Photo Note: All images D700 and 35-70 AF f 2.8 (My 24-70 AFS f2.8 is in for repair).
Most images at ISO 1,600 and 3,200.